Video From Kristen Stewart’s Flaunt Shoot

Bebe presents… Kristen Stewart X Flaunt Magazine Issue # 109 (The Fashion Issue) from The Confluence on Vimeo.


  1. I think Kristen is a very lovely, smart, young lady. You can acknowledge that from this video (if you haven’t already). She is a pretty awesome actress!

  2. Digging the way the video was shoot, i really like kristen shes doesnt get as much response from the fans as rob or taylor though and i think we should fix that. I mean she is playing the character that made the books we love so much possible.

  3. I agree,she’s playing the main character and usually gets overlooked by the media. For the record however,the guys (Rob and Taylor) wished all of the focus wasn’t on how cute they look and be appreciated as actors as well. I applaud Kristen (and Rob) for taking on edgier roles outside of the Twilight umbrella. Films like Little Ashes and The Runaways,were brave choices and hopfully they’ll all continue to make great films.

  4. What a cool looking photo shoot! Kristen looks so beautiful. I love what they were doing with her hair….and that jewelry, pretty rocking stuff!

  5. I absolutely love Kristen. She is so smart, genuine, and just down-to-Earth straight up cool. Amazing. <3

  6. What a wonderful and talented young actress. I whole heartedly agree with both Gayle & Marion. She is really overlooked by the media for her talent. Kudos to her for just doing what she loves to do, becaseu it shows in her work.


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