Tinsel Korey Honored By Her High School

tinselalmamaterTinsel Korey has been honored by her high school in Toronto on their Wall of Fame for their fiftieth anniversary. According to the William Lyon Mackenzie Collegiate Institute website:

“In honour of Mackenzie’s 50th Anniversary, we’ve created a Wall of Fame to feature 50 Mackenzie alumni who have contributed to society in a significant way.

The possibilities are endless: Education, Sciences, Entrepreneurship, Sports, Media, Politics, Humanitarianism, Entertainment, Arts, Health Care, Retail, Technology, Law, Real Estate etc. There isn’t an aspect of our community that hasn’t benefited from Mackenzie’s alumni.”

The Wall of Fame entry for Tinsel

“Tinsel Korey is an up and coming actress and musician now living in Vancouver, British Columbia.

In 2003 she landed her first professional TV role, playing a bridesmaid named Jen on the FOX series ‘Tru Calling’ starring Eliza Dushku. In 2004 while shooting Spielberg’s TV mini-series ‘Into the West’ she composed a song of the same title hoping to get it on the soundtrack. Although it did not make it into the movie, it started to become an underground hit. The song eventually caught the attention of actor/producer Jennifer Podemski (Dance me Outside, The Rez) who invited Korey to perform it on the 2008 Aboriginal Achievement Awards. 2008 would end up becoming a very busy year for the artist, as she traveled throughout the southwest performing her songs in various venues. As well an independent film called ‘Mother’s & Daughters? directed by Carl Bessai and completely improvised by the cast (Tantoo Cardinal, Babs Chula, Gabrielle Rose, Camille Sullivan, Tiffany Lyndall-Knight and Tinsel Korey) would be invited into the 08’ Toronto International Film Festival.

In 2009 Tinsel finally made it to Los Angeles where she would audition for the role of a lifetime. Casting director Rene Haynes would bring Korey in to audition for the part of Emily in the movie ‘New Moon’. After weeks of auditioning approx. 800 girls, Summit Entertainment announced that Miss Korey would be the one to bring the beautifully scarred character to life on screen.

Off-screen Tinsel also enjoys painting, and working with youth. She travels all throughout North America teaching acting and music to Native American Youth who want to get into the entertainment industry. The course focuses on the art aspect, helping them bring out their own unique talents.”

TY to Katie for the heads up


  1. Congrats Tinsel ! What an honor and a great example you are !

  2. TwilighterObsessed says

    Congrats. She’s so beautiful.

  3. Tinsel Korey’s real name is Harsha Patel, a 1994 alum.

    • Aktually, Harsha Patel (AKA TINSEL KOREY) iz a 98′ Alum of that skool!

      • Tinsel Korey was hired by the Twilight franchise in a casting call that specified actors must be Native American. Harsha Patel is hardly a Native American name!

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