MTV: Ashton Kutcher, Robert Pattinson’s Number 1 Fan?

Looks like Ashton is a fan.


  1. Jealous.

  2. It was cute, but is seemed that Ashton Kutcher was trying to be funny.

  3. He sounds sarcastic to me.

  4. arazcal says:

    Snarky and insincere come to mind

  5. switzy4ever14 says:

    i didn’t think he was being insincere. i thought it was funny. if i were rob, i’d be cracking up, not angry.

    • PamelaC says:

      I love Ashton Kutcher. I think he’s one of the more down-to-earth actors out there. And I thought this piece was super funny! Of course he was being sarcastic, he’s so darn good at it too! And yes, I totally agree with switzy4ever14 that Rob most certainly was cracking up. Lighten up folks, it’s all in fun:)

  6. Bluemoon says:

    He looks high…

  7. I thought it was very funny. I don’t think he is that huge a fan, but I don’t think he has anything against him either. he was just being funny. Sarcasm, when done right can be very funny.

  8. Twilight Nymph says:

    Yeah, pure sarcasm, but again Ashton is known for funny. It made me laugh.

  9. emerson says:

    This was adorable! How funny.


  11. That was full of awesome.

  12. donsher says:

    Funny! Got to love kutcher

  13. Selena Lerfald says:

    Robert Pattinson’s real number 😉


  14. He is adorable! Sarcasm? Maybe. But does it matter? He is being funny! It’s what he does. Yeah, lighten up everyone. Robert is probably very flattered, I know I would be. Hahaha.


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