Neutron Star Collision Video

MTV debuted the new video for Neutron Star Collision by Muse off the Twilight Saga” Eclipse soundtrack featuring some new footage from the film.  Tell us what you think of the song and the video in the comments below!


  1. I love it! I was hoping for more movie clips – but you can’t always get what you want I suppose.

  2. I live in New Zealand and i woke up super early to see this on mtv. I loved it love muse love the new scenes. TEAM EDWARD!!!

  3. Ok, I’m lovin it, really, the music even more so than the lyrics.

  4. Jennifer says
  5. I liked it!! I think I agree with k!!

  6. If I didn’t already know how this all ends up, I’d be nervous that she MIGHT pick Jacob! Love all the scenes…but have noticed we haven’t gotten a peak at the Tent Scene…that will be the BEST! Love the song!!

    • well thats how i felt when i first read the book i was seriously thinking on the possibility that she might’ve chosen Jacob at the end but i guess thats the beauty of reading the books before the whole mania started lol

  7. That intro should be Bella’s lullaby. >_> It’s much better than the one they chose in Twilight. To be honest, anything would be better than that lullaby. >_>

    • Matt from the band did send in his version of Bella’s Lullaby, but they chose Carter Burwell’s instead. I would love to hear Muse’s lullaby.

    • The song is good, but not as amazing as a Muse love song should be. I still love it though. As much as I want to see clips from the movie, they didn’t really fit into this video; I would have preferred all Muse. I always think that everything needs more Muse in it though.

    • I know what you mean! The piano at the end of the song was absolutely beautiful and just oozing love. I was expecting Bella’s lullaby to be more like that.

  8. flooffloof says

    Muse did an amazing job on the song!! Clips from the movie are great. No need to see more with such a well written song!!! LOVE IT!!!! 🙂 Beautiful!!!

  9. missbluejuju says

    The more I listen to this song, the more I like it. Now, with these little blips and clips of Eclipse, I like it even more.

  10. The song has a certain charm to it. Love the clips to Eclipse. It was just enough of a tease, to give us just a little taste of the movie. The song is deinitely
    perfect for Eclipse, because she will love Edward forever.

    • Just hearing the name of the song I thought it would belong better with Breaking Dawn. Hearing the words to the song, it really does fit with Eclipse. Nice extra clips from the movie. 30 June can’t come fast enough.

  11. Love muse!!! Love this song! It’s perfect!

  12. Love it!!

  13. I love Muse! And I loved the video! Just enough clips to make the video awesome, but not to ruin the movie.

  14. I love it! The clips just add to the song and the lyrics. =D So excited to see the movie!!!

  15. Now I don’t really LOVE Muse, but this song is definitly growing on me! Great music, poinient lyrics……maybe I will be a convert soon enough…

  16. Twilibrarian says

    Oh, Stephenie, now I understand why Muse is your inspiration. There is so much tenderness in the words, and an edginess to the music. “If we die, we die together.” What a beautiful lyric, the whole of the Twilight Saga summed up in 6 words. Incredible, incredible song and video. From a lady who hasn’t been this excited and moved since the Beatles landed in 1964! Wow!

  17. Guys- something we’ve all questioned for missing in the past films is in this video.

    Care to take a guess?…..Edward’s eyes change color.
    Look for it at 1:08 and again at 1:57.
    Finally, someone remembered that Edward and the other Cullens have eyes that change.

    P.S. Rob/Edward looks great in black (clothes or eyes) why didn’t someone think to put him in it sooner?! 😉

    • You are right. Edward’s eyes are dark. Only in Twilight where Edward’s eyes dark before. I was sad that Alice’s eyes were not black in NM when Bella walked in her house and she was there.

    • Yeah, I noticed that right away and I was like “OMG THANK YOU! Someone was actually PAYING ATTENTION this time around!” And I agree, Rob/Edward looks great in black.

  18. I do love Muse! The song is perfect not just because of the love between Bella and Edward but the love between Bella and Jacob as friends and the love and bond of the wolf pack and the Cullen family. “If we die we die together” is all encompassing really, when you think about it, they are all fighting for love and for each other!

  19. I love how some Muse fans are hating but Stephenie Meyer being a huge Muse fans could probably run circles around these so called Muse fans.
    Little do these Muse fans know that Stephenie knows this band like the back of her hand.
    I just think their an awesome band and if Stephenie loves them that much it just shows that she has good taste in things.

  20. I loved the scene at the end with Edward and Bella kissing that was hot!!! And Edward with black eyes was kinda creppy i didnt expect that!!!

  21. ok, I’ve been trying to figure out for a LONG time who the heck is chasing Victoria through the woods. any guesses?

    • danielle says

      correct me if im wrong but its jasper. ive done a lot of pausing and rewatching 🙂

      • Jasper.. really?! that will be an interesting point of view. maybe the book about Bree will explain a little more where that’s coming from. I’m pretty amped to see this movie now, even more excited to see more then Bella’s POV, where she’s lame and chasing after Jacob (can you tell which team I am? ha ha)

        • I think that may be from the part where Bella and Edward are in Florida and the vamps and wolves are chasing Victoria and almost get into it because of the treaty line…

          And yes his eyes are black there…he is dropping her off to Jake so he can go hunting

      • Jennifer says

        Yes, it’s Jasper.

    • danielle says

      ok so im rereading eclipse right now but have yet to stumble across edward having black eyes? im assuming its cuz hes hungry and hasnt eaten in a while??? or was that a small glitch in the movie?

      but LOVED the video. it was very simple which was perfect. loved the scenes too… cannot wait to see this movie!!!!

    • silvertonguedevil says

      It’s Jasper. The clothes and the hair gave it away. I wasn’t able to get a good look off the trailers but seeing it in the video….that’s my Jasper.

  22. PixieCullen36 says

    I LOVE the red and blue lights throughout the whole video… “Fire and Ice”, anyone? Maybe its just me, but it seems as if R-Patz and K-Stew had a little more practice kissing by the time they filmed this movie… lol

    • silvertonguedevil says

      Hahaha you noticed that too?!?! I really saw the passion in this kiss and damn is it ever hot.

  23. Lorrainebow says

    I looove the song and the video. I like the scenes and I’m glad it doesn’t give too much away. This song is good for Eclipse, but would be perfect for Breaking Dawn. .

  24. I wonder when the video will be avail. on i-Tunes. does anyone have a know if or when?

  25. I absolutely love Muse and i really love this song. It kind of tears me up. I also loved the clips they were wondeful. And we are finally seeing a change of color in the vamps eyes. Has anyone else noticed that they don’t change the color of the Cullens eyes very much? They are usually just gold.

  26. To be honest, I had never even heard of Muse before the Twilight books came out…I’m a country girl. However, I am liking them more and more and this song is amazing! It might just rank up there with some of my favorites–especially because I know who they’re talking about. 🙂

  27. Really loved this song and video. It really fits in with Eclipse. The clips with the video was just beautiful, too. Can’t wait for June 30th

  28. love2dream says

    BEAUTIFUL piano!! It adds a wonderful feel to the song and pulls it into Twilight perfectly. Can’t wait to hear this song in the movie–I hope it is not just in the credits at the end!

    Well done MUSE! What an emotional song! I loved it. Perfect.

  29. Good Grief I do love this band! Once again they have put out a masterpiece!

  30. switzy4ever14 says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE. that was amazing. the intro to the song was beautiful and i loved the clips. very good job by Muse.

    <3 SWITZY LOVE <3

  31. It may grow on me, but I’ve gotta say, Muse has done better, this is kinda meh. I could take it or leave it.

  32. OME!!! Love the Video and now I really can’t wait until the movie is released outstanding!!!

  33. Matt, you evil genius, you’ve done it once more! Just wait until we get our hands on you!

  34. well thats how i felt when i first read the book i was seriously thinking on the possibility that she might’ve chosen Jacob at the end but i guess thats the beauty of reading the books before the whole mania started lol

  35. Megan Mc Dade says

    I love this viedo and the song its amazing. I got into Muse’s music though Twilight and I have loved der music ever since its amazing and this song is amazing lol 🙂

  36. Jennifer says

    I was so happy I just happened to be watching VH1 last night, which I don’t usually do. And thank goodness for DVRs – I watched it 5 times before I finally let the TV catch up. I am so greatful to Stephenie Meyer for sharing her playlists on her website, other wise I might never have discovered that I actually like Muse…and lots of other music she introduced me to…

  37. Great song and the video does an nice job integrating the movie and the band.

    Edwards face at 3:04 makes me cry.
    I’m so glad we get to see Edward show more emotion- finally!

  38. I bet Stephenie is pretty happy to see this. Congrats to her.

  39. YOUTUBE:
    PLEASE RATE AND COMMENT!!!!!! Thank you so much!

  40. Gotta be honest…not liking the song…sounds like a flashback to an old Queen song…I am disappointed too because I really do like Muse.

  41. So much better for the first single than meet me on the equinox! Muse has proved their magic yet again. And anyone notice Edward’s eyes being black at certain parts? Scary! Finally, though… we really should’ve seen them black a long time ago. Beautiful song with great integration of film clips.

  42. I wonder why they have not show the scene where Bella kisses Jacob the second time. They have been showing all these clips but i have not seen that one yet. It is probably the most crucial moment in Eclipse because it changes so many things between Bella and Edward.


  44. Emmma Jason says

    love it babe. totally rox ducks.they’ve got it going on. stick it up jacob’s ass. love is forever a.k.a edward!

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