Tinsel Korey: Rap Artist, Who Knew?

This was interesting. We stumbled on this while looking for something else entirely. Roughly six months ago Tinsel Korey took part in an aboriginal rap video for the song Last Word from artist Wab Kinew. You can see the video below and the song is available on ITunes.


  1. Rosmelie says:

    I’m so glad to see this in video format now. I’ve heard this song so many times being that I’m either constantly on Tinsel’s MySpace to listen, or her fansite Tinsel Dreams. She’s so great.

  2. Tinsel did a great job. Love the song & the video. The topic is sad but fitting. We need to take care of our native bothers & sisters not fight among one another. You make me proud to me native!Keep doing a great job to represent!

  3. What a lovely voice she has.

  4. Beautiful!

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