Kristen Stewart Signed Bella Doll Up For Charity Bids

kstewsigThe West Hollywood Elementary School has a signed Bella action figure by Kristen Stewart.  Proceeds are going to the school whose mission is to support and enhance the enrichment of learning at West Hollywood Elementary School by promoting each child’s growth in areas of academics, physical fitness and well being, as well as through the visual and performing arts.

Check out the auction here.


  1. I am a HUGE fan of the entire series, absolutely love the characters, love the books. I have them on audiobook and listen to them over and over again…I say that just to establish myself as a “true fan.” However…I gotta ask…why in the world do people want these dolls? Just askin’.

    • Why do people always ask this question on this sight? Some fans are doll collectors in general. I happen to be one. And proud of it. 😉

      • Twilight girl says:

        By the way, still waiting on Necca to make a few more dolls that would be nice to have ( Carlisle, Emmett, Rosalie, Esme…just to name a few)..this would be so nice to add to the collection if you are a collector like me and my friends are, and so is this charity that they are auctioning this doll off for. Thanks for posting the info.

      • No FANGS required says:

        Speaking of dolls and collectibles , Has anyone heard when the Eclipse merchandise will be available for sale. Love to have an Eclipse T-Shirt and of course the dolls (if any is made for the film). I have checked various sights and have not seen anything new yet. I guess Summit knows where all of my money is going this summmer. 🙂

    • OMG- I too listen to the i books over and over. Helps me sleep.

  2. Michelle Cullen says:

    Giving to Charity is always a wonderful thing to do .. This was nice. Wonder what else they have to offer?

  3. Helen Pauline says:

    I laugh every single time I see that doll. Bella looks so butch, lol.


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