Vancouver TwiTour 2010 Final Day

Last day of the convention. Catherine Hardwicke up today. We also have an interview with Catherine scheduled. If you have any Catherine questions, put them in the comments.


  1. Hi, a Dane here, would you be interested in a spin off say w cullen family or wolfpack? Thx for twiligth, Ditte, Denmark

  2. I am very excited to be taking the bus tour with you at the Portland convention. What can we expect?


  3. Hi Catherine. I was just wondering how preparation is going for your next movie (‘The Girl With The Red Riding Hood’)? The cast that have been announced seem great so far, and I’m really looking forward to seeing the film.

  4. Hi Catherine,
    You seem to have captured the intense chemistry between Bella and Edward better than the other directors. What sort of tricks as a director did you use to play that up, and why do you think fans feel that you captured the romance so well?

  5. kerri hopkins says:

    thank you i thought that twilight was twitastic. but is there any part in the movie you wish you could have changed, or parts of the book, that you missed out which you would have liked to portray?
    thanks again
    kerri, aka twilighforevax

  6. I suppose a question that would be of most interest to the most fans would be if she would care to elaborate on her quote here: “What Rob and Kristen had is a multitude of feelings for each other. Complex feelings for each other. It was what we needed. Complex, intense fascination.”

    Since I doubt that she would elaborate on that issue, many other people may agree that she may have a unique perspective on Summit’s negotiating approach, with her (having been let go after the success of Twilight), and in regards to the Cullen children.

    Since she may not want to comment on that either (or maybe really want to, but can’t, or…) what *I* would really like to ask her is about the themes and characters of Twilight and why she feels it is so successful. For example, she made Twilight, but also she made a film that premiered at the Vatican — which has got to be a first — about Mary. Again, Catherine may have a unique perspective. For example, does she see any similarities between her two protagonists, Bella and Mary?

  7. What was it like ? Directing twilight?
    With the cast and meeting stephenie?

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