Early Trailer Reaction Video: Team Two Year Old Checking In!

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  1. That was TOO cute!!

  2. perfectDream says

    oooh…she’s cute. but it’ll better not to show this to a 2year old guys

  3. oh man… that was too precious…

  4. She is too cute !

  5. Oh no! A vampire! Will they kill Bella? Will they kill Edward?

  6. Taterbuggy18 says

    yay! My Liz made the lexicon! Thanks guys!

  7. Saga Devotee says

    OMG! what a cutie!! I’m pretty sure those were my reactons too as I watched for the first time but I’m SURE i wasn’t that adorable. πŸ˜‰

  8. That is so totally precious!

  9. She’s TOO cute! Bringin’ her up right! =)
    “It’s a dog!” “No, it’s a wolf.” “Woof kill Bewwa?”
    SO CUTE! Officially leaving my post for the crier on Team 20 Somethings to root for her!

  10. edwardsmylion says

    Aww a girl after my own heart – worried about Bella and Edward.

  11. absolutely adorable! Definitely laughed watching all of these…but then again, i was definitely silly looking this morning too.

  12. mschicklet says

    “OH NO!” lol

  13. Awww her little face! So adorable and cute and sweet. I thought it was amazing how she immediately understood what was going on and to see it all play across her face was really special!

  14. Lily Cullen says

    Awwww, that was so cute!

  15. ooohh… so cute.. smooches to you sweetie..^o^

  16. Aww, she was so cute all worried about Bella and Edward. I love how all these little kids know the whole story because of their moms. There will be lots of babies named after the characters in the future too. My favorite parts were her reactions to the vampires. She really was worried. Too precious.

  17. What did she say at the end? Was it “what did they kill?” xoxo too cute! Showed it to my kids!

  18. haha too cute!
    love how she says vampire…

  19. genalovesjasper says

    that’s adorable!


  21. omg that little girl was adorable.
    my goodness were recruting as young as two these days ahahha =]

  22. Adorable!

  23. “Oh no! Bampires!”

  24. LOL! She’s adorable…loved the “Let’s watch it again.”

  25. awww:) haha love how spongebob is playing in the back

  26. omg soooooooooo cuteeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. mmmm exploitive much….2 year old watching Eclipse? Not cool, sorry πŸ™

  28. Aww, so cute πŸ™‚ Love it how she turns around to make sure her mom saw it πŸ˜€

  29. haha that was adorable!

  30. Pretty cute! I love the way she keeps looking at her Mother to gauge how serious the situation is from Moms reaction.

    However she does seem to be having trouble processing the images herself so it is probably not age appropriate.

  31. So cute. Hahaha I’m guessing she’s Team Edward. πŸ˜‰

  32. They should dye her hair brown and cast her as Renesmee lol