Official Eclipse Website Updates With Cast Photos

The official Twilight Saga movie website has updated the Eclipse section with various photos. The photos are scattered throughout the site in various montages, but they are also most easily seen in the cast section. Notably missing is a shot of Booboo Stewart, Gil Brimingham, Billy Burke, and Bella’s high school friends. We’ve asked Summit for info on these missing people, we’ll update you when we have an answer.

The photos are not as heavily stylized as they were for New Moon. For example the wolfpack doesn’t look like they stopped off for spray tans. Also Alex Meraz, Chaske Spencer, and Bronson Pelletier look much more like themselves than they did in the New Moon group shots where Alex in particular looked very different.

Jackson Rathbone’s hair continues to morph yet again to another style. It’s decidedly less poofy than the previous films and a warmer shade of blonde. speaking of hair, we really liked the photo of Dan Cudmore. The weird combover thing from New Moon has changed.

So which star’s look is your favorite?


  1. i am on the eclipse the movie website, but there is no pictures like you are describeing in a cast section like for new moon….i am wondering if there is a problem with the website, or is it just because of the area i am in?

  2. I saw all of them…they look really great, especially Edward and Alice. Rosalie’s hair is a 100% improvement. Then there’s Jasper(??) I get more and more excited about this movie all the time!!

  3. Heather says

    I don’t like Emmett’s hair I liked it better shorter in twilight

  4. I think Emmett’s hair should be spiky. I hate Jasper’s hair ever since New Moon.

    I think Edward (smokin hot) looks the best and for the first time I realized that Elizabeth Reaser makes the best looking ‘classic’ vamp. She could be a vamp in another series easily she looks so awesome being a vamp.

  5. I like Jasper’s hair better but what is up with Carlisle and the “ken doll” hair?

  6. Wow, give away much? Now I know this group pretty much knows all the intricacies of the Twilight world, but those who don’t, may be spoiled with some of the descriptions. In particular, Esme and Jane’s.

  7. Jennifer says

    Bella and Jacob look better… liked Edward better in Twilight… Jasper’s hair is finally like the way its described in the book… Rosalie looks WAY better….Emmett has hair like the hulk…. Felix is 100% better…. Its still weird to see Bryce as Victoria… Sam looks younger….Paul looks weird….eeekkk love Jared….Embry looks sad…I thought Leah’s tat was on the other side?… Emily looks Beautiful…

  8. i actually liked felix’s hair better in new moon because it looks classic, less modern, which, if he has been around for quite some time, seems to fit better. the new, trendy hair just doens’t do it for me with his character. i don’t think it looks as frightening as the old school hollywood ‘do. and emmett’s hair in the book was supposed to be curly, so when it was super short in twilight it kinda bugged me. (not that any of this matters very much in the overall movie…)

  9. Am I going blind or is Seth not on the cast list discriptions?

  10. Not a fan of Alice’s hair. It was awesome and accurate in Twilight, but they seem intent on calming it down. Ugh! Now it looks like she got caught in a breeze, with just a few hairs out of place.

    Edward’s hair is doing a funny thing too. Bell bottom sideburns?! Really? Come on. It’s distracting me from his ordinarily perfect sparkliness.

  11. where are the pics?

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