Hot Topic Soundtrack Listening Party

Once again Hot Topic will be holding listening parties for the Twilight Saga:Eclipse soundtrack at their stores nationwide.  The event will take place on June 4th at 7 pm.  If you preorder the soundtrack at the party you will get a free gift!  Check with your local Hot Topic for any details.

Via Cullen News


  1. OMG !!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish i could go but i have a long class trip.

  2. Twilight dreamers says

    Shoot, figures i have a party to attend! but ppl will never b able to guess wat me and my friends will be talking about. Twilight Twilight and more Twilight! We are split pretty evenly between team Edward and team Jacob. So our battles get pretty interesting… TEAM EDWARD ALL THE WAY!! so maybe next time at hot topic

  3. It’s these times I wish I lived in americaaaaa!!!!!!