Volturi One Sheet

We posted yesterday that the various fansites are getting exclusives on the one sheets for the various cast posters. Yesterday the Volturi one sheet debuted and now that it’s been out for 24 hours, we can share it with you here.

Tell us your thoughts on the new costumes and hair styles for the characters.



  2. Its hard to tell. Its so airbrushed it’s almost cartoonish. I do like that Janes hair is more brown than blonde, like in the book.

  3. I like Janes hair a lot better. Love all the cosumes. I like Felix’s hair, but it seems that in all the shots they have of him, he reminds of me Frankenstien. Maybe that’s what they wanted? 🙂

  4. I like Felix, Alec and Demetri but Jane… I don’t know. Her hair is more brown = good, but it still seems blondeish which bothers me. I love the costumes for all of them!

  5. OMG I lov the Volturi guard. Especially Jane and Alec. They r freaken awsome!

  6. Jane finally looks more like JANE. None of that white tights mess from New Moon. Did Summit get a new wardore director or did someone slap the last one and told her to get right!? Just kidding….a little

  7. The angles… are all… -wrong-.

    Demetri’s head is entirely too small for that contorted side view of his body.

    Jane’s skin looks DARK in comparison to the boys.

    I love the characters, and the actors’ portrayal of them. I do not love the Summit Print Advertising department.

  8. Hate it!

  9. Stoked about the film, sad about the print ads for Eclipse. We all have deadlines, but dang. It looks cheap. Someone got kinda ripped off.

    If the designer is around, please feel free to explain…

  10. Victoria says

    I have to agree with Jodi, they do look a bit “cartoonish”. I hate that! Why couldn’t they do normal shots and not embellish them so much. I like the new look though, evn though it’sway different from what I imagined…

  11. switzy4ever14 says

    bah, it’s ok. i like everybody but felix. felix to me always seemed like the kind of guy who would be really confident, ya know? but from the clips i’ve seen and this poster he just seems… scared.

    i don’t know. maybe i’m wrong.

    <3 SWITZY LOVE <3

  12. I love it. It is always exciting to see New Pics and one sheets of the cast members!!

  13. I actually don’t like this. Reminds me of a bad photo on the front of an old record album cover or something.

  14. i think they are geart. i like the fact that they change things, seeing if things look better. i think they all look the way their charetor should. LOVE IT !

  15. Actually, I don’t like Felix’s hair. The rest look good as well as the costumes.

  16. I love it!

  17. Team Demetri!!!!!!!!!

  18. I hate it. Who wants to look up their noses?

  19. their hair styles are ridiculous – they look like the beatles. is that what young people are supposed to wear nowadays? ok, but what’s the deal with making vampires who are hundreds of years old look like stupid teenagers?

  20. They look like someone painted them with plastic. They all look like Barbie Dolls except for Jane who for some reason has a little bit more color. But to be honest I don’t really care about if the photo looks good or bad. I just want to see the dang movie already.

  21. The hair on the guy that plays Demetri is really bad. I liked it better the way he used it as Colossos on X-Men 2 and 3. But as for characterization, I have to say that the jury is still out. I think seeing them moving and speaking might make it all make better sense. Looking like they were painted is the effect all the cast members have in the posters…I guess that was the aim.

  22. Jennifer says

    They make Demetri so over-the-top weird, seriously, Eddie Munster had less of a widow’s peak. …of course, it could be the actor doing that…he is a strange bird… And I agree that Felix is not menacing enough.

  23. I love this poster, out of all of them so far I like this one best, the others just all kinda seem the same. I would like to have this one.

  24. I HATE Jane’s makeup. I think it looks horrible. The whole thing looks way too dark.

  25. i like the poster it looks really cool & i LOVE Alec Volturi he is my favorite Volturi member & TWILIGHT VAMPIRE of them all :)…

  26. okay i LOVE the poster but some of these people are harsh they wroked really hard on the movie & the posters that they make to put on y’alls walls. just saying i thinks it’s not that bad it’s really dark, creepy, mysteryas, & i like the way they look the Volturi look great it dosen’t matter what they look like i got the old poster of them in New Moon & they look really cool, but i really like this one it’s my favorite Volturi poster their are going to be more bad & horrible posters in everybodies wall i love this one & i would most sertnly put this on my wall of TWILIGHT, NEW MOON, & now ECLIPSE. i’m on TEAM ALEC because he looks HOT & he always will be :)…

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