It’s Volturi Venerdì: AKA Volturi Friday

charlie-bewley-and-a-koalaInstead of Wolfpack Wednesday, we are doing another feature called Volturi Venerdì which means Volturi Friday. To kick it off we are going to give away a signed photo of Demetri himself, Charlie Bewley. (Photo via Eyebehold)

We’ve met Charlie at several Creation Entertainment Official Twilight Tour stops and he’s very entertaining. He’s actually taken to sending us direct messages on Twitter when he’s not at a convention where he, in a good natured way, heckles Dan Cudmore on stage during his Q & A.

So from the cool UK accent, to the sense of humor, to the sort of overgrown cheeky schoolboy, we’ve fallen under Charlie’s spell. Tell us in the comments what you love about Charlie and we’ll pick a random winner at midnight est tonight.


  1. Charlie doesn’t hoover…. that’s what I love.

  2. What completely won me over with Charlie, is that him and I share the same interest in music. Me and him got to talk for a few mins and we talked about our favorite songs and DJs.

  3. I love how Charlie is just himself with interviews and at the convention, even on Twitter. It’s like he doesn’t feel the need to try and impress people. I really love that about him.

  4. I love his calm nature in New Moon. He need to come back from fishing. 🙂

  5. I think Charlie is truly grateful for the opportunities the Twilight franchise has given him. I love how happy he seems to be to be involved in Twilight and great he is to the fans.

  6. He is always himself and he knows how to have a good laugh

  7. He makes every single fan feel special, i really love him for this (and many other things!)

  8. I’ve never got 2 see him at a convention but my friend has and she really likes him. I’ve heard he is really funny. I also think he is really pretty 2 look at so 🙂 I also think he is a really good actor so please pick me.

  9. Tara Modisette says:

    I love his relaxed personality.

  10. kristi clark says:

    the fact he doesn’t hover, not only when Bella comes to stay with them… but also when he finds out about werewolves and vampires. he doesn’t want to know the deals just what he HAS to know. i love that fact. he cares enough to know.. but not know all of it.

  11. What I love about Charlie is his bright spirit! Just by seeing his smile, I get happy!!! I love the way he stamps a certain style on Demetri when playing him. I also love his love for animals too! 🙂

  12. kristi clark says:

    oops. wrong Charlie. for a second i thought Charlie form the books but you meant Charlie the person.
    i’ve never really gotten to meet him, but i’ve heard his personality is so relaxed. that he’s a really good person just to talk to.

  13. Kerri Daddio says:

    Charlie appears to take his work seeriously but also knows how to laugh and have a good time.

  14. I adore Charlie! He’s so sweet and down to earth. He’ll talk to you about anything and doesn’t mind. He’s definitely a person I’d love to sit down with for hours and talk to.

  15. Jeane C. says:

    Charlie is so handsome. In the movies he looks so young, but so wise beyond his years. He would make the perfect vampire husband. His charm is seen in his eyes. Simply mesmerizing.

  16. Those dimples!

  17. First time poster!!

    How can you not love him when he’s cuddling a koala? Almost makes up for his being the Volturi’s #1 tracker…

  18. Isserggia says:

    He’s talanted, open, energetic. He’s sort of a person I’d like to be. I love his smile.
    But the most important thing to me is that running a his fan-club turned out to be a great chance to get to know best people ever.

  19. I believe Charlie would make a marvelous KING 😉

    And he makes a fabulous vampire, too, of course.

  20. I love that he seems really down to earth. 🙂

  21. I agree with Victoria. Very … kingly.


  22. Lisa Marie Zitek says:

    I love Charlie’s sense of humor. IT comes across in the glint of mischievness in his eyes and smile and I love when he dances!


  23. I saw him in Montepulciano, and he buffled me because he was so absolutely kind and entertaining with everyone… I saw him going around with shopping bags, while everybody around him was practically freaking out for Kristen and Ashley, and he was humble and smiling, even though there were tons of girls screaming and taking pics… He is kind, funny and humble, that’s it.
    Uh, did I mentioned that he is totally amazing, too? 🙂

  24. storm1972 says:

    He plays Demetri with style, seems very down to earth and he loves animals as well 🙂

  25. Who doesn’t love a guy with a cute accent… and a sense of humor? 😉

  26. I love that Charlie has a british accent that is soooo hot!
    I love that he works the Robert Pattinson hair and that he plays my favorite Demitri! 😀

  27. marie-francoise says:

    Charlie is very close to his fans, and very kind when you meet him. he’s the best friend that we all dream !

  28. I like watching him in his video interviews. It is funny to see him so carefree and full of laughter, then, when you read the Twilight series when Demitri is featured, Demitri is sinister and a full-fledged killer. Complete opposite of Charlie Bewley.

  29. katie banks says:

    Well I’m not going to get on here and say ive met him and hes nice and out going,cuz I haven’t and he may be those things. All I know is what ive seen in the movie, magazines, t.v. I love the fact that hes not an ass to his fans,hes really hotttt,a good actor, and doesnt take it for granted from what I know that’s what I love about Charlie ohhhhh and his name is cute too

  30. Ariesangel491 says:

    accent gets me every time 😉

  31. What I LOVE about Charlie was in the film when he says the phrase “save some for me”. I would not mind going fishing with him at all. 😉 He is so adorably cute too…those eyes and that naughty little grin of his..(he can bite my neck 😉

  32. He’s funny and kind with the fans. I think that it is important and give more credibility to his work.

  33. I luv his smile and his sense of humor

  34. he seems like a nice guy and has a great sense of humor like the time he said the volturi was going too be naking each time they were in new moon

  35. he is so cute.

  36. I love how Charlie is just himself. He always seems so layed back and approachable. Seems like a great guy

  37. He is simply very sexy! Love his accent too. =]

  38. I love the way Charlie is holding that koala bear!! I’m jealous.

  39. I love that he loves KOALAS!!!!

  40. Megan Mc Dade says:

    I <3 Charlie cause he's hot, funny, talented and down to earth 🙂

  41. His accent!…nuf said

  42. SavyTwilighter says:

    I love Charlie because he’s cool, laid back (not in the sense that he’s mellow cuz he’s very energetic), and very funny. The thing I like most about him is that he seems to be himself no matter what. He’s very grateful to the fans and he has this attitude of if you like me great, if you don’t then that’s ok you don’t have to be around me. Although with that face, the sexy British lilt, and the fact that he doesn’t seem to hold back who he is, who wouldn’t love this guy^-^

  43. I love Charlie because I can’t look at him without smiling… those eyes, that face… He just always looks like he’s up to something – and I want to be in on it!

  44. He’s very down to earth but outrageously funny and seemingly kind and I don’t think I’ve ever seen him stop smiling.

  45. I love how he is so hilarious. And how he is alawys joking around with Dan Cudmore. He is an amazing actor and his accent is adorable.

  46. I like his accent and his beautiful eyes….he is such a hilarious guy:)

  47. i love the koala!

  48. His smile.It makes him look two.So cute.Oh,and I cant forget his beautiful eyes.

  49. Caroline says:

    I love his personality, especialy his sense of humor. I also love when he speaks French, I think I fell in love with him when I first watched videos of him at the Ultim’Twilight Convention in Paris. The fact that he his extremely gorgeous doesn’t hurt too =D

  50. I was at his first appearance at the Chicago Twilight Convention! I love the picture I got taken with him, and his shirt was really cool!

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