Kellan Lutz and His Mother Raise Mammogram Awareness

Kellan Lutz filmed this PSA with his mom to urge women to get mammograms. It’s in connection with National Breast Cancer Awareness month. It’s sponsored by Men for Women Now.


  1. Nicola Gray says

    Fantastic, as I know few friends of mine have diagnosed with breast cancer and they have got through with that. Completely agree that all women should go through with mammograms no matter what age they are.

  2. WOW! What a great skit b/w Kellan & his Mom! Thanks Kellan…& you’re right it’s VERY important for all us Moms to take care of ourselves! TY Kellan,love you lots…my daughter Rachel & I are huge fans of yours!

  3. this is really great. keep spreading the message!

  4. Dear Kellan,

    I commend you for being courageous and spread the word about breast cancer. It’s unfortunate that I cannot share the message with my own mother, since she died of breast cancer 13 years ago.

    Precisely, she hated mammograms. When she felt something and had her mammogram, it came out as NEGATIVE. Afterwards she had a biopsy and that’s how everybody found out.

    Now that I am high risk, I endure the “medieval instrument of torture”, unless I am granted a sonomammogram. Regardless of what techs say about accuracy, I don’t trust them 100%.

    My commitment, cause is indeed breast cancer; enjoy your moms, because you never know when you will lose them.

  5. I can’t believe she’s Kellan’s mother! I mean, she looks cute!
    I think it’s a very important issue to talk about, and it is a big deal, so everyone should spread the message, doing the same thing with their mothers or girl friends.

  6. Jennifer says

    Awww….and his mom is sooo cute!

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