MTV: Shot by Shot Analysis of the Eclipse Trailer

MTV breaks down all the finer points you may not have noticed.

“Shot 21: Wolves and Vampires going at it, real end-of-the-world stuff, dogs and cats, living together (

Shot 21: Title card: ” … The World is Waiting For.”

Shot 22: We see Edward handing Bella a jewelry box and smiling. Clearly, he’s decided to take Beyoncé’s advice.

Shot 23: Jacob in his workshop, pounding his fist against a bench. Something tells me it’s not because he screwed up the frame on his soapbox car.

Shot 24: The new Victoria, Bryce Dallas Howard, sprints through the woods while bouncing from tree to tree.

Shot 25: Gratuitous no-shirt-Taylor shot! Hey, Slade is showing impressive restraint: It took him 1:14 into the trailer.

Shot 26: Victoria squares off against Edward and Bella in the snow. Looks pretty.

Shot 27: Edward topples the tree, knocking Victoria over a canyon. ”

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