The Ladies of Twilight in Vanity Fair

Dakota Fanning, Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene, Elizabeth Reaser, Bryce Dallas Howard, and Julia Jones are stunning in August’s Vanity Fair.  Visit their site for more on what the stars had to say about the franchise.


  1. Even though I’m sure that Bryce Dallas Howard is a wonderful actress, there is a little resentment because she took over the Victoria role. I know it wasn’t her fault and there is no finger pointing, it still stings a little.

  2. the actresses were all great, their answers and comments were meaningful and real and just made them all seem like really awesome people. the interviewer however… was she actually a professional? did anyone else think she seems like a total idiot?

    • Yes, glad I am not the only one. When she was interviewing Julia Jones it was like she had no idea of the character she was playing!

      • Yeah! Totally cringeworthy, didn’t even know Dakota’s age either :/
        Pictures are stunning though!

      • danielle says

        agreed. i loathe it when people dont know how to interview for crap…. seriously take a communications class or something!!!

  3. Veronica says

    Where is Ashlee Green???

    • KSmithGray says

      It looks like they had to photoshop Ashley in because she wasn’t there. If you look at the final picture, she looks out of place.

  4. AHAAAA GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!! robert post-its “Live Dangerously”……im jealous

  5. These photo are so breathtaking! There’s so much color and beauty I can’t stop looking at them. Yes, I agree the interview lady was totally goofy.

  6. switzy4ever14 says

    where’s ashley? i was very upset to not see her there. otherwise, everyone looks beautiful. absolutely stunning.

  7. The interviewer is so unprepared!!!. It´s a shame!!. I agree totaly with Mich: “Was she actually a professional?”

  8. Jennifer says

    That was a great video and the ladies all looked absolutely beautiful.

  9. I did not like the way she interviewed Julia and BDH.
    It seemed that the interviewer did not know who Julia was and for BDH, the interviewer was trying to “rub elbows” with Bryce. “How’s your dad? – you worked for Vanity Fair, bla bla bla.”

    Other than that, the women looked amazing. I almost did not recognise Dakota. The way she carries herself, she looks and acts so grown up.
    Beautiful Job Ladies!!

    • Twilibrarian says

      I agree. Great shoot, lousy interviewer. Very unprepared makes for very unprofessional. Was she trying to get a job on Ron Howard’s next project?

  10. Nikki Reed say ‘beast’ too! <3 that word. 😉

  11. The interviewer was unprepared & her q& a with Julia Jones was just plain bad. And she didn’t even interview Elizabeth Reaser. Can someone tell me why no one interviews her? And I still had a little beef with Bryce Howard playing Victoria. And why should I care who her dad is and what he’s doing? Yes, he all know her dad is very famous, great for her. So, how about the interviewer use that time to talk to an actual person that is in the movie, oh say like Elizabeth Reaser.

    Well, anyway all the women look stunning.

  12. Twilight dreamers says

    Ok, that interveiwer was totally a bubble head! Srry is that mean? I was like Dakota was 16 in febuary! Julia johns of course plays leah. I was kinda sad she didnt interveiw Liz or Ashley. Ill buy that issue and all the girls look beutiful!
    28 more days till eclipse! Oh and yay for Nikki reed saying beast! I hear my friends saying that and i was like is that a real saying? but Bd is def a beast!

  13. Does anyone know the name of the song played during the interviews?

  14. memyself&i says

    Ashley and Elizabeth wasn’t there when the others were so they weren’t interviewed. There is some pics released from that shoot and Ashley was photoshopped in that pic where they are laying on the ground in rewd dresses.


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