Kristen Stewart Interview in Flaunt Magazine

The Flaunt magazine interview with Kristen Stewart that we’ve posted about recently is now on line if you’d like to see all the images and read the story.  It should be noted that the language of the interview is a bit rough in spaces.  Kristen comments on paparazzi, twitter, and fame as well as her work.

“I really love what I do. It’s just a different life,” she concludes, pressing fingers deeper into the tendons above her shoulder blade. “I get defensive and that has probably perpetuated people’s idea of me never smiling. I kind of shake my leg too, so people think I’m always uncomfortable. I understand why people say I’m such a negative Nancy. I can’t pretend. I’ve always been involved, very personal. I like to write too. Acting and living and writing: it’s all one and the same. It’s just consideration for other people and yourself.”

KStewAddiction has the full article without all the photos.


  1. brittyy says:

    people need to give her more credit. if i was her i wold prolly act the same. when yuu put ur self in her shoes you realize how much she must worry about, like making us fans mad. i would be scared if i knew i bunch of passionate fans like myself was watching my everymove.

  2. she needs to relax and realize not to take what people say to heart because someones always going to have some thing negative to say cause you cant please everyone you just have to ignore it and move on

  3. she jsut wants to be left alone at times

  4. scuba doo says:

    I love how authentic she is….don’t change for anybody, keep being yourself and those that don’t like it aren’t worth it. If she doesn’t feel like putting on a smile for everybody she shouldn’t have too, she is human! Love you Kristen and keep who you are!!

  5. read the whole interview..well, she doesn’t want to be hounded by pazi’s..who would?argh..

  6. Oh poor KStew. She being noticed for her work and she’s successful. How does she have the will to live? And I’m tired of articles about the Twilight stars dogging on adults who also like the actors and the movies. So, now middle aged people can’t like older actors either, because we are younger than them? Oprah’s show also portrayed some TwiMoms like they were crazy. There are plenty of adult fans who like the movies, just like we like movies with older actors. Even my husband has read the Twilight books and seen the movies. So what.

    • My thoughts exactly.

    • Kstew is in the business because she loves the work, not to be stalked by the paparazzi or have “fans” call her a b**ch. She just wants to do her job, promote her films and not constantly be judged for every little thing she does or doesn’t do. No actor signs up for being stalked. She is honest and down to earth. I admire her, she is not pretentious. Some of the twilight moms are really embarassing – like the one who asked Taylor to sign her undies – perverted. I am also older, a huge fan but I cringe at the way some fans, adult and young, are behaving.

  7. She says it like it is. Good on her.

  8. She’s real and unpretentious and I like her. Thanks Kristen for just being you.

  9. I like her too. I think that she is real and honest, and who can blame her for not wanting to be followed everywhere. I think actors shouldn’t have to worry about those stupid papparazzi all the time!

  10. I actually have more respect for actors like K. stewart and Rob Pattinson who act for the love of acting and aren’t in love w/themselves and their fame. I think it’s unfair also to pull the whole “they should stop complaining because this is the way of the business and they asked for it by becoming actors” crap. I mean seriously no one knew what the twilight movie would be, and we can’t blame them for signing up for an indie flick and then sticking through all the sequels. The fandom around twlight is crazy…its like the beatles crazy, and they shouldn’t have to like it.

    • Chernaudi says:

      That’s why I think the media in this country, and the whole world for that matter, sucks! They thrive on sensationalism and violence and sex, and glorify it, and that’s just the news!

      Instead of talking about positive things in this world and doing their jobs, they try to rake in money and not care about informing the public.

      Granted, one could say that Twilight was gonna be a big movie because of the book’s success. But only Ashley Greene was a big fan of the books when she was cast. Kristen and Rob didn’t give a crap less about them until they were cast. They were indie actors, with Summit being a struggling film company on the virge of bankruptcy, and Catherine Hardwicke was an indie director.

      The media is so invasive and amoral today, and they don’t care what they have to do to get their “story”. And Kristen and Rob never wantd the attention-they just want to do their jobs. I mean, on IMDB, there are god knows how many threads criticising Kristen’s use of the word “rape”. Are we that ignorant? Kristen wasn’t trying to be insensitive. She played a date-rape victim in Speak, a prostitute in Welcome to the Rileys, and is a spokesperson for Security on Campus. Is sexual assult the only meaning of rape? No-it also refers to highway robbery, which is what the media has done to Kristen’s privacy. Are people that stupid? Get an freakin’ dictionary!

      It just astounds me how ignorant and stupid people are. But I rationalize it like this: if a dictator killed off all the stupid people on this planet(including himself), this world would be a lonely place. And we’ve all done stupid crap. There are probably things that Kristen regrets.

      But it still doesn’t make me less angry when people rip Kristen and nit-pick everything she does. Imagine yourself in her position, and have some respect.

    • Heres the thing ..I think alot of people expect a little more grace in the way they handle themselves.
      And it’s not just actors ,in any business where you are in public or in the company of others. She is young and so is the pattinson boy,I’m sure in time they will learn to be a little more gracful in the way they handle themselves to the paps and to the public eye. contrary to what most think it’s not always a good idea to tell what you think. With age comes grace and understanding.Do some paps go to far? YES! Do some fans go to far? YES! like it or not that is part of the job,how you handle yourself is what comes across to others. this is not a slam by any means.

      • Chernaudi says:

        Why should she bow down to scumbags who are out to make a quick buck? That’s what the paparazzi and the tabloids do, like it or not. And I don’t regret calling them scumbags, because that’s what they are.

        It goes back to my thoughts that people are ignorant and stupid. Stupid people read the stupid magazines and believe what some moron spews out. Perez Hiltion should be thankful that this is the USA, because if some dictator ran this country and he liked Kristen, his worthless butt would be rotting away in prison right now, if not worse. Do I think that Perez Hilton is a douchebag. YES! Would I like to see him locked up. YES! But its it right. Not necessarily.

        Every time I hear of the paparazzi invading people’s privacy and every time I hear of a terrorist nail-bombing innocent people, I lose a little more faith in human kind and human nature.

        What I feel that people all miss is that Kristen and Rob, like it or not, are human. They didn’t expect Twilight to blow up the way it has. Yes, the books were/are insanely popular. But Summit was a struggling, virtually bankrupt company, and Hardwicke is an indie director, and Twilight was packaged as an indie movie. What else could Kristen and Rob, who act for the love of it–especially Kristen–have expected.

        You say that Kristen and Rob should be a little more graceful. Fine, but all things considered, they have handled things about as well as could be expected. And Kristen especially has handled things in an exemplany manner. I believe it’s the H’wood businessmen and the paps and tabloid expectives who need to develop a little grace and civility, as do obcessed fans. Bella Swan and Edward Cullen aren’t real, no matter how much we’d like them to be.

  11. I love her. She’s so genuine and doesn’t make excuses.

  12. WannabeMrsCullen says:

    i loved this interview with Kstew. She hasn’t changed for anyone and continues to be herself, good on you girl!

  13. It seems everyone has some good things to say and good points. I love Kristen, I have seen all her movies nd I think she is definately a genuine standout in her craft. However, I would really really love to know what makes her happy, what brings her joy. Every interview seems to go down the same path of discussing what she hates. I feel like I have that down pat, and completely agree with her. But I feel I know nothing of what truly makes her love and enjoy life…

  14. Her tone sounds very similar to that of a lot of people her age, its actually quite refreshing to read, there is something a lot more disturbing about precocious children and young adults that come across like they’re middle aged, showbiz seems full of those!

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