Eclipse Trailer Reaction: Team 20 Somethings

Who said only the two year olds loved it! Let’s hear it for Team 20 Something from screams to tears!


  1. Those were great. I love how excited they were.


  3. Luv it!!!

  4. Tonya Reneesme Cullen says

    Margaret, that was AWESOME!!!! I felt like I was there watching it with you. I had pretty much the same reaction, except I was more excited by seeing Edward protect Bella, the wolves KICK BUTT and of course since I have CRAZY history with Felix, loved to see him. Now my favorite part was when he gave Bella the RING and the look of love he has for her afterwards……..
    Your right though, it was PERFECT!

    Can’t wait to hookup for 100 Monkeys Monday, more Twi-fun later and ComicCon in Sept!
    As you say “Rock the Volt”
    as I would say “Dazzle Me”

  5. LOVE!!!

  6. InLoveWithJackson says

    OH MY GOSH. OH MY GOSH! OH MY GOSH!! lol. I loved the first one the best. She was the most similar to my reaction. But she missed out the fangirl squeals. i do wish we saw a whole heap more Jasper though. One shot and the side of his head just isn’t enough!

  7. I think someone, (maybe 2 someones), need to branch out on their leisure reading!!

  8. hahaha ouch donsher. I’ll have you know that I’ve read other books…possibly some of them also contain vampires (The Mortal Instruments, Vampire Academy), but they’re different!

  9. Wow…. thats all I’m going to say.

  10. wow the last girl was pathetic. Im a big twilighter too…but SERIOUSLY. You dont need to effing cry over it. Come on! This is why people make fun of twilighters. jesus

  11. seriouslysirius says

    I think this trailer was good but not awesome. I mean it was good on Twilight standards. The thing is that when people are reacting this way I understand why people dislike Twilight fans. There is a reason and frankly screaming women and girls are ruining the experience. I don´t mean to be cruel but the thing is I´m so tired of screaming Twilight fans and I have noticed that other people feel the same way.

    • i agree with you, im a huge twilight fan but i never reacted that way..i screamed but not to the point that i tend to embarrass the franchise and other twilighters..

      the 2nd video was i think scripted..its just a trailer, wait for the movie instead and weep and weep just like i


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