Kellan Lutz in People Magazine

Kellan eyesPeople Magazine has a few tid bits from Kella Lutz in their current issue – six tid bits to be exact.  The page is titled “6 Revelations from Kellan Lutz.”  He talks about his role model, who he would most like to meet, and what makes him feel famous.  By my personal favorite revelation is that Kellan prefers to be hugged when greeting someone.  Having been the recipient of a hug from Kellan, I have to say that he is a wonderful hugger.  (Is that a word?)

Thanks to KellanLutzOnline for the story.  Visit their site to read more.


  1. He REALLY is a great hugger!! And a really sweet guy.

  2. Not that I don’t trust you ladies, but I think this needs further testing!! I’ll be the guinea pig!

    • Twilight_News says:

      He came around to the tables at a convention. We were given the choice, as a gourp, of talking to Kellan or hugging him. I looked at each person sitting at the table and said, “We are getting hugs. If you want to talk to him, go to another table!” Everyone laughed.

  3. I got a hug from him at the new moon nordstrom events he was awesome. He actually gave me two because he said give him a hug like I mean it so I did. He is an awesome hugger.

  4. TwilightRocks!!! says:

    haha these comments make me giggle! Who doesn’t love a hug from a handsome Vampire? 😉

  5. “I have to say that he is a wonderful hugger.”
    Lol! I will believe it when I will try it! 😛

  6. He is most DEFINITELY an AMAZING hugger!! I met him and he gave me three hugs because he loved the shirt I had made so much. I walked out and couldn’t breathe he had squeezed me so tight!!! 😀

  7. yes i agree, Kellan is a very good hugger.

  8. He is a great hugger! I met him when he was in Chicago during the weekend New Moon opened. I was shy and he was like “get on over here” and gave me a big hug! While he was signing my book, he asked how I liked the movie and I said “a lot! I’ve seen it 3 times already!” and he gave me another big hug and a high five. Really cool guy.

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