Robert Pattinson Fan Project

robert-pattinson-sexyPattinson Online, a site that has been following Robert Pattinson’s career for years before he was the most famous man on the planet, has a very special project going on. They write:

“Pattinson Online has been given the opportunity to be a part of an amazing project to help promote Rob’s upcoming film, Bel Ami. While we can’t give away too many of the details right now, we can say that a publishing company contacted us for our participation in this fan-centered project and we are very excited!

We are looking for fans and fansites to help out by sending in pictures and fan art related to Bel Ami. More details about what is needed and how to participate can be found here:

This project has a fast-approaching deadline – May 29 – so if you are able and willing to help us promote this on your sites or Twitters, please do so in the next few days. There is no need to feel obligated, but we hope that you will encourage the fans to participate in this unique project.”

So, if inclined head over to Pattinson Online and check it out. Also shout out to the admins over there Joy, Isabel, & Janna are a bunch of fabulous ladies who are all about Rob’s career without stalking him to death.


  1. I will so do this it’s super easy!!

  2. That’s awesome

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