The Lexicon Nashville Movie Event Is Back

Once again the Twilight Lexicon will be having a movie event in Nashville.  We had movie events for Twilight and New Moon, so we are back again with Eclipse.

We will have our event on June 3 July 3 (Saturday morning) and we are again using the Carmike Theater.  As usual we will have great giveaways from autographed items, to Hot Topic and Borders Merchandise and more.

To make ordering easier and less stressful on us we have put the entire process on line. You can find full details on this page.


  1. This page say the event is on June 3 but when you go to the page for details it say the event is July 3, is it going to be June or July?



  2. haha, never mind you fixed it 🙂

  3. omg!!! i love the events! they are awesome! are alphie and pel going to be there?

  4. Reneem1 says:

    very cool ladies….would love to come from Knoxville.

  5. AshleyL says:

    Going to try to make it from B’ham. Hope I can.

  6. awesome. i’ve been having release parties with some friends for each theater (and, honestly, dvd) release, and this time we’re getting together on the third. still have to decide whether to road-trip for imax or not…

    • we’re on the west coast. in a town i like to call “the largest small town in the world”. seriously, fresno and L.A. are two of the closest major cities, we’re getting just as big, but all the concerts (and IMAX-equipped theaters) are about 3 hours away…

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