The Black Keys Play on Letterman

If you want a preview of Eclipse soundtrack band Black Keys, they played on David Letterman last night.

Their song on the soundtrack is called Chop and Change. You can also see the different versions of the Soundtrack available including the deluxe edition on the Official  Eclipse Soundtrack site.

Via Twilighters Anonymous


  1. They opened for Pearl Jam at the Madison Square Garden last Thursday and they were absolutely awesome!

  2. I hadn’t heard of them ’til this. I’m not excited about them. They were awesome!

  3. MY husband & I have been big fans of the Black Keys for awhile & I am thrilled they got this. Its a great songand I bet it fits perfectly in the movie. Can’t wait for Eclipse!

    • The song they played on Letterman (“Tighten Up”) is not the song on the soundtrack. “Tighten Up” is the lead single off of their new album “Brothers”. “Chop and Change” has not been heard yet, as far as I know.

  4. Best band on the soundtrack by FAR and WIDE!!!!!

  5. they are really good
    (they sorta remind me of 100 monkeys,a bit)
    now im gonna go look up thier music