Washington’s King5 TV Covers Forks and the Twilight Experience

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  1. Aleisha says:

    I have never felt more normal in regards to my Twilight fanaticism than I do now. Wow — that tour is pretty hardcore. Although if my daughter was that age and I could pretend I was there for her… maybe.

    • Aleisha I won’t even pretend, I want to stand in those woods, walk on that beach, I want it all, to bad I live in Ms. lol but I’m wearin’ my future son in law down…at this point they are tryin to impress their future mothers in law, and I forsee a man agreeing to take his mom in law on a road trip, all a matter of time…(insert a diabolical laugh here)

  2. God. I feel so bad for the people of Forks. Having to deal with the fans coming from everywhere in the country. It must be non-stop crazy.

  3. You wouldn’t believe how often to local news covers Twilight, especially how it has effected Forks. This is one of many.
    You know, don’t feel bad for the people of Forks. Having grown up in Seattle, I have been aware of the little town for many years… before Twilight. What was once a booming town, disintegrated financially after the logging industry went under in that area.
    Twilight has brought new tourism to the town, which has helped it financially, and most of them are really grateful for it.
    There are a few older folks who have lived there for decades who are a little bothered by all the sudden attention, but in general, it’s really been a wonderful thing for them.

    • Oh, I was well aware of the town before Twilight as well. I live about an hour and a half from the place. And I do think it’s great that the town is earning money from tourism, that’s how my town survives, too. But I feel bad for them cause it’s the tourism they get is from TWILIGHT. The fans are crazy, the media is insane about it, the books suck as a whole. I’m just saying that I feel bad for them because of what kind of tourism it attracts.


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