Kristen Stewart People Magazine’s Most Beautiful 2010

People Magazine as part of their famous Most Beautiful list, has a category for “Most Beautiful at Every Age”. Kristen Stewart has landed in the 20 something’s category.

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  1. Kristen is hot…

  2. She is beautiful!

  3. She is beautiful. I’m glad she won it.

  4. She is a beautuful young woman and a wonderful actress. Everyone should see her in ” Cake Eaters”. Amazing!

    • I agree, she was amazing in The Cake Eaters. Did you see Speak? She was equally amazing portraying an innocent and carefree girl that becomes a rape victim who attempts to live with the fear and guilt.

    • I second that emotion! Her performance in The Cake Eaters is one of her strongest roles and my favorite KStew films. Glad she made the list and I can’t wait to see her in Eclipse as well as future projects.

    • Kristen is so gorgeous! She definitely belongs on the Most Beautiful list. Congrats Kristen!

  5. She’s beautiful to me also. LOVE HER !

  6. She’s sooo GORGEOUS!!!

  7. She is so beautiful, expecially when she has a full smile. It brightens her whole face!

  8. So glad happy for her. I think she’s absolutely gorgeous. Congrats to Kristen!

  9. Lily Cullen says:

    She definitely looks much prettier when she looks like she’s not wearing any make up.

  10. Yay! Kristen totally deserves that title. She is absolutely stunning & I know that I don’t know her from Adam but it doesn’t seem like she runs around w/the attention-starved Hollywood crowd of actors her age. Plus, I think she’s a phenomenal actor.

    Congrats Kristen!

  11. Chernaudi says:

    I liked her quote: “I think it’s ridiculous that you need to look a certain way to be conventionally pretty.”

    Role model to girls and women her age.

  12. Talyn Domilos says:

    Of Course She’s Beautiful!!…..Was There Ever Any Doubt?

  13. I think Kristen deservs it cuz she’s a great actress

  14. She is amazing!she is definitely the most beautiful.

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