Video: Robert Pattinson on Ellen

People are bound to be quoting the nits discussion for awhile out of context.


  1. Great & funny interview!

  2. WOOT! First & now 2nd comment. I lOVE Rob’s haircut!

  3. Love the new haircut. I think the nits reference can be related back to the oprah show, when Kristen said he likes to say things just for the shock value!

  4. SarahJean says

    “nits” used to be the word for headlice in american english as well, but it has only survived in the phrase “nit-picker,” meaning someone who inspects every little detail with a fine-toothed comb the way you would if you were inspecting someone’s head for lice.

  5. There goes our Rob and his personal brand of humour again…and I LOVE IT! That and of course, his new hairdo!!! He juz CANNOT look bad, I tell you. 😀

  6. There is something about him that makes me giggle when I see him. Its not that he plays edward, hes just beautiful. I don’t know what kind of power he has over me, but its annoying because it maks me feel silly. I’m 20 for gods sake not 14.

    • ML, I am so with you. Hell, I’m 40, married and have a 2yrs old ans watching him makes me giggle. I think its because he’s very honest & just says what he’s thinkg before he even thinks about it. Its very endearing quality he has. Plus, he’s hot as hell!

      • 39 here, and ditto. Don’t know what it is, but I’m pretty sure my teenage daughters think I’ve lost it. I like the hair. I mean, really can he even look bad?!

  7. “Lets just do the whole interview about the nits in your hair.” Robert Pattinson is so funny when he is just himself. I’m not too sure about his haricut though. I guess I am just so used to seeing him with long hair. I used to think that if I got to ask him one question, I would have asked if after Twilight is over, would he shave his head???

  8. That was a great interview. I didn’t know he use to dance. I highly doubt there’s nothing going on in that brain of his. haha

  9. Classic Rob: Shirt collar tucked under on one side and sticking out of the jacket on the other side. I bet it was buttoned wrong too!! LOL He’s still absolutely adorable!

  10. danielle says

    he is such a hottie.

  11. Love the hair– he looks clean-cut. He is getting so much better at interveiws. What will the next 5 years bring?

  12. It was nice to see him get to be himself. And I love the haircut!

  13. Jane (UK) says

    Loving Rob’s new hair cut, he always looks so good. He used to do ballet,lol – who knew that? He reveals a little more of himself with every round of interviews, he’s definitely getting more comfortable.

  14. ML–don’t feel too embarrassed. He makes me giggle and gives me butterflies and I’m 33, married, and have a child!!

  15. Well, shoot, I’m older than 50, but I’m not dead! He is great and very nice and kind, I think, and I just hope he is happy because it would break my heart if I did not think he was happy with all this success….I just don’t want anyone to hurt him!

  16. switzy4ever14 says

    Heck, Rob. How can you be so amazing?

    <3 SWITZY LOVE <3

  17. I wonder if his hair will be grown back when they start shooting BD. I am so glad that he got rid of those sideburns. They were so outdated.

    • Outdated? Anything goes these days and a lot of guys have sideburns. They’re actually pretty much in style now. Sideburns are sexy.

  18. 41 over here with 14 year old twins that are also into twilight!!! He is so endearing and I agree, he is getting better with interviews. I giggle and get the butterflies too and then giggle about that!! He’s awesome no matter what his hair looks like!!! Love his brutal honesty and down to earth personality – he’s great!!

  19. How I wish I was Reece Witherspoon in this movie with him…freaking A…I may have to get into acting just to be an extra in any movie…I just love him and I am old enough to be his mother…gahhhh…life sucks…lol

  20. 40 here and with a 13 year old daughter although she likes Taylor more. I was just not used to seeing Rob with a shorter haircut but after watching his interview with Ellen 3 times (thanks to tivo)he looks dashing with the new cut. He indeed is a hottie…

  21. sillygirl says

    31 and I have a 4 year old, and yep he makes me giggle too! Makes me feel a little pathetic, but not enough for me to stop watching! 🙂 ohhhh Rob, I hope you will be gracing us with your presence for years to come.

  22. Has Stephenie Meyer ever been on Ellen? That would be awesome.

  23. Twilight Nymph says

    First of all I have to say, that I agree, love the new hair cut. I think he looks great no matter what hair cut he has. Second, I also agree on giggling part. I’m 23 and I’m giggling like a teenager for goodness sake. What is it about him that makes us act like an infatuated teenager?

  24. my name is bella and that’s another reason i am tied in the twilight live , but anyway my parents know a movie star and i want to use her to get to rob.


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