Borders Stephenie Meyer Signed Bookplate Giveaway

Borders Bree deal

Get the full details on how the offer works here. At the same link, Borders also has a list of their locations holding midnight release parties.


  1. I really want the book

  2. What is a bookplate? Sorry if this is a dumb question. 🙂

    • A bookplate is a little sticker that is placed in the front (usually) of a book. You see them in library books a lot of times if the book was donated by someone to acknowledge their contribution, or in someone’s memory, etc.

  3. Magyarországon mikor jelenik meg?A Breaking Down is csak 06 03 jelent meg de most már olvassuk!!!

  4. I won the bookplate at my Borders 🙂 Kinda cool if you collect the books!

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