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According to the Twilight Saga website, “[the widget]on publication day will reveal an exclusive excerpt of the book”

So are you going out at midnight? Pel might make a dash for the Borders at Penn Plaza. Remember Borders stores listed here have drawings to win a Stephenie Meyer signed bookplate. So whether if you live in Alaska or Arizona, you have a real shot at winning a Stephenie Meyer autograph delivered to you that night in your local store! It’s a guaranteed way to know that you have the genuine thing. There are a lot of fakes out there, these autographs are 100% authentic! Borders is also selling the book for $8.39 for three days only, quite the bargain.


  1. I might just have to sneak out and grab my copy at midnight. Should be fun, and it would be awesome to have the signed bookplate!

  2. catherine says

    Already found which borders has the bookplate and hot topic doing the pre order cd with gift so ill be at the mall a long time tonight lol! I can’t wait!

  3. VERY excited!

  4. im excited! my mom already pre-ordered us our copies!

  5. jennifer says

    the grocery store by my house was selling this YESTERDAY LOL…..

  6. Its so stupid that Barnes and Noble isn’t doing anything like this. Don’t they realize that this is a STEPHENIE MEYER book?! Its kind of a big deal for Twilight fans. They could be making some big bucks tonight.

  7. I work at a Borders and the books have been in our stock room for days. They are sitting there sealed and taunting me. My store isn’t having a midnight release party though which bums me out.

  8. I’ll be there when my local store opens at 9 a.m. tomorrow. We have release parties in the area, but I’m not going – too tired. An autograph without having met or at least written to the person means nothing to me.

  9. “There are two sides to every story…”

    Somehow, I thought the excerpt would be a little longer than that. 😉

  10. Ugh…Its midnight on the east coast…nothing new on the website!

  11. Ah, there we go! 17 pages!

  12. April Johnson says

    I just got done getting the book and I won the bookplate autograph at my Borders.

  13. I got my book at 4 05 pm yesterday your time…since its technically the 5th of June here in NZ. Well..its nearly the 6th now..Bummed I had to wait till the afternoon though. And bummed its only in hardcover. and 25 bucks! gah. But loving it!!!

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