Ryan Seacrest: Ask the Twilight Cast Anything

Ryan Seacrest is advertising the following:

“Got a burning question for the cast of Eclipse? Ask Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, or Taylor Lautner anything by posting your question in the “comments” section below!

Eclipse is in theatres June 30th!”

So click here to submit your question. However, given how…er…well…er…things went in the below video, some how we don’t think quite anything is going to fly.

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  1. I would ask them this: What scene do you hope is in Breaking Dawn?

  2. bernadette schwartz says:

    hi ryan thanks- id like to ask-do they-all the stars of the twilight saga realize how varied in age and circumstances their audience or fans actually are- from the teeny bopper to the moms and then to the grandmoms- ? a twi grandmom

    • Jennifer says:

      All the mayhem must where thin on you, so I’m curious, as a fan of the book series-which i’m thinking you must be-is it hard separate all of the “craziness” and still appreciate the love story between bella and edward and the complex stories of the surrounding charactors. Thank you so much for bringing this beloved series to life!

  3. Cheryl Casper says:

    To the MEN of Twilight: Did you have any idea how fast you would become the new “IT GUYS”??
    To the ALL the people of Twilight: How do you get into the “mode” to play a character in a certain scene?

  4. Robert Pattinson:
    Do you sometimes wish that you did not became famous? That you were just a normal boy/man?

  5. When are you guys coming to visit us fans in Florida?

  6. Twilibrarian says:

    As one of those Twi-older fans (59), I would just like to say how incredibly proud your families must be of the work you all have done in bringing Stephenie Meyer’s words to film, as well as how socially responsible you have been to bettering the human condition. You have all set an extremely high standard for other actors to follow. It’s great to work in education, see the example you’ve set, and know that when you make “headlines” it is because of something good you have done, not that you’ve landed in a gutter somewhere.

    • I was trying to think of something similar to what you have just said. You put it so much better than I have ever could. I am also an older Twi-fan plus a TwilightMom.

  7. Stephanie Moore says:

    I would ask each of the actors exspeacialy Taylor who they would want to play Renesmee in Breaking Dawn.

  8. Tresah Harden says:

    I’m from Northern Mississippi. A state known for hospitality, so I would like to know when you want to get away from the hectic city life, why don’t you consider coming to the country where people are nice, respectful and would give the peace you all desire if you asked for it.

  9. Whoa, if I had the chance! ๐Ÿ˜€ I have mulled over this over and over but there’s a couple of questions NOBODY has asked him:

    1) What’s your favorite board game?
    2) So many cast members are musicians, and on your down time, you gather your instruments and play. When can fans see something like this?
    3)As a TwiMom, I wish I could sincerely hold your hands and tell you this:

    I am happy if you are happy. Please keep this in your mind. If for whatever reason this show business, this frenzy starts to get to you, or you feel some change in the negative way, GET THE HECK OUT and go back home with your family. Perhaps I’d get smackdowns from around the world for telling you this, but I can’t say it enough, as a mother:

    No matter where you are, who you’re with, please make this happiness an ultimate goal in your life. The moment you dislike it, lose interest in it, or feel forced to do things, it is time Rob to let go.

    Love ya, wish you’d be here to autograph my guitar ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. Rizka Ramadhenia Sita says:

    I just hope that they will consider about to visit Indonesia… A lot og big fans and communities here are waiting for them. And, um, for Rob, would he have me as her ‘lil sister? I always think how is it feel like to have him as a “brother” ๐Ÿ™‚ and tell them people from Indonesia love the movie so much.. xoxo

  11. It is hard to cram down my question in 200 characters, dammit!

  12. Was there any part of Eclipse that you had really wanted in the movie but did not make it? And if not, was there any part that was a “favorite” that you are glad made it into the movie?

  13. I would like to ask any one of you how you deal with all the fan hysterics like the high pitched screaming, crying, fans trying to grab you or rip your hair out?
    I feel so bad for you when I hear of or see these things happening!!
    Also, Rob, with your busy schedule how often are you able to see your family?
    I commend all 3 of you for the lives you’re living. You’re great examples to all young actors they don’t have to live destructive lives.
    I would say if any one of you were my children I’d be as proud of you as I am my own 3.
    Take care.
    From a Twilight Mom with grown children,

    • ITA with your comment, except my kids are 9 and 6. I just wanna grab them all and take them out of town where my family is, hide them out for a nice weekend, cook for them, entertain them and take them out to the family cabin in the woods to relax, get some quiet time and if they want, fire some rounds! ๐Ÿ˜€

  14. I split mine in two parts and abbreviated as much as I could, made most of it to all, except the part where I requested a handshake from Rob and for him to autograph my guitar.

    When’s he gonna have the whole cast on? Not that I plan to listen to it and I dunno if I can tune in from where I live-it’d be nice to stream it so if I get picked, to hear the answers!

    It says that my comment is awaiting moderation but people have posted way dumber things there.

  15. Meiosha says:

    This question goes to all of you: Since you all I assume have read the books, have you ever wondered what happens to the characters after the books have been read. In other words, do you go beyond the reading as into Fanfiction to see where your fans minds go with the Series? I know I do.

  16. this question is for kristen.

    who will you miss more after the saga is done? your fans or your cast?

  17. isabella says:

    My question:

    How often do each of you refer to the books to tap more into your character, if at all? Does that shape the way you portray the character more than the direction on set, or do you just play the character exactly how you are told? Along the same lines, how much creative latitude are you given with your character while filming the movies? I am obviously a bit curious of the seemingly impossible feat of taking a series of books like Twilight to the big screen! Thanks.

  18. I would ask all of them what their families get them for Christmas.

  19. Do they own the movies on DVD/Blue-ray?? And if so do how often have they watched them?

  20. My question is for Rob. When did you decide you wanted to become an actor, and what did your parents think of your decision to pursue it?

  21. How come they never cone to Missouri?!? they always go to the same places but never Missouri!

  22. Rob and Kristen: What is it about a project that attracts you? More specifically, what is it that makes you go from doing a movie like Twilight, to movies like Bel Ami and The Runaways where the content is obviously much more mature/adult than Twilight? Is it more-so a desire to not be type-cast, is it because you really like the script, etc? I’m glad that you are both continuing with the franchise, as well as finding roles elsewhere. Thanks so much.

  23. My question to Rob and Kristen: Why the need to keep your relationship, wether romantic or not, such a secret? Is is merely to protect your private lives (which is reason enough) or does it have anything to do with the Summit franchise or anyone else directing you to stay mum? I feel like the mystery makes people even more curious and I wonder if making some sort of formal statement either way would curb people’s curiosity?

  24. I dont have a question for the cast just a simple thank you for giving these charactors a face and giving them a little more depth. I think you have all done a fine job.so for this I say Thank you. I know it probably doesnt make up for all the privacy and such you all have to give up for your craft ,But Thank you

  25. My question is for Rob – Do you ever see yourself settled or married way down the track and having a family of your own?
    I hope you plan to visit Australia soon, in particular Melbourne ๐Ÿ™‚ So many millions of fans over here dying to meet you x You are truly out of this world.

  26. Stephany says:

    my question is for kristen : is she ready to play a character that goes from just tore between two guys / inlove with vampire teen to a hardcore protective mom / kick ass newborn vampire?

  27. A question for Taylor- What is your favourite type of food, when you’re not eating beef patties all day? XX

  28. will they eva com to south africa ?

  29. Rob, Taylor, & Kristen, if you could do anything or go anywhere right now, and not have to worry about being mauled by adoring fans, what would you do?

    -Amy, Twilight Mom from New Hampshire

  30. MariposaAlice says:

    Lol, the publicist wasn’t shutting down ‘Robsten’! I can’t believe you’re still saying that! When she came in, she held up two fingers, signifying two minutes, or two questions. He asked two, and then went to ask a third…That just happened to be the ‘Robsten’ question, and everyone’s blowing it out of proportion.

  31. Taylor Lautner: WILL YOU MARRY ME???

  32. IOnlyPlayBaseballWhenItThunders says:

    I would ask: what’s the best thing you’ve ever gotten for your birthday?

    It’s random-but i’d like to know.

  33. I would ask Kristen and rob this: would u guys ever want to meet a crazy twilight fan like me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. this question is rob and taylor
    kristen seems very shy and quiet in public,is she like this when there are no cameras flashing in her face?

  35. For Rob: Can you span a tenth interval on the piano?

    For all: Come over any time you need a Mom when in NY. I will fatten you up with some pasta and catch up your laundry.

    • SnoWhite11120 says:

      HAHA! Kristen calls him “Flippy” because of his hands. I bet he can span a tenth. ๐Ÿ™‚


  37. ” ROB DO U REALLEY <3 BELLA":)!!!!!!

  38. Marianne Norway says:

    from a mums point of view so appreciate Kristen Stewart making Bella the strong role model she did, as opposed to the fickle pushover Bella is portrayed as in the books. Was this Ms Stewarts own doing?


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