Video: Kristen Stewart at the MET Gala

Last night Kristen Stewart was among many stars who attended the annual Metropolitan Museum of Art (AKA the MET) Costume Institute Gala to celebrate the opening of their new exhibit: American Woman:Fashioning a National Identity.

Depending on your angle the dress which was Chanel Haute Couture was either a big hit or a big miss with the fashion critics. Below are some pictures of the dress and a video of her actually walking in it which shows off the effect the bottom of the dress has.

So what do you think, is the dress a hit or a miss?


  1. She is always cutting edge, which is one of the reasons we heart her so much and she looked great, however this wasn’t one of my favorite gowns. But I am also not a fashionista.

  2. Isn’t it what this event is about every year? Going against the norm and to be a little daring with fashion choices? She nailed it in this screams Kstew. the only thing I would have changed is the hair and her over all posture.

  3. Vampire-girl says:

    I agree as much as I usually love her look I think the dress would have looked better without the bottom section, it just doesn’t go with the top fabric

  4. I like everything about the dress except how the top part just kinda pokes up. Love the bottom and watching her walk in it. Her face looks so beautiful in the close-up. I did not, however, like her hair pulled backed off her ears like that.

  5. Kristin says:

    Not my favorite look on her…but this is the Costume Gala…so the outfits are supposed to be over the top. It’s not your typical event… Most the other celebs were pretty blah for this event I think.

    So I think considering the event, I like her look.

    • Marilyn says:

      She herself looked gorgeous – But the dress not so much, not one of her best choices. But the girl is beautiful

    • Pamela says:

      I agree that this was the costume gala so the outfits tend to be a little more out there. Personally, I liked the dress on Kristen. She looked fabulous & beautiful as always.

  6. I really Like the dress . But I think the dress would be more beautiful without the bottom section . I also think dress isn’t that bad .. It’s interesting .. So I think it’s not a miss , cause celebrities have shown with much worse dresses .. πŸ™‚ I’m with you , Kris ! πŸ™‚

  7. Krystol says:

    I honestly didn’t like the dress until I saw her walk in it. The shimmery effect around her legs was really neat! I wasn’t a fan of the bodice though, what was up with the poky stuff?

    • I felt the same way. I looked at the pictures and thought it was a bit of a miss, but it looked so much better when she was walking in it.

      Given that, I guess I would have to label it a miss, because if a dress is truly beautiful, it’s beautiful from every angle.

  8. I saw that dress on a top model also – and i can say that the dress it’s beautiful, but it doesn’t look so good on Kristen. And her hair doesn’t look good either. πŸ™

  9. I hate the dresses she wears and this is #1 on dresses I hate. She needs help or if she does have help fire them and get some one new

  10. Shakaiya says:

    It isn’t my favorite outfits of her’s but she still looked hot!

  11. This is one of those what was she thinking moments.

  12. Seeing the dress move changes everything! For me I’d rip our the skirt and extend the top but DAMN! When you see her move in it I really like it.

  13. Emerson says:


  14. salsafied says:

    Hit. She looks fantastic. The venue for this is supposed to be edgy and different. Kristn nailed it with this outfit. Very edgy, very sexy and very Kristen. It’s Channel for pete’s sake. How wrong can you go with Channel. Makeup perfect, hair in keeping with the style of the dress. Gorgeous, just gorgeous!!!

  15. Living outside of the city lets just say that this is a big thing..For k-stew to even have attended and have been loaned a channel couture dress is just amazing…I think the dress is great and she looks great…Im sure befor twilight she would have never thought that she would even be attending this event.Im glad that she went we all know this is a big deal for our k-stew and GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Channel? Any relation to Chanel?

  17. I have to say that once I watched the video of her leaving & saw the effect of the bottom part I liked it much more. I still think the top could’ve been longer with just a hint of the shimmer. (almost anyone could’ve gotten a glimpse of what Rob’s “allergic” to if she moved wrong! LOL)Loved the makeup AND hair, but she must have those shoes in every color-would it hurt to mix it up a little?? She must have found her spine under that perfect skin too ’cause she seemed to be standing up straight (AND smiling!) But why, oh why does she NEVER wear a necklace or earrings?? they can ENHANCE a look, they don’t have to overpower it-I guess that’s why I’m at home on my butt & SHE’S @ The Met!

  18. Jennifer says:

    I am gonna have to go with miss. I like the top but not the bottom. i feel like she is trying to get the shortest dress possible. If there was no fabric on the bottom people could see everything. i think add a lit length to the actual dress and it would have been perfect. I mean she does not look horrible but its not her best.

  19. I didn’t really like the length. It actually looks like she’s trying to cover up the part that nearly comes up to her crotch in a lot of those pictures. Other than that, I liked the dress. It looked a lot better in motion than in the stills. Her face was beautiful, but her hair was awful.

  20. sheila says:

    Fabulous edgy dress. I give her a 9 out of 10. Deduct one point for the shoes….too heavy looking for the bottom of the dress. Loved her polish on the toes though!

  21. I think she looks beautiful!

  22. Its a miss! No balance with the material.

  23. I love the shoes but I think in general Kristen needs to wear clothes with more volume. She could pull of some cute 50s cuts I think!

    And I also bet the dress looked better in real life because I liked the video better than the stills.

  24. Twilibrarian says:

    Okay, here’s the “ol’ lady’s” opinion. It is the MET Costume Institute Gala and she was wearing Chanel Haute Couture. I watched the video a few times, and I agree, Kristen looks wonderful walking in it.

    However, the bodice was too stiff for the sheer movement in the skirt. I would have liked it better if it was just a bit longer, more translucent, and didn’t reveal what Pattinson refers to as his “allergy.” There’s that adage about leaving nothing to the imagination.

    If Kristen was going for an “old Hollywood” look with her hair, I’ll give her that one. In my opinion, she suits a natural look, rather than an updo which seems to make her look too formal, too uptight, and much older than 20. She seems to suit and unkempt look rather than all starched and prissy.

    Kristin, buy some different shoes. Strappy, sparkly sandals would have made the look more put together, as would adding some edgy bling to the neckline, wrist, ears and fingers. A gal’s look is never complete unless she remembers w.h.e.n.: wrist, hand, ears, neck.

    Too short, too low cut, and too tight says “I’m easy, and will have sex with you.” I work in a HS, and yes, that is the message you are sending.(Hey, I’m old-fashioned!) I know those black sneakers are comfy, but they are not edgy. Don’t wear ’em to awards shows, please.

    Sometimes she gets it and sometimes she doesn’t. I would love her to shock us all and wear some color other than black or dark blue. Can you just picture her at an awards show wearing a metallic teal, purple, or emerald green? Kristin is an absolutely stunning, breath-takingly beautiful young woman. She is so young, and is trying to determine who she is, as a person, as a fashionista, and as an actress. And we all love her dearly, in spite of it all. So,I’d say she missed a hit, but not completely.

  25. Her hair was cute, make up great, but I do not like the dress. Miss.

  26. IOnlyPlayBaseballWhenItThunders says:

    It was an okay dress, it was a miss for me.
    I liked her hair

  27. The dress was a hit, very cutting edge. This is a Kristen dress. I like that she is never boring. Loved the dress when she was walking! It was so flowing and shimmering!

  28. Meredith says:

    The top doesn’t fit and I don’t like the bottom. I just wish she would seem more happy she’s at the costume gala. I would die to be there.

    • tessnowhite says:

      I don’t think I have ever seen Kristen wear a smile.
      She may be famous and rich and beautiful, but is she really happy? I don’t know her personally of course, but you’d think you’d see a smile in one of a million pictures.
      I think of Peter Facinelli, he smiles alot. You can tell he is happy and loves his family. That is how it should be (IMO). I just get the feeling that Kristen is lost. πŸ™ I hope she finds her way soon.

      • Meredith says:

        Agree… Peter is one of the happiest actors I’ve seen thus it makes me happy and I love seeing what he does. Kristen, turn the frown upside down! πŸ™‚

  29. I loved the dress. I thought she looked gorgeous when in motion, very edgy. It would be the type of dress I would have picked for myself.

  30. She looked beautiful but she didn’t really seem to have the confidence to wear the dress, the dress wore her and so the dress looked awkward. She was SO pretty though!

  31. courture dresses dont’ always photo graph well, that’s why dress decisions are such a big deal for stylist during awards season. They have to decide on how it will look on the actress, but most important photograph. If you look at the youtube footage this dress moves amazingly when she walks. I think the dress looks great on her. I bet the dress looked amazing on the runway, it just doesn’t photograph very well.

  32. Miss! While the shimmering material is beautiful the whole creation does not work together. And so does the overall style for KS.

    It’s actually a copy of all the other dresses they put her in: bodice, low cut top and hem. She doesn’t look comfortable in these dresses. Acutally I wouldn’t too, always beeing afraid of falling out on the top (sometimes her hunched shoulders indicate that fear more than that she has always bad posture) or creeping up down under.

    Shoes dito: change styles, wear lower ones (yes, they do exist) and if she had a floor length gown no one would notice and she wouldn’t need to be scared about tripping.

    Heartfelt advice: get other advisers, handlers or whoever
    it is who ignores your nature.

  33. Kristen:

    Please dress in white. You will leave people confused for days.

    From: A thirtysomething that has seen enough dresses on rag magazines.

  34. 1.tessnowhite says:
    5 May 2010 at 2:04 am

    You hit the nail on the head! My problem with her too. I guess that’s why when I saw the movies I didn’t “get” Bella. In the books it seems the character is happier than that.

  35. Jennifer says:

    I think she looked glamorous, definitely a hit. I love the ’40s starlet hair and smoky make-up. She definitely could have (& has) done worse. Again, I think she looked great.

    The MET Costume (COSTUME!!!) Gala is about being avant garde and not wearing the usual stuff. Fashion critics seem to forget this when they are critiquing the MET. Well done, Kristen!

  36. Sorry but one word comes to mind “Ugly” but than again I don’t really think she dresses that great half of the time anyway.

  37. Hit. Kristen could rock a shredded paper bag. I don’t think she could look bad if she tried. Love her entire look here.

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