Kristen and Taylor at Luna Park

There’s lots to see and read about Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner’s trip down under to do a Q and A at Luna Park.  First up is Just Jared with a whole scrapbook full of photos including the one on the left.  Celebrity Gossip has even more photos.

They did an interview with Channel 10 and there are some videos of the report.

And they did a radio interview with Nova who gave away tickets to the event that you can listen to that a fan put together.

ABC News has a write up detailing the Q and A session.

And thanks to Renae for the heads up about the video on the Australian Today Show.


  1. switzy4ever14 says:

    they both look really good in that photo.

    <3 TeAm SwItZy <3

  2. They both look great! Kristen looks amazing as always – love her outfit, it’s simple yet edgy.

  3. I have to say Australia isn’t too impressed with Kristen that’s for sure. Given the fact she was on a publicity tour for Summit to promote Eclipse, she couldn’t of handled herself worse. Several photos of her giving the finger & her attitude was just..she couldn’t be bothered.I get where she is coming from with the papps but it wasn’t a holiday, it was a promotional tour and this huge fan has certainly gone off her heaps. I’m still finding it hard to believe the girl on Oprah was the same girl. She sulked, swore and was generally very rude. Taylor on the other hand was gracious, charming and so professional for his age.
    I dont’ think Summit will be too impressed, I know I wasn’t or my friends.

  4. What a snarky and rude article. I’m beginning to think that all USA actors and entertainers need to boycott the Australian media.

    • BOYCOTT THE AUSTRALIAN MEDIA???!!! Are you for real? The girl comes here on a media tour supposedly to promote her new film, yet manages to piss off just about everyone with HER snarkiness, surliness and downright sheer rudeness- She gives her australian fans the finger and you think that the Aus Media should be boycotted for reporting it??? Riiiight…..

  5. I am ticked off at Kristen; she should’ve known better than giving the finger at the photogs. What a way to impress Australia! There goes Bella, Kristen. Keep in mind the job is to advertise the movie. I am starting to believe Taylor is not liking this one bit. He’s more professional than that.

    It’s a shame.

    • Chernaudi says:

      Well, maybe the paps and tabloid people need to show a little courtesy and respect. You get what you give. The way I see it, if they give Kristen a hard time, they should expect the same. It’s the Golden Rule: treat others the way you’d like to be treated. And it’s also an eye for an eye: you treat someone like crap, you’ll get crap back.

      We don’t go around spying on the paps and tabloid bloggers, maybe we should and give them a dose of their own medicine.

      For some reason, if Kristen knew this was what her life would be like, I doubt that she’d have seriously tried out for Bella. But Hardwicke and Meyer seeked her out, and we don’t hear Stepehenie complianing, and she can kill the whole Twilight mess by buying out the contract with Summit, and let them fall into bankruptcy.

      Give Kristen a little more credit. These people virtually stalk her and seem to get off on giving her a hard time. And it’s not like what Cher said about the paps(that someone should make a bomb and use it on them!).

      I understand that this stuff comes with the job of acting, but Kristen wanted to be an actress, not a celebrity. Cut her some slack, and besides, most of the people who’ve worked with her and met her have positive things to say about her.

      Yes, she could express her anger in more PC ways, but the paps aren’t PC and are so invasive and obtrusive and worthless. They ought to be arrested in my view.

      • Um… no. If we’re talking about the Golden Rule, it’s all about treating other people the way you would want to be treated… no matter HOW undeserving those people may be.

        Kristen should have done the respectful, ‘grown up’ thing, instead of stooping to the paparazzi’s level of rudeness. No excuses.

        • Chernaudi says:

          Uhm, uh, NO! As someone posted at a Kristen fan page, it enrages me that in a fandom dominated by women that we desert one of our own. And just to let you know, I’m a guy, and I like Kristen, as well as Rob and Taylor, and the entire cast.

          Kristen didn’t sign on to be a “star”. She signed on as an actress.

          I feel the way that Summit and the towns/states/countries have managed this entire fan frenzy is an embarassment. They know that Kristen doensn’t like to be crowded like a caged animal, but that’s how she gets treated and no one seems to care half the time.

          I’m tired of the bias here. Where ever Rob gets into such a situlation, we all support him. What does Kristen get? Criticized, picked apart, and called names. Are some people so blinded by Rob and Taylor that they refuse to see Kristen in an equal light as a human being? Maybe I should report this to a moderator or the site’s owner, and desert this like I deserted a Cher forum over similar drama.

          I like the Twilight Saga novels and films, but it’s because of crap like this that I’m thinking of giving up on it. Try reading my long post on this subject, and maybe some of you will understand. If not, then it may be bye and good riddance.

  6. I agree with the news article. I was aghast at her attitude, from her hotel room. Google the pics, they are everywhere. She has to wise up, that stuff is a career killer.

    • Chernaudi says:

      Cher said that the paps should be shot and blown up, yet no one crticizes her for that. The paps and tabloid people need to grow some courtesy and brains, or else I’ll laugh when some fan finally gets angry, sucker punches one of them, and places them under citizens’ arrest, which since January in California, paps can be sued or arrested for some of the stuff they’ve been known to pull.

      Do your research about what professional people(co-starts and fans who’ve met her) say about her, not what tabloic bloggers who spew crap and people who get paid to invade someone’s privacy.

    • She was gracious to her fans as many of them have said. She posed for pics, signed autographs and graciously accepted gifts from them. If she chooses to go out on her balcony, she has the right to some privacy. She is there to promote the movie, which she did and she looked very happy in the publicity shots. She was on her own time on the balcony. She is a young woman being stalked by the paps. No one gives a sh*t when Rob walks out of an interview or swears because he’s soooo hot…give me a break. Better yet, give Kristen a break.

    • Fans who were actually there have said that Kristen handled herself well, she was happy and treated her fans warmly. You have to remember that the media in general have always printed bad things about Kristen – most of which we have later discovered to be untrue. There are certain stars that the media loves to attack. Since Kristen is not you usual attention hungry star, she is treated differently. They have reported that she is simply a b**ch but fans who actually meet her say otherwise. She is a caring, shy and honest young woman who loves her job – not the paparazzi. Do I care that she gave them the finger? No. They deserve it. Doesn’t anyone remember Princess Diana? Thats what the paparazzi are capable of. Once again, so called “fans” rush to the side of the media and attack her.

  7. I love Kris outfit,besides some of u should STOP!!!
    Saying Crapy Crap about my girl Kristen.

  8. Kelly Ray says:

    Afetr seeing Kristen here on Australian TV, most of the time she looked utterly bored and a bit fed up, which is a shame. The wrong move can wipe out a legion of fans in one swoop, maybe she needs a little publicity training. Summit surely cannot be too proud of one of their cash cows insulting the very people who are responsible for making them huge stars to begin with? Personally, I adore Kristen, and I certainly hope for hers and Taylor’s sakes, the rest of the promotional tours goes a little smoother.

  9. We don’t know what the photographers were saying to them that might have aggravated the situation to prompt Ms Stewart to being rude. We also don’t know from what was presented how much time between flight and all the activity. She could have been a bit wiped out tired. Also as someone mentioned she wants to be an actor, not a celebrity. It seems she shares Bella’s dislike of being center of attention.

  10. Chernaudi says:

    I made the comment about Kristen wanting to be an actress instead of a celeb. If Summit or someone else had warned Kristen of what could happen based on the books’ popularity, she may not have accepted Catherine’s and Stepehenie’s invite to audition for Bella.

    Face it, crtics, Kristen has taken a ton of crap the last two years that I wouldn’t wish on anyone. The paps and tabloid bloggers are so invasive and abusive, they basically make the mainstream media, let alone their own stuff, look like the second coming of fascism.

    And before anyone starts a rant about the abuse of the word “fascism”, I know what fascism means. Fascism is the type of totalitian gov’t that ruled Italy from 1923-45, Germany from ’33-45, and basically ran Russia from 1917-82 when Gorbachov(spelling?) took over. And Communism, in actual execution, is just fascism in a different shiny wraper-read Karl Marx’ Communist Mannifesto and get a manuscript of the demands that Adolf Hitler made of the German Parliment when he was elected Chancellor in 1933. Same crap, different name.

    So these paparazzi creeps and tabloid fascist go out an invade people’s lives and trash them. They seem to get off on getting a rise out of celebs and actors and such. What kind of human being gets off on the suffering of others? That’s what Kristen is venting when she yells at or flips off the paps, or criticzes them and tabloid bloggers in interviews. How do these people sleep at night, knowing what they do?

    And no, tabloid people and paps don’t make you a star, and Kristen didn’t want to become a “star”. She wants to be an actress, and make a positive impact in people’s lives. Not be a corporate cash cow and fame monger.

    If Kristen needs to have publicity training, then I say the paps and tabloid bloggers should be sued and arrested and deported. But that’s the very type of fascist behavior I feel that these amoral people deomstrate.

    If you ask me, Kristen has done a very good job of handling herself. At least she’s not like Rob who activly tries at times to avoid fans, and aside from Rob, no one gets mobbed and has so much crap thown at her as Kristen has. Not even Taylor has dealt with this stuff in the same measure.

    I say give the girl some credit. She never wanted the fame. She appreciates the people from the press who are accredited press people, and her fans who accept her for who she is in real life, now who she is on screen.

    I can rant about how the media sucks, but instead, I’ll leave you with this link about the old New Radicals song “You Get What You Give”. Not only does it reflect what I’m trying to talk about(If one respects Kristen, you’ll get her respect in return–a good lesson for life if you ask me), but read the “controversy” section. It proves what I’m talking about with the media:

    I wouldn’t want Kristen to change a thing. Could she be a little nicer about ripping on the paps and such. Sure, but I don’t think the paps and tabloid people deserve her–or anyone else’s–respect.

  11. I was at the australian fan event last night and I thought Kristen handled herself very graciously, I was highly impressed with her relaxed and gracious manner. So what she didnt like paps photographing her in her hotel building, i wouldn’t either!
    I was highly unimpressed with some of the media and their write ups and also hearing one show today explaining that twilight is for teenagers and no one else. A good book should be read in childhood, adulthood and again in old age. Thanks Kristen and Taylor for coming to australia, i thoroughly enjoyed what you had to say!

  12. By the way i think that most of the media write ups were done by journo’s who lack the empathy to understand where people are coming from, which is a sad reflection on the “professionals” who have chosen this line of work.

  13. I actually saw the live telecast at the movie cinema….I thought she was great, hahahah =) as for the pics…well theres nothing to do about it…I love her anyway

  14. WOW! Finally Kristen learned to keep her legs together while beeing photographed! She looks so much more elegant here – I´m proud of her:)

  15. danielle says:

    EVERYONE WHO IS HATING ON HER NEEDS TO GET A LIFE. We are no one to judge her like this. If anything you and your children and I are the reasons why she is going crazy because we’re the ones writing, talking, and breathing, and watching everything she does!!!! So quite whining and get a life. SERIOUSLY. And if you dont want your daughters to be watching KRISTEN STEWART then DONT LET THEM. If you want them to watch Bella Swan, then watch the Twilight Saga. Dont get the two confused. Kristen Stewart is her own and she does not have to be all sweet, bubbly and whatever else you want her to be (like the character she plays).

  16. I’m in Sydney and I had no idea there had been any bad press about Kristen. Although, I guess that’s not surprising considering I can’t bear to see the interviews that have been conducted during their stay.

    I don’t tend to use the word “hate”, but I really HATE the way our press conducts itself with international stars.

    They seem to go out of their way to use colloquial terms that are bound to cause confusion, and they ask ridiculous questions that leave celebrities with the impression that we’re a country of imbeciles.

    I guess I shouldn’t be surprised though. With the exception of these promotional tours, these journalists spend the rest of the year making fun of the Twilight saga and their legion of fans. I have heard enough of their opinions to safely say that they feel that Twilight is beneath them.

    As for Kristen sticking her finger up at the paparazzi – I don’t know the details, but I’m sure it was warranted. Paparazzi live for those shots and I have no doubt they provoked her. She is certainly not the first person to have done it while visiting here.

    Wow – that makes us sound really bad, but it’s just our media. The rest of the country is very friendly!

  17. I feel thoroughly sorry for Kristen. She’s getting hit from all sides and it isn’t fair on her.

    I’ve watched the interviews and she didn’t seem to be any more reserved than she normally is, and she was smiling in most of the pics I’ve seen from Luna Park.

    The ABC article is blatantly bad journalism, and I now know not to read any ABC articles in the future. Real journalists look at things objectively (on one end of the scale, Kristen is described as being grumpy and unpleasant, on the other end, Taylor is being praised for being a “teen heartthrob.”)

    On the other hand, I think that Kristen didn’t have to use the finger. She should have known that the paparazzi would get pictures her doing that and that they would surely circulate afterwards (but I’m sure she had a very good reason for doing it).

    I hope that people don’t get the wrong idea about Australia: it’s just the mainstream journalists and paparazzi that are bringing us down! Otherwise, it’s a great country and more people should come for a holiday 😛

  18. Seriously people, she used the finger… BIG DEAL! The only thing we have ANY right to be upset at her about is if she did a poor job of portraying Bella…or was specifically rude to us as fans, which is a totally different discussion. And if anyone is worried about her being a bad influence… well she isn’t paid to be a role-model!

  19. Well I tell you the photo of her on the balcony with the fag hanging out of her mouth and not one but two fingers given…well that will be with her forever sadly. I’m sad out of all the Twilight stars she is the only one who handles herself like this.
    We in Australia have had Kellan, Edi, Taylor (twice),three members of the Volturi and also wolf pack members and all were absolutely wonderful and handled themselves with dignity and we as fans were so impressed. Kristen is the only one and personally I feel Summit won’t be impressed. She is paid huge money for what she does. Yes the papps are always on her back and yes it would drive you crazy but…it’s not a holiday, Summit has brought her here to promote Eclipse. She thinks she’s just getting back at the papps well her fans also feel it’s towards them.
    She might want to watch herself I for one wouldn’t be too upset if Breaking Dawn continued without her.
    (like I said Taylor was just so darn nice and even he gave her a couple of odd sideways glances at times as if to say…Kristen I wouldn’t do that if I were you look)

  20. Wow…catfight here! Listen, this is not a Clay Aiken’s fansite! I got a healthy dose of that, and I was merely asking innocent questions there.

    From reading from Aussies here, it took me back to when Heath Ledger was alive (may God keep him!) and on the last trip I guess, he thanked them for not chasing him around and give him the privacy to enjoy his time with his family. I cried his death for days; I still love him and miss him very much. When’s the “Parnassus” movie gonna come out?

    I don’t know the difference between US, British and Australian paparazzi, it seems each of them have some “level” of behavior and I haven’t seen these pics on TMZ so far, which is good. Some movie stars have some agreements with them i.e., use telefoto lenses (Brad Pitt); one asked for no flashes b/c her son has epilepsy, etc. These are mostly actors and actresses that have children, as you can read. I am sure that she can come up with her own terms of agreements; there’s got to be a way to do so.

    I don’t hate her, as many of you say! She does have some traits I possess, that I believe she transmits those to Bella effectively. Any negative image of her, or of any other actors will cash in more money and that’s a fact. I wish there was audio of the paps yelling at Kristen stuff in order for her to give them the finger. Perhaps that’s exactly what happened; they asked for it.

    I have two kids and perhaps that’s why my mind is at a different level (I blame it on being a “TwiMom”), so I do feel protective of them. When I see some of my traits and behaviors on my own kids, it takes me back when I was their age and I get to see it from both angles.

    I have mom duties right now, but I wanted to bring this up to your attention. I am aware of how she feels; she does have different conduits to take her mind off things, and she’s pretty smart too. She is aware of the actress/celebrity difference as I do. Once the series are done, she will continue to take on different roles and things will calm down.

    If I was her mom, I like to think that we’d come together as a team for some sort of game plan. I’d do this in a snap, for love and her safety.

    Peace out.

    • It’s funny that you mention Heath Ledger, because every time I see stuff like this I remember an interview with him where he said “I wanted to be an actor, I never asked to be a celebrity”. I think sometimes people forget that most actors are in it for the craft and not because they want to be famous.

      I grew up in Heath’s hometown of Perth, and I still can’t believe that I once turned down a chance to attend a private party he held in his hotel suite!

      Luckily my husband had the sense to say YES to his invitation, and got his autograph for me when I chickened out of the party.

  21. WannabeMrsCullen says:

    I think it if very sad the way the mainstream media portrays celebrities these days. So what is she used the finger? It’s the paparazzi we are talking about, they hound and stalk people for a living to catch unflattering photographs. Their big boys – I think they can handle it. That articale was completely unfair – Kristen is grumpy and Taylor is a ‘teenheartthrob’???
    Now, as for her attitude at the Q & A. I wasn’t there, I wouldn’t know but from the photographs I have seen, she looked fine, she was smiling!
    I also think they both looked very good, great outfits!

  22. I love Twilight, and i am a 33 year old Australian woman. After seeing Kristens behaviour reported in the press i was extremely disappointed. To be paid here, on a promotional tour, and to behave that way is really petulant. Paparazzi are out of control, sure, but who’s buying the magazines that print the photos that earn these paps tens of thousands of dollars? Oh, that’d be us, the fans. This wont make me stop following the Twilight series, but every time i read Perez Hiltons nasty comments about Kristen i wont be as quick to defend as i once was. A prime example of a gracious STAR towards Australian fans and journalists, is Pink, who lived here for 3 months, got out and about holidaying with her husband, and is ADORED by Australians. Kristen could take a leaf out of her book.

  23. Quite agree that as long as she’s doing a good job of portraying Bella I don’t really view her behaviour ‘outside work’ as anyone else’s business.

    I certainly haven’t watched or read every interview she’s ever given but I will say that she has come across as intelligent and likable in those I have.

    At the end of the day she’s only 20 and people/actors many years her senior have hit back at the press in much more spectacular ways.

    This is the very definition of a big deal over nothing.

  24. Ok first off, she was at HER hotel romm (that’s the same as being photographed inside her own fricken home!!!) she was just in from a flight from the other side of the world (hello jet lag and NO SMOKING)!!! Oh and the kicker… the PAPS FYI were HANGING from windows across from her hotel in order to get these damn pics (yes with the mother of all telefoto lense), I was in the city and watched part of what was going on and as a bystander I wanted to bitch slap these idiots. They were yelling at her her ‘hey kristen look over here’ bla bla bla (sounded US accent-not aussie I don’t think). Sure enough the pics were all over the net in a few hours!!! I gotta admit seeing the pics of her flipping the bird at these worms just gave me a buzz, I thought good for you girl… I mean how much invasion of privacy is too much invasion for you ppl? I mean if they get pics of her taking a dump will that be TOO much? For Gods sake she’s not promoting for Summit when she’s trying to have a smoke on the balcony of her hotel room. Give the girl a break. Not everyone is a Paris ‘spead your legs, pole dance to the paps smiling barbie doll wannabe’ some ppl are actually normal. not happy with the finger well that’s easy fixed, stick your head in the sand baby cause it’s all around ya.
    Kristen, you are yourself and not a fake, if ppl have issues with you setting a ‘bad’ example for teen girls tell them to F off because the example I see from you to teens is being confident enough not to conform to what others say and be comfortable being YOU, and THAT is something todays society of teens and many adults are sadly lacking.
    I’m a proud aussie but disgusted that our aussie press have been so narrow minded in some of their reporting.

  25. Miranda says:

    People need to lay off Kristen. You can’t blame her for wanting some privacy – and flipping off the paparazzi and being uncomfortable in the limelight doesn’t mean she doesn’t love her fans, it just proves that all along she told the truth when she said she doesn’t act for fame, she acts because she loves being someone else – telling a story.

    So people better shut their mouths because they’re all wrong about her.

  26. marilyn says:

    This article is INCREDIBLY biased. Guys seriously don’t take any notice of it. Kristen did a FANTASTIC job in australia.

    Look up any of the interviews she did (i recommend youtubing the 7pm project, sunrise, today show, kerri anne as well as 2 radio interviews that were hilarious). She was amazingly nice to her fans and had some hilarious interviews. It’s just the paparazzi she wasn’t nice to and who cares about them???

    Personally i think Taylor was boring (he talked about his “2 different worlds” in every bloody interview). Kristen made things interesting and the media just love to hate her.

    I was at a cinema in Western Australia watching the live Q&A and sure kristen was nervous but she did do a great job and you could tell she was there for the fans as she spent little time for photos and more time for autographs and chatting to them.

  27. I don’t think anyone is critising her on the 7pm Project or Luna Park in particular, although at times I just cringe watching her.
    I’ve defended her so often but that’s gone. She isn’t the person I thought she was.

    I’d love to be a fly on the wall when Summit see the photos in question of just how “shy” she is…nothing shy about this girl….that we found out for sure on her weekend visit.

    I bet a few of the other Twilight cast will be a tad shocked at our beloved Kristen.

    I still shudder at the photos, to be honest I’m finding it hard dealing with that it really was her.

    My two cousins and girlfriend have just totally turned off her. Taylor boring…at least he was gracious and he genuinely seems grateful of what Twilight has done for him. I don’t think we’ll see a photo any time soon of him in the same pose.

  28. Yes, she should have known better. She is 20 years old and feels like she’s been violated by the media. If you ever get a chance, you should listen to the raw video when paparazzi are ambushing a celebrity. The things they yell out and say are designed to get a reaction. Those pictures sell better. That’s why the paparazzi. They’ll yell out things like “Hey, who ya screwing this week.” or “Did you get your plastic surgery at a drive through?” Heath Ledger had said the Australian paparazzi are extremely vicious.

    Before judging Kristen, walk a mile in her shoes.

  29. TammyAZ says:

    Let’s all put ourselves in her shoes for a moment. We are walking down the sidewalk, eating in a restaraunt, smoking on a balcony outside our hotel room, laying on a beach taking a vacation, entering or exiting an airplane after a 20 hour flight, going to buy groceries…..NOW have someone following your every step shouting at you and sticking a camera in your face documenting every sneeze scatch and sniffle, every smile, frown and “finger”. I personally don’t think it matters whether or not someone is a celebrity they have a RIGHT TO PRIVACY!!!

    I think that if any of you were put in this situation I’m sure there would be fingers flying. And for those that say that “they knew what they were getting into” look at Princess Di, killed while being chased by papz, I know it is extreme but it can and does happen.

    I feel nothing but sorry for every celeb out there that has had their personal life exposed to the entire world. From breakups to child birth to family deaths and grieving. Regardless of their status they are still HUMAN and should be treated like it!!!

  30. I have to agree with you Julie up to a point. Summit (typo?) flew her and Taylor out to Australia to be representatives of Twilight. I just read the article and saw the pictures on Wonderwall on MSN. With that said, here is my comments.
    To start with, I can see why she is the way she is with the paps. She was trying to get away from them. She seemed to have kind of a panic attack and went off on them. I, too, would get a liitle p’d off with flashing lights and cameras in my face all the time while I walked down a road going anywhere. With her language and her double fisted “wave” at the camera, no one has asked her to be a role model.
    Now, the part that sets me off with her is that (this is where I expect the negative comments to come in with other fans)she could have a little more respect for herself. I can see that she wants to be the *bad girl* in my opinion. But as a lady, she should hold herself to a higher standard. Yes, we know from your articles that you don’t like it when fans come up to you and want your autograph, but they are the ones who pay to see you. They are the ones who fly hundreds if not thousands of miles to get an autograph from you. Give them some curtosy.
    I feel that she acts the way she does because she can.
    Think about it… At the moment, she is the most sought after female because of the person she plays in Twilight and her maybe secret romance with RPattz who she has by his manhood. She is at a point where she can do what she wants, say what she wants and she feels like nobody can stop her.

  31. I so agree with you VolturiGirl. I am a middle school teacher in a small town and guess what everywhere I go there is a parent asking how their kid or kids is doing. I’m having ice cream with my husband and kids(who are4 and 1) yesterday and was attacked ny a parent. I make 30 grand a year and have to deal w th apathetic students whose parents think they do all their work and I have to smile and act mature. I would like to give that parent the finger and walk away, but not only would I get fired, I’d be in court losing my license.

    • Your analogy isn’t the same. Let’s suppose you have 50 or more parents who all have cameras with high powered lenses, and they are all staked outside your home…now when you attempt to sit outside on your back porch with your family in private, they are snapping away only to post the pics on some site. Invasion of privacy? Yes. Now let’s suppose you are leaving to go to school and they (all 50 of them) swarm your car, asking questions all at once, snapping your picture and not letting you leave. Frightening? Yes. That’s what Kristen and other stars go through. That’s NOT part of the job. Press junkets (similar to school functions), publicity pics (similar to parent-teacher meetings) and on screening acting (classroom teaching) – thats part of the job.

  32. Kristen looks really great! 🙂

  33. Kristen looks hot!! Work it girl! 🙂
    (I would flick off the paps too if i were her.)

  34. Fans who were actually there have said that Kristen handled herself well, she was happy and treated her fans warmly. Just view some the press junkets she did – she was gracious and received wonderful comments from the interviewer. The Australians even claimed her as their own. You have to remember that the media in general have always printed bad things about Kristen – most of which we have later discovered to be untrue. There are certain stars that the media loves to attack. Since Kristen is not you usual attention hungry star, she is treated differently. They have reported that she is simply a b**ch but fans who actually meet her say otherwise. She is a caring, shy and honest young woman who loves her job – not the paparazzi. Do I care that she gave them the finger? No. They deserve it. Doesn’t anyone remember Princess Diana? Thats what the paparazzi are capable of. Once again, so called “fans” rush to the side of the media and attack her.

  35. I’m sure she was nice to most fans Sara…it’s the imagine she’s building for herself I’m disappointed in.
    I never imagined I would see a photo or photos of Kristen like this. I mean who does it make look bad…herself. I’m sure at one point she will wish she’d never of handled herself this way.

    Again she may think it’s the papps she is taking this out’s not. It’s Twilight. It looks bad for all of us fans.

    My Mother just looked at me and my Aunty when they showed me the paper and you know I couldn’t defend her, I felt embarrassed as a Twilight fan. I have defended this girl to no tomorrow but this was the time I had to take a step back and realise she wasn’t worth defending any more.

    I couldn’t care less about the cigarette hanging out her mouth, it’s her general attitude, she really almost doesn’t deserve what she has been handed.

    Let’s think about that:
    Twenty year old:is involved in one of the biggest movie phenomenons ever, travels the world, huge pay salary, is getting to the point she can pick her roles, is supposed to be involved with one of the most desirable men in the world,will always be remembered for her role as Bella….yeah pretty awful being her!!!

    Why is it Taylor can handle himself wonderfully when he had the cameras in his face also.

    I think what we all forget is:it’s a Summit promotional tour….you need media attention,just not the sort she got.She’s an embarrassment to Twilight.

  36. Thank you Julie. That is exacly the point I was trying to make. Do I care that she smokes? No. It’s the image of herself that is disappointing. Look at RPattz. He got hit by a car because of his fans. Do you see him giving them the finger or dropping the F Bomb? No!

    I’m not hating on the girl. I think she should respect herself a little more. I would love to see her rise above all of this. Not saying she has to be all sweet and innocent (that is so not Kristen) just have some more class; carry herself with some dignaty.

  37. Don’t like her anymore? then go on your merry little way darls, cause she’s not asking for your permission to be herself (thanks GOD)!!! Oh and if you are worried about your infuenceable little girls, maybe you should censor what they see and read, because it’s not like they wil ‘ever’ see ppl flipping the bird in the ‘real’ world huh?
    the thing all you ‘disapointed in her attitude’ ppl aren’t realising is that you are imposing your views of what she should and shouldn’t act like on her. I’d luv to see what you guys would do if the same happened to you. I like that she WON’T change just because you think she should. So, she’s not the normal screwed up hollywood teen… shocking, I know. What, with all the great types she could learn to copy (Lindsay, Paris, Britney etc). You guys SOOOO need to get a sense of humour too. She’s not flipping the bird at every corner (although I think most of you would in her position)

  38. I totally agree VolturiGirl…I have to admit my gf is sitting here playing the Twilight clip from youtube with “Dare you to move” and it brought back that Twilight feeling and made me realise yes…I do want her as Bella…and just like you I just want her to have that bit more class and dignity. Not to the point where she’s out of reach…just learn how to deal with it. Because who is she hurting:herself!

    I don’t deny it would be hard but other stars deal with it and they are treated better by the papps. Once you go down this road you become known as a “Lindsay Lohan” type girl and I so don’t want that for her, but she only has herself to blame sadly.

  39. TammyAZ says:

    I’m sorry but haven’t any of you ever gotten P,O’d enough to give someone the bird? Someone cut you off in your car or said something rude to you at work so you give it to them as they are walking away?

    Does that make you a “bad girl” or ruin your reputation for the rest of your life??? I think not.

    Just because people are in the spotlight does not mean that they lose all human emotion and that includes frustration and anger. We’ve all done it we’re all human…get over it

  40. Everyone whos “disappointed” in kristen….hahahah Im serious, your making me laugh….JUST GET OVER IT…Im In aussie too, and I dont care how she acts, she can do what she wants, If you are upset you CLEARLY believe everything the stupid tabloid says, which makes me feel really bad for you =)…Dont judge other people specially if you dont know them, just move on and be happy for eclipse *rolls eyes*

  41. Chernaudi says:

    If anyone needs a visual cue to see why Kristen sometimes acts the way she does, look at these photos:!/album.php?aid=183035&id=190781042726&ref=mf

    This is disgusting and offensive to the point of making me sick! I feel that some of the people who criticze her just don’t like her for whatever petty reason(she gets to hang out with Rob and Taylor, she’s prettier than I am, et al), and use every thing that she doesn’t do perfectly to pick her apart. That’s arrogance and hubris in it’s purest form. For those of you out there(and you know who you are), I feel sorry for you that you can’t see past your petty hatred of someone who never wanted to become a celeb, and played Bella in the movies because she wanted to, not to get famous.

    • I have never understood why papz just follow them around taking pictures. I am are they really wanting to catch them falling down, etc. etc. Are we so shallow that we would actually want that picture? For me as a girl, to have that many people around me would freak me out.

      However from little I have seen of the picture, it just came across as rude, because it was like she was saying “screw you, you can’t get me up here”. I wonder how long it took her to think “oh crap, probably shouldn’t have done that”.

  42. I don’t have hatered for her. I just feel she needs to represent Summit and Twilight in a manner that is fitting and remembered for positive things rather than negatives. Enjoy what you’ve been blessed with…that’s crap she never wanted to become a celeb….don’t take roles offered if that’s the case.

    • That´s right – she should be friendlier or just stay away from official events. Why does she go to these ebents just to show us that she´s completely pissed off? But – she´s only ONE of the twilight cast – and ALL the others are so nice. I do not especially like her attitude and the reactions to “not liking KS” are: you envy her!!! I envy Ashley Greene or Amanda Seyfried or Nina Dobrev for ex. – yes I would like to look or be like them but I would never like to be KS – not for 1 Mil.$!!!

    • Chernaudi says:

      Uhm, maybe you should look at films like Speak and such which never made any money. There’s a difference between being an actress and being a celeb. Being a actress means you act for the love of it. Being a celeb means you want money and fame. Considering that Kristen could care less about money or fame, I’d put her in the actress category.

      She was never told that Twilight would blow up the way it did. With the books popularity, one could assume that it would happen, but Kristen was never told that and assumed it would just be an indie movie.

      I do feel that there’s a bias on this board and this site among it’s members. Most of those who’ve met Kristen say that she’s nice and considerate. Most of those here who criticize her have never met her or been to any of the event’s she’s been at. Who do you think I’m gonna believe?

      Does she get paid to play Bella in the films? Yes.

      Does she get paid to do promo? Yes.

      Does she get paid to put up people’s crap and get trashed by people who never liked her to begin with?


      I say see things from Kristen’s POV. Try imagineing yourself being hounded by people trying to sell photos of you to the higest bidder, and trying to incite reactions. Try having people pry into your private life for whatever dirt they can get. And try imagining that this happens basically as a daily occurance.

      Someone commented that Kristen needs a little more self respect or self esteem. Well, it’s kinda hard to get that when you get the vibe that half the world seem that it would be better off if you didn’t exist.

      That’s why I hate people anymore. Close minded, ignorant people. People who become fanboys/girls over something and it so blinds them to what’s obvious. The Twililght Saga has become like that to a degree, and people who trash Kristen for whatever petty offense that we let other people get a free pass on makes me sorry that I’m a member of that fandom.

  43. Julie, she’s not representing Summit on her balcony having a ciggie. She’s having that weird thing we all take for granted called ‘down time’. Oh and if you look at her movie choices they have all been indie type movies which are NOT celeb attracting movies (kinda sounds a little different to what you are describing) and FYI twilight the movie was never considered to have attracted the audience it did. It was just little movie that very indie. And stop acting like you can judge her as a brat with an attitude. Look at the pics Chernaudi linked and tell me that THAT deserves a reserved response from Kristen. ARRGGG you ppl that just assume it’s all roses just REFUSE to see what’s really happening to this GIRL and many others like her. No matter who she is the PAPS should not be able to jump over themselves to GET TO her or anyone else. I know, hard to believe that a PERSON is being atacked like this and YOU PEOPLE are all ok with it but have an issue with the bird being flung at these trigger happy paps. Just because they have a camera doesn’t make it morally ok for them to be STALKED by these guys. And let me tell you, watching them RUN after her and Taylor in Sydney gave me a view as a bystander that was just like watching a car crash, you wanna go help and stop what happening but you can’t you would be crushed… There should be laws against it. There should be pap AVO. ARRRGGGG.

    • Chernaudi says:

      Thanks, jess.

      You’ve said what I’ve been trying to say. And that is consider Kristen’s background, watch some interviews, and listen to some fan accounts. She never wanted to be a star. Did she want to become an actress? Yes.

      Did she hope that she’s make an impact in people’s lives? Yes.

      Did she want people to stalk her and take photos of her and treat her like garbage? NO!

      I feel that some people on here need to be a little more considerate about what Kristen is going though and where she’s coming from when this stuff happens.

      It’s little wonder that she doesn’t have much self respect for self esteem. Half the world sometimes either wish that she never existed or trash her for money or to satify a sick, warped sense of humor.

      Would I like for her to be happier? Certianly.

      Would I like for her to have a better standing with herself as far as self esteem or self respect? Yes.

      But those who criticise her for doing things that we all know that we’d do in those same situlations(and many would do far worse) aren’t helping matters.

      Kristen doens’t have a problem with fans. She’s gone out of her way to sign autographs and mingle and talk to fans. She even ignored her pushy publicist who tried to break off a conversation with a fan once. Kristen went back and finished talking to that fan when the publicist left.

      Kristen has no problem with photogs. She’ll happily pose for a licensed, accdedited photographer who is an actual member of the press.

      Kristen has no problem with taking photos with fans or doing things with them. And she has no problem with interviewers who know and respect limits. Kristen doesn’t want to talk about her love life. That’s private, and should be respected unless she wants to talk about it.

      Kristen DOES have a problem with paparazzi photogs who goad her into reactions and go out of their way to irriate her.

      Kristen DOES have a problem with people who don’t know her or care about her who go and trash her on the internet for no good reason other than to make money and get their website some undeserved hits.

      And Kristen probably does have a problem with people who trash the books and the movies without giving them a chance. Are the Twilight books the best ever written? Not even by a longshot. But does Kristen care about the books and movies? Absolutly! She fell in love with the books as she read them, and she adores the story they’re telling and the way it’s told.

      All in all, before one trashes Kristen over minor transgressions(Rob’s flipped off the paps, too, and has said and done worse things in the media, too), place yourself in her shoes, and don’t judge her unless you also want to be judged, ‘cos that’s the way things work. It sucks, but that’s the way it is, whick Kristen knows, I know, and we know.

      But it doesn’t mean she, myself, or anyone has to like it.

  44. Hey Jessie yeah I get that but it’s something I’m sure Summit really wouldn’t want her to do. Why not just turn your back…gosh most stars are photographed on balconies at some point & yes must drive them mad…but hey that’s a celebrities life sadly. Deal with it and just do something you won’t be negged for in the future.

    Funny I saw Taylor differently so did all the articles, saying he was forthcoming and answering questions well beyond his years….

    As for role models she def. isn’t one yet she very well may NOT want to be one…fair enough but the true fact is she is.

    Yes I agree @ Mary Nina is great, love her. Meeting her in three weeks, can’t wait. Also Paul & Ian. Vampire Dairies convention here we come 🙂

  45. Chernaudi says:

    I just read a press report on IMDB that when Taylor tried to get to the gate at the airport, he had no trouble, but when Kristen tried to get there, she was mobbed, and bodygaurds and police officers had to hold back the mob, with the cops threatening to arrest anyone who disobeyed orders to stay back(see the photos a put a link to).

    All this just because Kristen “may” be dating Rob Pattinson?! Give me a break, and give Kristen one while you’re at it.

    • Chernaudi says:

      Update: I looked at the photos and read another article. It seems that when the paps mobbed Kristen a fist fight broke out between rival photogs, and the police had to step in to break up the fight and get Kristen to the gate.

      No wonder why in the photos she looks so upset. You can’t help but feel sorry for her having to witness that. It sort of mirrors what Bella goes though in Eclipse: Jacob and Edward are willing to fight over her, and Kristen has paps fighting over her.

      An embrassment and a black eye(literally and metaphorically) to the mainstream media.

      • I seriously doubt she was upset to have witnessed a fight amongst the paps (personally it looked more to me like one of them fell over because he was walking backwards.)

        She actually spent the majority of her walk through the airport giving the finger to anyone in her line of sight.

        It also doesn’t seem that she had that much security because of necessity, simply a personal choice.

        If she hadn’t surrounded herself in bodyguards, the paps would have been able to keep their distance and still get a picture.

        I saw footage taken by a news channel that stood at a higher level to film the scenes, and you couldn’t see her at all because she was surrounded completely by bodyguards, and then they got the police to stand around them.

        In comparison, Taylor simply had a few people and the paps were able to stand away from him and still get a clear shot.

        I’m not defending the paps by any means, but I do think that when celebrities surround themselves to this extreme, it’s asking for chaos.

        (Not that Kristen requested such protection, I’m sure it was her people going overboard.)

        • Chernaudi says:

          First, off Mel(now I’m naming names), I have never seen a report from an American news outlet(as bad as they are) saying that Kristen flipped off everyone left and right. And if she did that to the Paps, they deserved it after the downblouse/upskirt shots they got of her in Oz. The paps crossed the line, and Kristen(visually) called them out for it in the only language they seem to understand, but I believe that they’re too ignorant to understand mild, non-physically violent agression.

          Once she got to Korea, Kristen had no such problems with the paps. What was different? South Korean paps have some respect for basic human rights? That laws there say that Kristen could sue or have them arrested if she wanted? Armed guards with automatic weapons were near by? Whatever, the South Korean paps and photogs behaved much better than in Austrailia.

          I’m starting to believe that the paps only believe in a quote made by Mao Tse-Tung, that “power flows from the barrel of a gun”? I know that quoting a Commnuist and a mass murderer won’t do me any favors, but anymore, it seems that all’s fun until someone get’s hurt, and that’s what I mean by the quote(I don’t want any of the twisting of the quote Kristen made about the paps’s photos being like watching someone getting raped/violated).

          As I said, since it seems that so few agree with me and others who have supported Kristen and called out the paps for what they are(pure pieces of crap-one even admitted on Joy Beher’s show that their tactics equates to a “gang bang”). Maybe I should pack my bags and leave this site and forum. I doubt I’ll be missed.

          • I’m sorry I get my information from a respected Sydney News Channel, as opposed to IMBD.

            Clearly I was being misinformed by what I saw with my own eyes.

            I never said I was defending the papz (who included American photographers too). I said from the very beginning that I was embarrassed by the way the media was behaving.

            I also said from the beginning that Kristen was well within her right to stick her finger up at the photographers.

            I was merely saying that the chaos was made worse by the heavy presence of security, which was not Kristen’s fault.

            For all I know it was the decision of the Australian police. We had an over the top response (from teenage girls) at Sydney Airport a few weeks ago when Justin Beiber arrived to give a free concert. They were probably taking precautions in case it happened again.

  46. I think she went too far. Everyone has some part of their job that is annoying and sometimes hurtful. But, coping skills are necessary. The papparazzi are not going to change. This is proven because they haven’t changed since what happened to princess Di. One needs to learn to adapt, improvise and overcome.
    I don’t think anyone will know if she likes the big famous roles until Breaking Dawn is over. I’ll save my opinion until then. If she chooses a role in a blockbuster 2 or 3 years from now, well then we will all know if she wants the fame or just to act. Because one can act even in a community theater.

  47. Taylor is a fake. He always saids and do the “right” thing. What i like about Kristen and Rob is they keep it real. They say what they mean and they don’t care if people like it or not. With them what you see is what you get. Taylor will be flame out in a couple of years. Just look at the history of past “Teen Heartrobs”. You got actors that are way better than he will ever be who can’t buy a job right now.

    • Why does Taylor doing the “right thing” make him fake? It does not seem that he is biting his tongue wishing that he could say something that he feels he “shouldn’t”. I think that is just how he is. In one of the radio interviews Kristen mentions that Taylor “walks the line” meaning that he is good. I think that it could make him somewhat boring, but not fake, and I think it is great that “Hollywood” has not changed him to be more crude.

      • OK maybe fake is not the right word. But he is boring.Oh well he is still doing better than me. At least he is doing what he loves and getting paid for it and that is all that matters.

  48. if the pictures don’t sell
    the magazines are bought
    websites posting them aren’t visited
    what happens?
    the rags gather dust on the newsstands and the counters on the web stay at zero
    we buy it, they sell it, they make money, they have a job
    ….it’s simple supply and demand
    for some reason this morning, i came to the comment section first
    i’m glad i did
    i won’t be going to any of the negative sites.
    my own personal boycott
    it’s starts with one
    how many others will do the same and work for change?

    • oops!
      should have been the
      “the magazines aren’t bought”
      my early morning typing fingers are still asleep…..

  49. What’s with the long-a** essays on here?!?

    Bottom line: Kristen could behave better. This is a FACT. Quit making excuses. If she hates it so much she can figure out a different way to satisfy her urge to act.

    • Chernaudi says:

      Well, then, by your logic, so can Rob, who has admitted that he activly avoids fans, something that Kristen has never done! He’s also said dumber things in interviews, but since this is supposed to be a family oriented site, I won’t bring those up.

      Taylor walks the line? So what, maybe that’s his style and suits him best. Kristen and Rob are edgier, and as much as I respect Taylor, slightly more human.

      Fact of the matter is that Taylor was never mobbed to the extent that Kristen was in Oz, especially at the airport where Taylor had little trouble making it to the gate, while Kristen was mobbed by paps and a fight broke out.

      I’m tired of stating my veiw, since it seems that so few people either agree or even at least understand my POV.

  50. Since when do fans take the side of papz over their
    actor, you all must be kidding. Kristen was hounded by no less than 30 guys sticking camera’s in her face. Did any of you see that pushing mob scene at the airport, who should have to put up with that.

    Australia should do something about their papz and the gossip mags that print such utterly fabricated stories. Interviewers should stop asking the same lame stupid questions too. Most of the interviews I saw Kristen and Taylor in were good and she was respectful and did the best she could to answer their dumb questions. So she didn’t want to talk about her private life, what’s wrong with that, she was there to talk about the movie not her private life.
    You bent out of shape Australian fans that are ragging on Kristen and get over yourselves. Her true fans there loved her and she was nice to them.
    If I were her I wouldn’t go back there, treat her right if you ever have the chance to be lucky enough to have her back. She is treated nice in other countries. This has been a bad reflection on Australian papz and not Kristen.

    • I can’t recall anyone defending the paps.

      The reason the Australians on here have gotten defensive is because our media and our people were being talked about as one and the same.

      How well would you respond to having your entire country judged by the actions of Perez Hilton?

      We are NOT our media.

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