Eclipse Soundtrack On Line for 24 hours!

soundrtrackcovereAt 12pm EST the entire Eclipse Soundtract will be on line for only 24 hours fans to listen to and review.  Be sure to keep an eye on the soundtrack’s website for updates.

For now, you can listen to “What Part of Forever” from Gnarls Barkley frontman Cee Lo Green by visiting


  1. Listening now. Maybe it’s me…do some of these sound the same to anyone else?

  2. okay, Heavy in your Arms is my faaavorite so far. I think I’ll be listening to this one for a while.

  3. I am listening to it now, and I have to say I am not very impressed. Yes I think these songs all sound about the same. I didn’t buy the New Moon Soundtrack because I wasn’t impressed with the music enough, I probally wont buy this one either.

  4. I like this sdtk and twilight its more upbeat and i like the artists and the songs. I personally did not get n.moon it was just to dark and gloomy..I loved the death cab song though..I will so get this one….

    • I know what you mean, I hated the New Moon soundtrack. I have a hard time watching the movie because it sounds like a bunch of 70’s bands on an acid trip *shudders*

    • Jennifer says

      I didn’t think so. Possibilities (#6) & Roslyn (#8) were really the only two slow songs. Muse’s, DCFC, OK go & the Hurricane Bells’ tracks were pretty upbeat, I thought. I love the NM sdtk and listen to it every day. I really like what I have heard of this one so far. I will be buying at as well.

      • I love the NM soundtrack with the exception of No Sound But The Wind. I have to see how/where the song fits into the movie before I like it usually (except for the promo songs, i.e. Decode and MMOTE), I will wait unitl I see the movie then purchase the soundtrack for Eclipse. The soundtracks have to grow on me, but I do enjoy reading the books with the soundtracks. 🙂

  5. switzy4ever14 says

    I REALLY LIKE “WHAT PART OF FOREVER”. this is probably my new favorite song. i usually only put two or three songs from the soundtrack on my Ipod because i have a small Ipod, and without even listening to the other songs, i know this is going to be one of them.

  6. I really love every song and can’t wait to see where they fit into the film. I bought New Moon soundtrack and at first I did not like it, but after seeing the movie many times, I love every song. I LOVE the New Moon Score!

  7. la_petite_femme says

    I’m loving it!!!!!!!! I absolutely love indie bands!!

  8. Nikole O says

    so far it is gold

  9. The Band of Horses song is beautiful.

  10. I have listened to a couple of the songs so far and I have to admit I’m still not sure. I just know that “Heavy in Your Arms” is really awful. I loved “Eclipse(All Yours)” by Metric though, really good. I guess I’ll just have to see.

    • Nikole O says

      OMG Heavy in Your Arms is amazing to me. Maybe the more you listen you will like it more. I know when I heard the New Moon soundtrack at first I was like eh, but LOVE it after listening to it over and over and over….:)

      • I only found five songs that I can even stomach for the whole time they run. Ugh… will not be buying this one. (Heavy in Your Arms wasn’t as bad as some of the others though, sad to say)

    • while it’s not something i would probably listen to on it’s own, “heavy in your arms” has a totally twilight-y feel and seems like it will fit in the move perfectly

  11. i couldn’t get through the first few. guess cause i they’re out of context ’til i see the movie but…

    SIAsiaSIAsiaSIAsiaSIAsiaSIAsia!!! OMG! I LOVE HER! it took them all this time to get her… but i’m so happy and “my love” is so beautiful!

    “Heavy In my hands” is another notable…

    *goes back to listen…*

  12. i LOVED the new moon soundtrack and was basically indifferent to the twilight soundtrack except for “full moon”, which i’m obsessed with. haven’t gotten all the way through this one yet but i think it’s great so far. definitely a different tone than the others but good in its own way. can’t wait to see how the songs fit in the movie!

  13. there is something really compelling about this soundtrack like it skips ahead of the froliky/fun twilight sound track and sidesteps the gloom and doom of the new moon one!!!!

    i think that these songs will provide the exact sort of atmosphere that should be portrayed in the ecslips film – over all i think it has a really tortured feel to it which is very similar to the message i got from reading the book.

    Best Track – My Love, Sia / Heavy in your arms, Florance and the machines

    Worst Track – Ours, The Bravery

  14. I’m still listening to it. So far, Heavy in your arms is pretty good; My Love – I love…..

    Jacob’s Theme doesn’t play all the way…
    It seems to just stop. What the Heck.

  15. Not my favorite soundtrack but I’ll wait for the movie.
    I only liked about 6 songs.

  16. Elizabeth says

    Hm… first impulse was to cancel my preorder on the soundtrack. Some of the tracks sound far too main-stream for my liking… some of the later tracks seem to be redeeming it however and I may just about still get it.

  17. I love every song on this soundtrack. All three soundtracks are great. They all have a different feel for each movie, I think they’ve all fit really well. I will probably like the songs even more once I see them in the movie and see the scenes that play with the songs.

    Great soundtrack, I’m even more excited for the movie now.

  18. Twilibrarian says

    Okay, I’m a child of the ’60s who grew up listening to the folk songs and hard rock of that era. This soundtrack is so reminiscent of that time period. If first impressions mean anything, I think this is the best of the three, but just by a nose. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of the scores and soundtracks, but for very different reasons.

    Each artist puts their own interpretation on the story, and each composer writes a score to match the director’s vision. Burwell’s score fit Twilight perfectly, but his music would have not matched Chris Weitz’s vision. How could vampire baseball have played out without Supermassive Black Hole? Just like “Monsters” in New Moon fit Bella driving to school and Edward’s swagger across the parking lot. My real hope is that, when all is said and done, somebody has the wisdom to package it all, from Twilight to Breaking Dawn, soundtrack and score, into one huge gift set!!!

  19. Love it!!!!!!!!

    As an absolute lover of the Twilight and New Moon soundtracks, for me this definitely lives up to my favorite book of the series – Eclipse.

    Muse hits another one out the park, Neutron Star Collision is amazing! Can’t wait to buy the video.

    Other songs that I love and that stuck out for me were Heavy in Your Arms, My Love, and Jacob’s theme.

    Very well done, looking forward to June 11.

  20. Stephanie says

    I loved “Life on Earth” by Band of Horses. Just made me feel Twilighty when I listened to it.

  21. Why is Jacob’s theme on one soundtrack but not the digital??? I am so confused……..

    Not really my overall style of music, and yes…many sound alike. However, I am sure once I see it mixed through parts of the movies, I will enjoy it more. It definitly would be nice for car trips!! 🙂 But there is no doubt I will be buying the score, so far i have loved 2/2 and can’t imagine I won’t love this one too!

  22. Upon my second listen through (mostly because I hoped I would enjoy it more if I heard it again) I realized how similar “Let’s Get Lost” was to Madonna’s song “Ray of Light.” Yes, Ray of Light is a bit faster but they have almost the exact same tune. Yeah… weird.

    Oh, and I didn’t enjoy it more on my second listen through. I pretty much just analyzed every piece and laughed with my husband at the horrible choices.

  23. Okay, so for the song Ours, I just had some mental image of like after the Cullens and Wolves win the fight against the newborns, the song’s refrain comes on and Jasper like high fives everyone and they jump in the air and it’s a freeze frame, lol. Problems, I have.

  24. I’m so surprised to read that many people here aren’t liking this soundtrack, I am in love!

    The New Moon soundtrack took me a while to warm up to, I do love the Twilight soundtrack but there are still a lot of ‘meh, skip to next track’ songs on it, but this whole album is lovely and works all the way through. I loved it at first listen.

    Florence + the Machine’s song is absolutely my favourite, it’s so powerful and haunting. “Chop and change” is funky and sexy, same with “million miles an hour”. “Ours” sounds like the closing credit soundtrack to a cheesy 80s movie and that makes me nostalgic and dancey 🙂 Before hearing the tracks I was most looking forward to the Beck and Bat for Lashes collab, and it’s surprised me. I’ve never heard Beck’s voice like that, but it sounds great.

    Best overall soundtrack so far. Love it.

  25. Christi B. says

    I feel like we time warped back to the 70’s. Where’s the Doors?