Welcome to Twitter Kellan Lutz

kellan twitterHollywood Crush started the welcome wagon and though the account hasn’t been verified officially yet it seems legit to us based on the fact that an account belonging to a brandonjlutz links to the Kellan account and the Kellan account links back. The Brandon account was established well over a year ago, and at the time of this post the Brandon account was relatively low profile well under 500 followers and not much celebrity posting, pretty much daily life stuff—not really the hallmarks of a fake account.  The account also posts a picture of Kellan’s birthday cake which I don’t recall seeing plastered all over the Internet. So we are going to go out on a limb here and say welcome to Twitter Kellan Lutz, and if it later proves to be a fake then hats off, because that would be an elaborate hoax!

EDITED: He has been declared official by Summit and other sources.


  1. I totally new it!
    Welcome Kellan!

  2. Also you can view on twitter @Stbernardproj and see that they did say thank you to Kellan for volunteering in NOLA on the project. The project that @LellanLutz tweeted about. So hoping this twitter is legit!!

  3. It’s him. Caitie Uhlmann (@QuesoCabesaKT4) who’s Ashley BFF and a Kellan friend too is following him now!

  4. vampbball says:

    *laughing* So Rob just got on the “most beautiful people” list, huh? I think he’s very handsome, but look at the picture of Rob below this post, and then look at Kellan. Which photo makes your heart stop?

  5. I just joined twitter specifically BECAUSE of this!
    And to “vampbball” that’s great! Totally agree!

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