Kellan and Ashley Still To Sign on the Dotted Line

kellashAccording to a report in the industry trade paper, The Hollywood Reporter (THR), Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene have not yet signed on for Breaking Dawn.  THR goes on to state that other actors with similar sized roles such as Billy Burke and Peter Facinelli have already signed on.

“The studio is close to finalizing agreements with leads Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner, all of whom will get big raises to return for a fifth installment of the vampire romance saga…But Summit is having a harder time locking in some of the franchise’s secondary characters. Deals for Peter Facinelli (who plays Carlisle Cullen) and Billy Burke (Bella’s father, Charlie Swan) are done, but we’re told the actors who play the Cullen kids (especially Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene) are trying to sink their teeth into bigger paydays that, at least at this point, the studio behind the billion-dollar franchise is unwilling to provide. “We may have a situation where one of them is thrown out on the street to make a point,” says a source close to the dealmaking.”

The Hollywood Reporter is generally accepted as a credible industry source, second only to Variety. So this is interesting information to take in.  Check out the whole article, there’s a lot to absorb in there. What do you think?


  1. I think they deserve some raise, but if Lutz and Greene are not part of the movie, it will not be the same. The whole Twilight won’t be twilight without them also!! We need all characters there. It will be a big disappointment to twilight hard fans!!! Like Me 🙂

    • I don’t think Summit will recast. They had a hard enough time dealing with replacing Rachelle LeFevre for Eclipse. The fans hated the idea. With such important roles as Emmett and Alice (especially Alice) I don’t foresee a replacement. A deal will be struck even if it is in the 11th hour. They are both talented but also want to respect the story we have all come to love being brought on screen. They will find a way to bring it to the screen. Summit will find a worthy compromise. And from the sound of it we are going to get 2 films. YAY! That means the story will be preserved

      • Well even thought they replace Rachael with Bryce, so far there hasn’t been any fall-out of anticipation for the movie. Fans may have hated it, but THR is right. As long and Rob, Kristen and Taylor return, fans will get over the disappointment of other characters being re-cast quickly.
        Honestly, some comments on THR’s site I have to agree with – the Cullen Family has had few lines in the previous movies. Jasper has a total of maybe 5 in “New Moon?” It’s difficult to play hardball when you aren’t a principle character. If I were their agents, I’d ease up a bit so my client wouldn’t lose the part.

        • emmett may only have had a few lines in the movies but he’s a fixture at conventions. the hard core fans are well acquainted with him. alice is my favorite character of the whole series. ashley greene can’t go anywhere. i wouldn’t watch if they replaced her.

          • katesinlove says

            I am with you. I would not watch it Ashley was not in it. She is the one who has made the movies for me, well her and Billy Burke. No Alice, no me. And I know many others who feel the same.

        • leanne23 says

          Actually there has been alot of fall-out anticipation that started with the switch.

      • Lunna-san says

        I pray for you to be right. This is a total nightmare. I seriously doubt Summit want any more hate letters. But, they definetely deserves, since they are making a lot of money with these movies.

        As a fan, I would be pretty upset if they put someone else to play Emmett and Alice. It’s just… wrong! =(

      • Entertainment Weekly just reported that Jackson, Ashley, Kellan & Nikki have the absolute nerve to ask for $4 million for each part of Breaking Dawn. $8 million for each one of them. HAVE THEY LOST THEIR EFFEN MINDS?!!! TO DO WHAT?!! PUBLICITY?!! They are crazy!!

        No one is coming to see Twilight to see Emmett, Alice, Rosalie and Jasper!! REPLACE THEM ALL!! TO HELL WITH THEM!!!

        I’m for anyone getting their value but they have lost their minds wanting Summit to pay them all that money and they have hardly any lines. The only one who has a big roll is Rosalie and Nikki did the smart thing because she knows there are plenty of fans who want her replaced from day one.

        They are getting no support from fans at all. At least not from me. That $4 mill per film just made me hate them all!

        • leanne23 says

          I wonder what the big three are getting….
          I think 8 million total for both part 1 and 2 is too high for them but it also depends on their previous pay too. If THR is right and they are asking 10 times their previous pay its 800K they were paid in Eclipse and lets say they each got that. So I think for Jackson and Kellan 2 million total because their roles are small but important, Ashley 2-2.5 total and Nikki 2-2.5 million the girls get more because in the first half Alice=wedding and part 2 is Rosalie=Reneesme. I hope they keep the cast or I am a no go for BD.

  2. Amanda B. says

    I think they should realize that there are a lot more than just financial gains to be had with this series – exposure, opportunities . . . they’ve both enjoyed the benefits of that with advertisement campaigns (SoBe and CK, e.g.). They seem like decent people, but they should not fall victim to the greed machine. I think that a 1000% increase in salary over the course of four years is staggering and that they should just accept what they can get. We should all be so deprived, my goodness. These two don’t really even hit the fan convention circuit the way Peter does (and Rachelle did) to draw in that devotional fan-base. THR makes a point, give me Rob, Kristen, and Taylor or else . . . but if some of the others have too big of britches, well, that’s just their loss then. It’d be clear they weren’t doing it for the fans anyway, then, wouldn’t it?

    • no one is doing it for the fans. all of them are doing this simply for the money. and i hate to burst your bubble but there is no such thing as unicorns and fairies either.

      there was probably only one person that got involved with twilight because they were true fans of the books and that was hayley from paramour.

      • it’s a good idea for these actors to try to get as much as possible out of this because being in a franchise often kills career prospects. han solo did well but what about luke skywalker? captain picard kept going but no ryker. and what will happen to the harry potter kids? they all better save their money.

  3. If Summit is offering them 10 times the salary they received from Twilight and Lutz and Greene can’t reached an agreement, then I say let them go. Alice is not in Breaking Dawn that much anyway and Emmett can easily be replaced. As long as the film stays true to the book, Summit has to do what needs to be done!

    • blasphemy. are you from the studio?

    • Having the Cullen family intact for the last films
      is very important, how can you end such a beloved story with 2 strangers playing Alice and Emmett or worse yet no Alice or Emmett. That would be terrible. If MR, the screen writer followed the book better then their parts would have been bigger.

  4. The end of this series would be so much better if they keep it two movies. I hope they can workout a deal. 🙁

  5. really think they deserve more money, given how much Summit has made off of these films. It would be a shame if Kellan got replaced, Ashley, it wouldn’t bother me. I hope an agreement can be reached, and I hope the actors are not being unreasonable. Summit needs to be fair and so does the talent.

  6. I think it would be unwise of Kellan and Ashley hold out for big money, they did dump Rachelle when it worked to Summit’s advantage. They should accept the money and make the last movie. They still need the exposure to make their name well known. Twilight has been a big stepping stone to all of the actors and to turn away from it at the end is irresponsible.

    • puuuhleeease. summit is making money off of this hand over fist. it is one of the most profitable franchises of all time. largely unknown in the first movie, all of these actor’s salaries’ COMBINED was less than any one big hollywood name would earn for a movie that didn’t come close to making as much at the box office.

      if you think they’re being greedy, do yourselves a favor and go look up various movie budgets, box office revenue and compare that to the actor’s salaries. you’ll see that kellan and ashley are probably asking for much less and being more than reasonable.

  7. Danielle says

    I too agree that they an both be replaced. I fell it is the story we love and Kelli is right when she says as long as the film stays true to the book.
    Thats exactly what I feel too. Summit probably will throw them out if they dont come to an agreement. Look at poor Rachel.

  8. It will ruin it for me BIG TIME if these two actors are not kept the same. summit may lose more money by replacing one, or both.
    At the same time, Kellan and Ashley, please do NOT do this!!! Listen to the fans here please, someone!!!

  9. My thoughts exactly. When you get into 7 figure salaries, a few bucks either way isn’t going to make a difference lol. I know some actors feel they have to haggle, but unless you are the main talent you just don’t have the weight to get everything you want.

    And I’m sorry but as for “Poor Rachelle” She is the one that signed on for another movie deal knowing that Eclipse would be going into pre-production. So to me it seems she shot herself in the foot, not the other way around.

    • leanne23 says

      We dont know the whole story. BV had a known schedule for almost a year before filming it was in the press many times and the auditions for the roles went on from March 2009 to May 2009 so Rachelle had to get permission to get the audition at least because they were filming NM at the time. So Summit at least know there was a possible they werent blindsided its seems. Rachelle was clearly blindsided so…who knows how it went but its done and Rachelle has a bright career ahead of her. Dont think Summit can afford to replace anyone now because of the Rachelle replacement they have lost more viewers than they think.

  10. Jessica R. says

    Pay up Summitt! We know you are making a killing on this. You already screwed up once with replacing Rachelle Lefevre. Don’t do it again.

  11. Linda, Houston, TX says

    10 times your salary is alot. In the long run I will support Twilight as long as Rob and Kristen are in it; any hulky guy could play Emmett, but Ashley IS Alice, she would be very hard to replace and make it believeable. It must be two movies. The first Bella section and the jacob section is exactly half the book and a story in and of itself. The last Bella section tells her life as a vampire and would perfect for the ending. I hope they have enough sense to listen to the fans.

  12. leanne23 says

    For BD part 2 IF they go by the book Ashley/Alice will be there during the beginning and at the end and Kellan/Emmett will be there almost throughout. I think they all deserve an increase. Ashley should get no more than 20% and Kellan no more than 15%. I hope Summit doesnt REPEAT any more mistakes. Replacing Rachelle was the worst mistake ever made in the saga so far. Bryce is a terrible actress IMO and in many in Hollywood why else is she ALWAYS the replacement. This is her FIFTH time as a Replacement for film. She has the most according the Hollywood StatRec.

    • It was Rachelle that caused the replacement. They couldn’t hold the entire production because of one person. She should have held off on her other movie deal until Eclipse was filmed.

      • Yes! Why don’t people realize this? It was her choice.

      • leanne23 says

        Actually they can hold off or reschedule many other productions in film history have even for the minor important roles. Summit made a decision. But there are more than one person in that decision as in every decision. Rachelle was shocked and it was BAD public relations for Summit to play the card they did. First they stated they didnt find out til right before ComCon even though it was in the world press as early as late June studio have people whose sole job is the look for those articles and raise certain questions. Then they had her at ComCon promoting NM then ONLY a few days late she is replaced. Their first released was professional. Rachelle statement was graceful and professional. Summits reaction statement was amatuer, very unprofessional and one of the worst PR statements I have ever read and that says alot. Rachelle still continues on postively. Summit and Bryce need to work on it more.

      • funny.. but summit DID hold up production for the other actors who were doing projects… especially when it was a summit project like remember me.

        • leanne23 says

          EXACTLY!!! And Peter’s Nurse Jackie which didnt even have schedule until early August. And then Jackson’s Girlfriend schedule was never really set until late August/Early September. and a few others including Bryce herself she had the Hereafter which started filming late October it was the other reason she wore a wig.

          • You all missed the point. Summit didn’t say they couldn’t do other projects. The actors have to notify them ahead of time of their schedules so they can accommodate their production schedule. Peter notified Summit of his Nurse Jackie schedule and Peter flew back and forth from NY to Vancouver if you recall during the weekends to film Nurse Jackie.

            It was reported back in June that Rachelle was up for a role that would film in Rome in the fall. Well, Rachelle didn’t tell Summit until a couple of weeks before production. She thought Summit would accommodate her and thought it was too late to replace her. She was wrong. Summit did replace her because she failed to notify them in enough time to accommodate her schedule.

            As you can see, Rachelle backed off after Summit released their statement after her tweets and statement she made. She was wrong. And she paid for it.

          • leanne23 says

            Nurse Jackie was approved for a second season in July and the schedule wasnt a done deal til August.

            “As you can see, Rachelle backed off after Summit released their statement after her tweets and statement she made. She was wrong. And she paid for it.”

            Summit repordly fired the person who released that statment. Rachelle stop talking about because it became a legal matter and so did Summit it was/is probably one of the reason why the cast cannot still talk about it, with that there is probably no communication between the castmates and Rachelle and Bryce and Rachelle, there is something called a disclosure agreement which should have been signed during the termination process and clearly that didnt happen until later. Rachelle was within her rights to release a statement. Some actors do and others dont.

      • According to everything I have read from the production schedule, the shooting scenes for the other movie did not interfere with the shooting scenes for Eclipse. Plenty of actors do this and it’s fine, so Summit wasn’t really holding out for her.

  13. Man, I can’t imagine any of the Cullens being replaced. It just wouldn’t be the same!

  14. Lily Cullen says

    I don’t want them fired but seriously, they want 10 times the salary? That’s going overboard. Some actors get paid way too much. I used to think highly of those two but now, not so much. They have joined the money-hungry train.

    • I just keep doing the math in my head. Say they got paid, oh I don’t know, $500,000 for Twilight. That means at 10% They are being offered $5 Million for BD. The article says that Taylor gets about $7.5 a movie. Surely they don’t think they should make as much as one of the main characters?

      Note: I have no idea what they made for Twilight, I was just using that figure as an example 🙂

      • leanne23 says


        Ashley I estimate she got 150K for Twilight.
        Kellan I estimate he got 150K for Twilight also.
        Ashley I estimate she got 1 to 1.5 million for NM.
        Kellan I estimate he got 500k to 1 million for NM.
        Ashley I estimate she got 2 TO 2.5 for Eclipse.
        Kellan I estimate he got 1 to 2 million for Eclipse.
        And these are at the most.

  15. I think Summit should replace them. These are the only two who haven’t signed? Are you kidding me. Summit cannot announce that they are making BD into two films because of these two?!! Seriously?! Can you say, “What happened to Rachelle?” She became the Where’s Waldo after she tried to pull a fast one re: scheduling.

    Just because Kellan is on a billboard in his underwear and in a remake of A Nightmare on Elm Street doesn’t give him the right to hold up an entire movie. Much less Ashley, Ms. Maxim. I read on a blog that someone suggested Jennifer Love Hewitt as “Alice”. Heck she’s a Twihard like the rest of us and really looks the part. She’s an A-list actress in Hollywood and would bring cred to the role of “Alice”.

    Hewitt loves Twilight and has said time and time again that she would love to be in the movie in any capacity. So there you go…Alice is available. At least there will be someone in the role who loves the books and is a huge fan of the series who would appreciate being in the films and money wouldn’t be an object with her either. She’ll be happy to take what Ashley won’t. I think Summit should ask her. She’ll probably scream out of her skin LOL!

    I’m just flabbergasted that Kellan (who constantly cancels Twi-tour appearances without good excuses) and Ashley are taking this stance. Heck, if an Oscar nominated actress like Anna Kendrick can sign not to mention Jackson Rathbone who’s starring in one of the summer’s biggest movies, Airbender can sign, who does Kellan and Ashley think they are? Yes, we all know Ashley thought she would be Bella, she auditioned for Bella but she wasn’t good enough for the Bella role. She got Alice. They are both are known because of Twilight.

    Emmett basically has no role in BD except for cracking dirty jokes as Bella and oh, yeah the arm wrestling match. Alice is at the beginning for the wedding, pops in during the pregnancy but really can’t be around Bella due to headaches, brief interaction prior to her and Jasper leaving and then isn’t heard from until the very end. How much screen time is that really? Not much.

    Heck, Kristen, Robert, Taylor, Peter & Billy are signed as far as I’m concerned, everyone else is expendable. As hot as these movies are, there are plenty of Hollywood stars who are twihards who would love to do these movies. Wait and see. I’m sure once this story hit the internet, I bet Summit had all kind of agents calling them. “Chase Crawford’s agent’s on line 3”. LOL!

    Egos…egos…egos…They aren’t Rob and Kristen. Rob and Kristen can get movies made for goodness sakes by just saying they’re interested in them. Taylor is basically in that fold as well. Kellan and Ashley aren’t.

    I know Ashley wanted to be Bella but she’s not. Kellan thinks Emmett is as important as Edward but he isn’t. Bring on the changes, the fresh blood will do us good.

    • WannabeMrsCullen says

      Wow, you said everything I was thinking! Totally agree with you on all fronts.

    • Much as I enjoyed Kellan’s and Ashley’s portrayals of Emmett and Alice, I must agree with you, D1, that they ARE replaceable in Breaking Dawn, just because of the way the story goes.
      If it comes to the crunch…as long as the power trio of Rob, Kris and Taylor are in, that’s pretty much what matters for me.
      I’m also hopeful that with Stephenie on board as co-producer, the situation can be worked out properly for a satisfactory outcome.

    • I agree with you also. I thought Kellen and Ashley did a great job but I don’t really know where thy are coming from. They have no other big name movies to back up their requests. It is because of Twilight that they have well known names at all. It really does surprise me that it is the two that hardly have any other well known roles or movies that are the hold outs. Maybe they have been in the industry for the shortest amount of time so they are more niave about what could really happen: losing their jobs.

    • no. i think you’re absolutely psycho to think a 31 year old jennifer love hewitt should play 17 year old alice. NO. that does NOT work.

      and you’re really too wrapped up in your twilight world if you think ashley greene is somehow obsessed with being bella.

      you need to realize that actors are just actors. i thought star trek fans were crazy.

    • Really, nothing against JLH, but A-lister?

      What would you then call Meryl Streep or Reese Witherspoon AAA-Platinum-lister?

  16. So Sad. Would love to see the entire cast back to finish the movie. To bad Summit wasn’t forward thinking from the start and signed all to the entire franchise 4 or 5 movies.

    • Twilight_News says

      I could be wrong but I don’t think legally they could have done that at the time because breaking Dawn wasn’t published then. Also three movie deals are pretty standard.

      • leanne23 says

        You are correct I believe there is a 30 day clause to seal the deal. They could have read it but to buy the rights they have to wait 30 days after the publish date they can start negotiation 30 days before though. BD example it was Release on Aug 8 2008 correct so it was publish somewhere between July 15 and July 28 2008 lets say July 15 is the PD they could have seal the deal on August 15 2008. But if I am not mistake they waited a year probably to wait and see on somethings. They could have put in the cast’ contract something like “with the possbility of more products/film up to six.” Then negotiations now would have been awhole lot easier.

  17. that’s how you differentiate moviestars from actors, i guess.

  18. Wish they’re all in the BD. How’d be it like not to have Emmet and Alice in the scene, totally out of the question! Even though we have them with different actor/actress, it would not be the same. They fit in the best!!

  19. Of course they should have a raise…everybody involved should but please don’t be greedy. If Kellan and Ashley hurt the series, their fan base will go down to nothing. I’m sure they’ll be reasonable.

  20. Um, am I the only one who noticed that they said “fifth installment” ?

    • Inoied thattoo. If you go to the link they posted for the entire article you’ll find some nice tidbits like this:

      And director Bill Condon is already signed to film two “Breaking Dawn” movies, which would be shot back-to-back starting in the fall and released in November 2011 and summer 2012, respectively.

      Which makes this even more frustrating cause it’s about money..With 2 films to shoot, all of the extra casting (Volturi guard all the other vamps etc) more CGI with the wolfpack and Renesmee, the budget on these movies will already need to be extremely high. Then 2 of the actors say they want more? I say be glad you got the exposure you did from this franchise!

    • yep, I noticed too!

      Hmmm…not sure why those 2 are holding out, if it wasn’t for Twilight, they wouldn’t be where they are today. If the rest of the cast can sign on, that makes me wonder why they are being so greedy. You’ve got everyday people struggling to make ends meet and they want a jump in salary…why?

  21. im really starting to understand why every one hates summit when they made Edwards silver Volvo black i was mad but if they change anymore characters i will be furious

  22. i totally agree with most of your comments, at the end of the day why are Ashley and Kellen getting all greedy anyway? its not like they havnt got enough money to live on.. jeeez! like someone else said, its obvious that they really do not care about their fans, all they care about are themselves, and if thats the people they are then fine replace them, Dont get me wrong id love to see them in the fourth & fifth movie, but if there gna get all greedy then they can find someone else who wants to do it out of enjoyment, not because of the money, there are millions of people out there who would kill to be in their shoes. Its not like there replacing Kristen, Rob or Taylor, cause if that was the case, i would be pissed!

    • i think the reason they are holding out is because their not making big bucks and the saga is taking up alot of their time and they feel they could be doing other project which pay more but cant because we all know summit waits for no one ask poor Rachelle also yes they could replace them but its going to take away from the movie as a saga and Alice becomes a pretty big part in breaking dawn

      • I don’t agree with it taking up alot of their time. Kellen has repeatedly cancelled appearances and I don’t think either of them have made nearly the number of appearances at the conventions that Peter, Billy etc. do.

        The last thing I saw Kellen do was Nightmare on Elm ST. and an underwear ad lol and I haven’t heard that Ashley is doing anything?

        • the people at summit are jerks and once twilight saga is done i will not spend another dime on their movies

          • Amen to that! scummit *cough* has/is treated theire cast awfull! I am never going to respect them after dropping Rachelle the way they did. And as far as i am concerned im not going to run to the premier opening weekend just so scummit *cough* can cash in on high attendence publicity. The movie is not going to change over a couple of weeks.
            It is unlikly i will ever pick up a scummit *cough* film again, as long as i am not as invested as i am with something like twilight.

        • leanne23 says

          I hope the cast stays intact. Everyone deserves an increase. Kellan has a few co leads movies coming up. Ashley is the lead in the Apparition and a few other roles. MR writes the scripts so it depends on the size role in the script. And agree with Mama23 after Twilight life is dark and dirty for Summit.

      • Sorry mama23 I have to disagree with you. BD will not take up a lot of their time because they’re hardly in it with any significance except Ashley for the wedding and her return at the end. With a bit here and there during the pregnancy and departure. Emmett is basically background along w/Jasper…no major role. If anything, Ashely would get more than Kellan but again, she was a waitress only a couple of years ago. Fame is fleeting.

        Wasn’t Kellan just dissed by not being recognized at the cast after party for NM? He literally had the fans yell at the guards telling them who he was. Security wouldn’t let him into his own party and now he’s demanding more money? Really?!

        Oh and BTW, I believe they will be replaced for the entire movie of Breaking Dawn. I think Summit will eat the contracts for the first part and just recast them for the entire film.

        These two are the holdouts. They are holding up the two-film announcement. This is unreal. I can see if it was Rob, Taylor or Kristen by Kellan and Ashely. Who??!!

        Sign the contract.

        • if the movies are split in two the wedding will be a big part in the first one but who cares summit thinks it can just feed us any old crap because they know we will still watch it and thats messed up

        • are you surprised that men don’t recognize the actors of twilight? are you nuts? i can’t tell you a single mma fighter or popular nfl quarterback.

          your argument that kellan wasn’t recognized by meathead security guards therefore is a nobody is just plain wrong. how many old dudes can pick out the jonas brothers or myley cyrus (who don’t have kids)? not many. my 38 year old husband can’t. that doesn’t make them any less famous.

      • yup.. i agree. these actors spend way more time promoting the franchise, plus constantly being hounded by the rabid fans. in ANY OTHER MOVIE, an actor only needs to make appearances on the talk show circuit for a week or two preceding the release of the movie. NOTHING ELSE.

        then you have the twilight actors who not only have to make talk show appearances, they show up to conventions all over the country as well for the past couple of years.

        • You do understand that Summit does not require they attend the conventions, and that they are paid for those appearances, right?!

          • leanne23 says

            Because Summit and Creation Ent. partner up to creat the Official Twilight Convention it can be put into their contract package.

  23. Nothing personal whatsoever, but I think D1 has seriously misread the situation here, at least as most people in the public will see it.

    I don’t know how this hit the press. But I think it appears to be fairly obvious that Summit (apparently) passed on the information — threats included — to the Hollywood Reporter themselves.

    To manipulate the actors.

    I think that was very poor form. This is a temporary problem which they took a potentially permanent, “hard ball” approach to solving — by attempting to ruin these actors careers. I remember when Ashley had to work to buy a prom dress. And didn’t Kellan have major family problems when he decided to act?

    The amounts the actors were paid before was very low. Yet, does anyone think that the two films will make anywhere near less than a billion dollars? More like twice that, worldwide? And how much has Summit made already? Enough to buy MGM? Please. Who will the public see as the bad guys here? We have some real insiders here at the Lex, but everywhere else it will be pretty clear.

    Very disappointed about Summit’s approach here. I already feel sick every time Victoria appears on screen when watching the first two films, and I am bracing myself for that stop-the-movie effect to get a great deal worse in Eclipse. No offense to Bryce, but it will seem like Victoria is gone, and here’s Ron Howard’s daughter pretending to be Victoria. Yawn. Great effort, but still not her.

    If someone else were cast Alice’s and Emmet’s roles, I’m sorry, but it would totally suck. Epic, massive, complete fail. I would not want to see the film.

    And when Stephenie won’t yield on a PG-13 rating, or Rob won’t update his hairstyle, or Kristen won’t agree to do more press — is Summit going to run to the Hollywood Reporter with their complaints? Again?

    As much as we’d all like to see BD, we could live without it — especially if it was going to suck (like if they filmed it in Louisiana; are they joking?!?!?!). I think that the two actors are not the only members of the Cullen Family feeling strained by Summit’s move today. And who is taking on the role of the Volturi?

    Summit totally lucked out with Twilight in the first place (primarily due to the fantastic cast), and now they act like they’ve been ruling the Twilight world since the middle ages, and that cutting out the actors to protect their billion dollar paychecks is now (according to the Hollywood Reporter) “simply protecting their way of life?” Please. I’m sorry, but I just don’t believe that. Where’s Garret when you need him?

    And if Rob, or Kristen, or others decide to back up their “family members,” what then Summit? Will they bring in replacements? For Bella? For Edward?? And who would want to see *that* film?

    We’re already dealing with musical chairs for directors, and that doesn’t exactly seem like a creative decision either. You can’t just fire everyone, every time you disagree.

    It was a serious (also short sighted) mistake to not sign the actors for BD originally. And everyone knew it was going to be a costly mistake. So, give whoever said that “three movies should be enough” a stern talking to, stop demonizing these two actors, sign up, and get the show on the road.

    And don’t start in with the self-pity. No more Summit-is-the-victim stories in the Hollywood Reporter! This thing makes me sick.

    • Totally agree with you there! Their payment might have been low compare to what Summit has get! And now what! Raise their payment a bit would be fine. They don’t have to pay as high as they ask for but raise it into a reasonable one would do for them, I think.
      And ,Oh yeah, I wish Rob and Kristen should do the backup for them. That would so kind of them to do.

    • Sorry James but in reading the blogs today, it appears that Kellan and Ashley won’t be getting an uprising if they are replaced.

      It’s Hollywood, it’s HARDBALL. I understand the situation. But Kellan wasn’t even recognized and was kept out of the cast party for the premiere of New Moon. He wasn’t recognized at all by none of the security. That tells you where he stands on the food chain. He’s replaceable.

      You have to understand the story as well. What role does Emmett play in Breaking Dawn. He’s minimal at best. His biggest part is cracking dirty jokes about Bella’s sex life, arm wrestling Bella and standing next to Edward etc… when he goes to speak to the Volturi. Now I know the final scene will be re-written to include more action but really, EMMETT HAS NO MAJOR ROLE IN BREAKING DAWN.

      Alice is basically gone for the entire movie especially we will not see her to the end of the second film. The VERY END.

      So understanding the actual story and the role they would play, what on earth are they asking for? Are they asking for a salary based upon what the movie makes at the box office no matter how small their parts are? No, that’s not how it works.

      How many lines will they have, how much screen time? Just like a body double was used for Esme in the garage scene in Twilight, trust me, they don’t have to be seen as much in Breaking Dawn.

      They are secondary characters. If Dumbledore can be replaced, so can Kellan and Ashley. The Potter films moved on after a death,no less, of a major character and so will Twilight.

      So what if Summit put it in the press. It’s the name of the game. If you don’t want to play, find another line of work. But one thing is for sure, Ashley and Kellan don’t have the outrage of fans like Rachelle did. The blogs are lighting up with rage and petitions forming telling Summit to pay them what they want.

      Most fans look at it this way, if you love Twilight and the money offered is in conjunction and reasonable with the role you play in the film, then take it.

      Twilight didn’t make a billion dollars because Ashley and Kellan are in it. It made billions because of the chemistry of Robert and Kristen and later with Taylor.

      So don’t get it twisted. Like THR said, they are “secondary characters”. Sign the contract or be replaced. It’s time to make the movie.

      • That is the blogs are not lighting up with demanding that petitions be generated to keep Ashley and Kellan. People are saying that they like them and don’t want them to leave. But have resided themselves to the fact that Summit has shown that they will not hesitate to replace an actor and move on. It will be sad but oh, well, that’s the business.

      • first of all, the original actor who played dumbledore DIED! that makes for better acceptance on the part of the fans. he wasn’t replaced by this other guy who most people feel is inferior to the original. if he was replaced, you better believe there would have been an uprising.

        and again… wow.. kellan wasn’t recognized by some meathead security guards who have probably never even opened a book. yeah.. big surprise. if you did a photo line up of every single current nfl football player in the u.s., i couldn’t give you a single name.

    • leanne23 says

      WOW well said James…*claps* You can be Garret.

  24. I’d really hate for Ashley to be replaced, she is the quintessentual (sp?) Alice, but she isn’t around for the majority of BD, so any other similar actress would do just as good of a job. As far as Kellan goes, Emmett does make a lot of face-time in BD, but to me, he isn’t what I pictured Emmett to look like. In the book, Rosalie saves Emmett because he looks like her friend, Vera’s son Henry. He had dark curls and blue eyes (if I’m not mistaken) and Kellan really doesn’t look like that. Plus, from my imagination, I always saw Emmett as being big and burly, Kellan really isn’t all that big, KWIM?

    • you realize they might switch to what alice is doing overseas in breaking dawn, right? whether or not she’s in the book most of the time doesn’t make a difference to the story they tell on the screen. she might have a lot more screen time than you think.

      have you seen the previews and stills for eclipse? it shows scenes of the goings on in seattle while the newborn army is being made. it never did that in the book. in the book we only see victoria at the end but the previews make it look like we’ll be seeing much more of her.

  25. Well I hope that both Ashley and Kellan sign their contracts, I can’t imagine BD without them, especially Ashley….

  26. Elena Sibley says

    It’s easy to yell “greed,” but remember… the money is going somewhere. It’s not right for studio execs to make a ton of money and then expect the actors not to share more in the earnings. It’s important that the actors get a fair shake (not in terms of how much money the role is worth, but in terms of what percent of overall profits)


    • AMEN Anne, you are right. We will line up for the premiere, line up for the tickets and see the movie 10 times over no matter who’s playing Emmett and Alice.

    • And that’s it right there in a nutshell 🙂

    • i won’t. if kellan and ashley are cut, i won’t watch the movies in the theaters (where they make their money) nor would i attend another convention. i’d rent the movies and maybe burn them instead of buying them like i do now. ill download the soundtracks for free instead. if summit wants to treat the fans like ish, i know how to do that right back. they’re being greedy. they made like 1000%x profit.

      you guys keep saying the actors should be grateful because the franchise made them who they are. actually, SUMMIT SHOULD BE GRATEFUL because the Twilight series made them who they are. they were not a big studio before this. now they’re up and coming.

  28. i really hope this issue gets resolved. i think it would be terrible to replace any of the cullens at this stage in the game, regardless of how big of a role they have in BD. i mean, ALICE? bella’s best friend, edward’s closest sibling… it is a huge role in the series and a recast in the final installment is outright ridiculous. what’s unfortunate is that summit knows no matter what they do in this matter, they’re still going to make money off of this movie. it’s true, as long as we have rob, kristen & taylor, we’re all still going to go see this movie despite how upset we are about anything else (and i would be really upset if ashley or kellan were recast). i really hope that ashley, kellan, AND summit have enough respect for the fans who have brought them to where they are today to do whatever it takes to work this out.

  29. Danielle says

    Summit has some SERIOUS ISSUES. They make way too many mistakes and this is just another hurdle that they have to deal with due to poor planning and poor negotiating. SERIOUSLY HOW THE HECK DID THIS GET OUT TO THR??? This just makes Summit look completely unprofessional, AGAIN, whether Ashley or Kellan are making unreasonable/reasonable negotiations. Summit should have signed on the 4th and 5th films long ago…….

    AND AFTER WATCHING ECLIPSE, I’m pretty sure MANY FANS will come to love and adore Ashley and Kellan a lot more and it WILL be different to not see them in the last installments. They are a big part of Eclipse. To see these actors with bigger roles in one movie and then see completely new faces for their characters in the next movies (despite how short screen time will be) is JUST RIDICULOUS. SUMMIT YOU SUCK AND YOU WILL DIE AFTER THE TWILIGHT SAGA.

    Anyway. On a more rational note, if Kellan and Ashley are being unreasonable, they should really get the ball rolling and just sign. However folks, we do not see the entire picture and shouldnt assume anything until everything is finalized. But summit needs to stop pulling out those nasty on unprofessional cards that they have done it the past. Jerks.

    • Summit IS unprofessional. They were nothing but an indie studio beforehand. They’re trying to play hardball with the big boys but aren’t quite grown up yet to do it well.

      They need some new execs who are used to dealing at this level.

  30. I’d really hate to see a recast, especially involving Kellan and Ashley…but I just really hope they aren’t going to be divas about this whole thing. They’re going to be making 10 times what they did in Twilight and they dont have HUGE roles in BD. I’d say take the money and shut up. They aren’t the only two people that have to be paid and there is more money that has to go into two movies. Dont be greedy please.

  31. Actually, Ashley has quite a few movie credits since New Moon: Skateland (2010), Radio Free Albemuth (2010), Eclipse (2010), and Warrior (2010)and is now filming Butter (2011). You can see all her credits at IMDB site: I don’t think any of them have yet been released, though she has been busy filming.

    Here’s what Kellan’s been working on, again from IMDB site:

    I don’t want either of them replaced–I can’t imagine anyone else playing either Alice or Emmett–but I’m not sure Summit will care what we fans think. They sure didn’t care with Rachelle…they know we will go see the movies regardless because we love the books, and they will still make millions of dollars.

    • Look at the dates of the movies. If it wasn’t for Twilight and what some people call “scummit” neither one would have these credits to list on IMDB…you think?

      • D1, I think you mean if it weren’t for Catherine Hardwicke these two wouldn’t be as well know. She picked them, after all.

        And don’t get it twisted. Summit was just an indie movie company. The Twilight franchise, including the actors who helped bring this thing to life on screen, made Summit a load of money and they should be grateful.

        I wouldn’t have loved the movie as much if it wasn’t for Robert Pattinson, Billy Burke, and Ashley Greene. Those three engaged me in the first movie. Yes.. actors do make a difference. I won’t watch anything with Don Cheadle and Anna Paquin, no matter waht because they just get on my nerves for some reason while I watch any Sandra Bullock film because I like her.

  32. Surferchick says

    This is the reason they are known as SCUMMIT. They are going to net plenty from BD (as they will from all the Twilight Saga films and DVDs) and they need to pay their actors appropriately. I think they are looking for an excuse to hire two unknown replacements that they can pay way less. Like shipping U.S. jobs to other countries to save on labor costs. Nobody wants to be paid less than they are worth–you and me included. Pay up Scummit! Death after Twilight!

  33. Alice is barely in Breaking Dawn. Yea the begining wedding part and transformation, but after the baby she’s outta there and not back till the end.
    Emmett is in it more. Especially with his wise cracks, his and Bella’s arm wrestling match, training and the show down!
    If its the OG actors great if not I’m not losing any sleep. Their loss!

  34. Wow! A lot of hating on Summit. All full of judgement.
    “The more one judges, the less one loves.”
    -Honore de Balzac

    • I agree Joe. There’s a lot of Summit hating. Why? I have no clue. They have been absolutely accommodating to the fans as much as possible. I’ve never seen anything like it with a film company. Warner Bros. don’t even show the Potter movies much deference because they totally change up the movies and don’t care. Half Blood Prince, for example, omitted a whole host of stuff especially dealing w/the Horcruxes.

      I don’t understand the “scummit” name at all. They are a business. They increased the budget each time for each movie. Clearly all of the actors have received an increase in pay. All of the main actors are signed except two. Just two. These two are holding up the announcement of the “2” movies.

      Everyone’s on board except two. One of which, I’ll say it again, wasn’t even recognized by security at his own cast party. He couldn’t even get in. How important are you really to think you can hold up the production of a film by negotiating for more money where your importance to the movie is minimal at best.

      These two people are not the reason why Twilight is a billion dollar franchise. So let’s have some perspective about this. We have heard of no problem with anyone’s pay from any other principle i.e. Jackson, Elizabeth, Nikki, Anna etc… All of the main characters are sewn up.

      Ashley and Kellan are living in a Twilight Zone to think that they can hold up a movie as if they have the status of a Denzel Washington or Sandra Bullock especially when the rest of the cast have already signed.

      As for the trashing of Summit, folks have to remember that the budget for Breaking Dawn will be the most expensive of all of the movies. Not only with the primary cast salaries, but there will be a lot of additional casting and special effects. This movie will at least run 100 mil.

      I support the decisions Summit has made with the series because if it was that bad, then it wouldn’t make the money that it has.

      Kellan and Ashley are going to find out the hard way that Hollywood is a tough business. Rachel regrets being thrown out of the series, trust me. I have a feeling that they will not be allowed to make part one if they aren’t going to be in part two. Summit is going to eat those contracts and move on.

      It’s a business folks. We don’t know what they think they are worth or asking for but staying involved with Twilight will more than make up for the salary they think they aren’t getting. Like I said, if Jackson and Nikki are signed along with the rest of the cast, they need to get on board and fast.

      Mark my words, if they aren’t signed by this week, look for an announcement of new cast members by next week.

  35. A few observations and a question….

    1) It looks like the kiss of death if you are a “minor” actor and a twilight doll is released in your likeness.
    2) The PR that is going around would seem to say to those that have not signed, to sign or be replaced.

    and the question…wasn’t Bryce Dallas Howard the original choice for Victoria, but she was unable to commit due to a pregnancy? I am truly sorry for Rachelle and all that has transpired. I do not want to judge Howard until I see her in the role.

    We twi-hards look at the casting as the book in visual form, and yet we must realize that this is art, it is real life, and things out of our control happen.
    I hope for a good resolution for all concerned.

    • leanne23 says

      Bryce had her son in early 2007 then took a year off. She was offer the role of Victoria probably in late 2007/early 2008 and decline because it was “too small”. Then she replaced L.LO in the Loss of the Teardrop diamond which was film at the same time as Twilight and then she took another replacement role in T4. Some say it was her pregnancy but thats not true because SHE took these other roles. It simply the fact the role was “too small” and Bryce herself admitted she didnt read the books until after she saw Twilight so Nov/Dec 2008 or after. Sorry but thats BAD PR on Bryce IMO. Yes I am still upset about the switch but I am more upset about the replacement actress IMO she is a terrible actress. But please dont let my opinions effect yours. Summit could have worked it out they could have filmed her scenes in preproduction or during the reshoot period as so many other productions have done so i.e. The Dark Knight and Avatar. But what is done is done.

  36. What the HELL are half of you saying? Sure, they’re expendable, but at the cost of making the entire film tacky. Visibly changing roles takes away the authenticity of the film. Replacing Rachelle was bad, but it was tolerable. Replacing the Cullens? That’s taking it too far.

    • Brittanylovestwilight says

      I totally agree! And for all we know, this may not even be the real story behind the production hold-up. Sure, the website is reputable, but maybe something go lost in translation.

      I was sad to see Rachelle go, but it WAS tolerable. She made a bad move and was faced with the consequences. Letting Ashley and Kellan go? I don’t think so. And honestly, you’d think Summit wouldn’t have a problem giving in. This franchise has made them so much money! Unless the asking amount is totally outrageous, I don’t think there should be a problem. I mean, really?!

  37. Charlotte says

    This is a hard one presumably negotiations for a fifth movie are fairly recent occurence and all actors re-negotiate their contracts so perhaps summit released this as a way of saying we don’t want to give you any extra than you signed on for a fourth. If this is true it is unfair, as with the growing success of the saga actors should receive incremental increases.

    On the other hand the actors have to be realistic about the increase they should expect. Given that Ashley and Kellan, not to mention the other Cullen siblings (who it also mentions in the article as not having agreed terms) are secondary characters and all but Nikki have smaller parts in the fourth book they cannot be greedy and expect the “star” wages they might make by doing another role.

    For the continuity of the series I hope this works out but I also don’t thik we can judge yet.

    PS I don’t like how everyone is hating on Bryce Dallas Howard we haven’t even seen the film yet she might be brilliant. Catherine Hardwick said she was the original choice for Victoria. And while Rachelle will be missed you can hardly blame Bryce for what happened that was between Rachelle and summit. Bryce simply got offered a role and accepted it. Good luck to her.

    • “PS I don’t like how everyone is hating on Bryce Dallas Howard we haven’t even seen the film yet she might be brilliant. Catherine Hardwick said she was the original choice for Victoria. And while Rachelle will be missed you can hardly blame Bryce for what happened that was between Rachelle and summit. Bryce simply got offered a role and accepted it. Good luck to her”


      • Ditto. What’s with the Bryce hate? From a review I read from a critic who admitted not being a Twilight fan said Bryce was really good. If you’ve seen Bryce in her other films (classmate to Natalie Portman) you would know she’s a very good actress. I always felt she would be a better Victoria anyway. I cannot wait to see Eclipse.

        • leanne23 says

          That was the only good review about her as Victoria the Second. I have read 5 to 15 ALL stating she is horrible in the role and some were fans and some were not fans. One called her “the sloppy second” and another a not fan asked “If she was a part of the wolf pack?” saying her look and facial expressions were doglike. I have yet to find another review that praise her as Vicky 2.

  38. Sara cooper says

    I suppose they should get a bit of a raise but I think also that they are being greedy…I mean really they are all millionares are they not? Come on people just get over it….money is not everything although i’m sure no one in hollywood believes that truth.

  39. Sara cooper says

    I dont think it will look good for their reputations either if they get fired from the movies that made them famous just because they want more money….summit is their “boss” after all

    • leanne23 says

      True if that “boss” studio is Fox, WB or Paramount. But Summit has a bad rep. and horrible PR.

  40. I know there’ll be a ton of screaming about this… But they should recast Rob & Kristin. I’m sorry, but the two of them & their complete lack of acting ability are ruining the movies. From Kristin’s cross-eyed pain scenes to Rob’s monotone-I’m-a-special-ed-vampire, they’ve been a disaster only carried by Stephenie’s amazing story & the lesser paid actors who are far superior. Give Kellan & Ashley raises & get better talent for the leads.

    • I truly very very much dislike your comment in regards to, “Rob’s monotone-I’m-a-special-ed-vampire”.
      I don’t understand what your trying to say and if you should mean this crass comment badly you have severly choosen the wrong words!
      Do you realize what you say??
      Your insult is insulting and lacks sensibility!!

      • I don’t quite get what you’re insinuating. My sister (who had never read the books) saw Twilight and asked me if Edward was supposed to have a speech impediment. That’s what I meant. If offense was taken, perhaps you need to become a little less attached to these actors who you don’t know.

    • What are you talking about Suze? Monotone? Cross-eyed? Can’t act? You really need to rent every DVD that Rob and Kristen are in and you will see that they can act. Kristen opened up herself emotionally for this movie like never before. Are you serious? Into the Wild? Adventureland? Rob is still getting kudos at film festivals in Europe for his Salvador Dali in Little Ashes! Even Ricky Martin just tweeted that it was a good movie. I think you have a terrible bias against these two. Because what you’re saying doesn’t make any sense.

      I agree with you Joe.

      • They may be getting kudos for every other movie they’re cast in, but not for this one. There has not been one whisper of praise for their acting in either Twilight film, unless you count the MTV movie awards… hardly the Oscars or Sundance. It would be wonderful if they could put the same level of commitment into the Twilight movies (the ones that have opened so many doors for them) as they do for other films. The mullet in the Runaways anyone? Rob wouldn’t even gain the weight they asked him to for Twilight. If not, recast, recast, recast.

    • leanne23 says

      I agree with you Suze. Kristen it always seems like its Kristen as the character she is hired on the play and not the character written. and she always has the same expressions and mannerism for every movie she is in. Rob and Taylor are both inexperienced with few movies credits. Its really SAD when the leads cant really act and the secondary actors like Anna, Mike, Rachelle and Co. outact your main actors.

    • I agreed with you totally. They can’t act. They have ruin the movies. I will just stick with the books

    • Suze-Your comments about Rob and Kristen(get the spelling right!) are completely ridiculous and unfounded! This post isn’t even about them and you should’ve never even brought them into this.

      Have you even seen Remember Me? Rob was awesome! How about Speak, Adventureland, The Runaways with Kristen? She was FANTASTIC!!! They are both awesome actors and DO NOT act the same.

      • Who cares how her name is spelled? Really. She may win an Oscar for other performances for all I care, but she sure as hell won’t for Twilight. Same goes for Rob. The minor characters have every right to demand more money because they are what hold these films together. If it weren’t for Stephenie’s amazing story and loyal fanbase, these films wouldn’t have done well at all, mainly due to poor acting by poorly cast leads.

  41. It would be too bad if Ashley and Kellan got replaced, but IMO, it would be their fault. Twilight made them famous. Ashley and all of her photo shoots, Kellan and his modeling…come on people.
    Just sign the darn contract and get the movie filming already…!!

  42. To be honest folks, Kellen and Ashley have every right to ask for more money. This isn’t anything new. It happens all the time. This is why they have agents, to make sure that they get a fair share of the killing…per say. Here’s the deal folks, being an actor or actress in a huge franchise film is VERY tasking. The Twilight Saga (love it or hate it) is off the charts. All of these actors or actresses have spent a greater amount of their young lives marketing and pushing the movies. Summit has been very careful(for the most part) to secure these thespians for a few years to make sure that they are all present for the films. This literally means that these actors haven’t had much of a chance to do anything else between films. The Twilight Saga is a massive success. Summit is going to make well over a billion dollars when you combine the film’s take ins.

    The life of an actor or actress isn’t very cost effective. While you all may look at disdain about them wanting more, you don’t have near the bills they have. It costs to live in L.A. It costs to pay agents…IRS (and yeah… they royally get screwed by the government). They work long hours, with very little time to do anything they really want to do, and with all the fan recognition, they really don’t get time to be themselves. There is a steep price to pay for Hollywood success, so there isn’t anything wrong for asking more.

    To fully understand what I just said, you have to think about it as any other job. You work really hard for your boss, and they are making money partly due to your work, is it wrong for you to ask for a raise? Absolutely not. While the sums are quite a bit higher than a normal average joe or jane, the concept is still the same.

    In short folks, there isn’t anything wrong with Kellen or Ashley asking for more money. They aren’t being greedy little weasels, and there isn’t anything wrong with Summit saying no. In the end, whether raise or not, I do believe they should stay signed on, but we’ll see..

    Now you want horror stories… screenwriters are the ones who really get sucker punched in Hollywood. 😛

    • You are so right, they have the right to ask for more money. But know your place in the scheme of things. These two are holding up a movie. Non-A list actors. Summit clearly wants them but if they cannot work it out, they are giving us a heads up that they are going to be replaced. You have to earn your bones in Hollywood. Last time I checked, Ashley Greene isn’t Sandra Bullock and Kellan Lutz isn’t Ryan Reynolds.

      Twilight has given them the opportunity to make movies. Ashley was waiting tables and Kellan was on the CW. Twilight made them stars. Kellan became a Calvin Klein model because of Twilight.

      If they have the support of their cast mates about what they’re doing, I haven’t read a tweet or read a quote or have seen any interview telling Summit to pay them.

      Again, Twilight didn’t make a billion dollars because of Kellan and Ashley, it’s because of Robert and Kristen.

    • leanne23 says

      Well said. Rob and Kristen and Taylor arent they only ones they may be the STARS but its still a team effort and everyone should share the pie.

  43. First off folks, calm down – while THR is a reliable source, nothing is exactly set in stone. I’m sure things will be worked out.

    Remember when there was talk of recasting Jacob? Last I checked, Taylor is still around. Just saying.

    Also, the Summit bashing needs to calm down. Yes, they do make some poor decisions…but what studio doesn’t? Be glad that we’re getting these movies. If it wasn’t for Summit, we wouldn’t have anything. The movies may not be the best, but they’re a decent representation of the books!

    The best thing you can do with Twilight gossip is take everything you read with a grain of salt. I don’t see Kellan and Ashley going anywhere, as of now at least.

  44. I searched and “D1” has apparently never posted on the Twilight Lexicon before. Until today.

    And he happens to know a lot of details.

    And he is fairly desperately trying to whip everyone in a frenzy to pressure the actors to “sign the contract.”

    Frenzy which is pointedly not catching on. Usually, here on the Lex, people post one comment, and if someone supports them, they say, “thanks” or something brief, if anything, and that’s it. And if they’re shot down, they don’t say anything further. Which is cool, you know. Whatever. But D1 is just going off. Again and again. Totally out of sync with the board. Plus, I’m often the only guy posting comments.

    So, here goes. I think D1 works for/with Summit. And is posting comments to further pressure the actors to submit to the authority of the Voltur… I mean, Summit.

    Go ahead and deny it D1, you are of course welcome to post what you like. And perhaps I am incorrect. Yet it seems fairly obvious given your comments above, your frantic tone, and the fact that your comments aren’t found anywhere else on this site.

    So I am left thinking, “Holy crow. How low will they stoop? Fail. Again.”

    • Twilight_News says

      As an admin with search control on posts I can tell you that D1 has posted before with the current email address and IP and on entries that have nothing to do with Summit that are only actor oriented going back to April. So that accusation is baseless.

      You want to attack the theories fine, attack the ball and not the player!

  45. Summit, pay the actors what they deseve and get this movie made! Enough bad press who’s idea was it to send this to THR anyways? Bad idea! Yes we will stick up for Kellan and Ashley, do not replace them! We all know how easy it is to get the movie on the net while in the theatres. We can see it as often as we like and summit doesn’t see a penny of our money. It is that simple. So grow up, be professional and give these guys who make the money that pays you a pay check that is fair.

  46. If Kellan and Ashley want more $, let them have it! It’s not like the studio can’t afford it. W/o Kellan and Ashley, I possibly will refuse to see the movie. Alice plays a bigger role than people think, and bboth she and Kellan are the BEST and PERFECT for their roles. Besides, I’d taken Kellan over Rob or Taylor any day!!

  47. Heck, I’ll pay Ashley and Kellan to stay. I’ll be in debt, seeing as I’ve got no money, but I’d do it anyway. Ashley is one of my favorite actors, she has to stay. Both of them bring so much charisma and life to the movie… I can’t imagine it without them.

    • LOL I hope you have a huge line of credit…thy are demanding 4 Mil for each movie so 16 mil for the 2 of them…

  48. I won’t even see the movie without Kellan in it. These two are such a big part of the franchise, and summit CANNOT recast if they don’t want a huge mob of Twilight fans knocking on their door with pitchforks.


  1. […] oggi la notizia, riportata da The Hollywood Reporter (che di solito è attendibile, ci dicono sul Twilight Lexicon), che all’orizzonte della Saga potrebbe profilarsi un re-casting per questioni di soldi […]

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