Ashley Greene: Nylon Magazine Article and Photo Spread

Ashely Greene along with Vanessa Hudgens and Portia Doubleday are on the cover of Nylon for May. There is a fabulous photo spread by Marvin Scott Jarrett and an article that covers Ashley’s rising career, the paparazzi, and the Twilight Saga:

Ashley Greene, on Twilight Paparazzi
“I know their cars. Bit there’s always people sitting outside my house. I put my own security system in my apartment because you have to worry about people getting a little too obsessed.”

About Twilight
“It’s a bit insane for me, because Twilight is this huge teen phenomenon and the fans are passionate and want to know everything about us. So, you know, we get followed around.”

Before getting booked at Twilight
“There were a lot of little things along the way that happened just as my parents would say ‘Ok, its time to come home and go to college…So I built a resume that I could, you know, embellish a little.”

On young Hollywood
“We’re not all crazy! … I feel like that whole generation, that’s dying down now, thinks they’re higher than God and can do whatever they want”

On Breaking Dawn
“If they make one, let’s be honest, I’m gonna do it.”

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  1. Ashley looks beautiful but I love her with short hair! And thank goodness she intends to do BD, there is NO other Alice!!

  2. I agree…I can’t picture Alice as anyone other than Ashley Greene.

  3. She looks so much different with her hair long. I saw her in some commercial for some kind of water the other day and didn’t even recognize her until after I had seen it like 5 times and heard them say Ashley Green. I though holy crap thats Alice!!

  4. Wait! You mean they’re not all signed already to do Breaking Dawn. Is anyone else a little worried by this statement?

  5. I’m not worried…. It would be silly for any of the actors to burn their bridges & not do BD. Except Kristen… We can replace her any day.

    • keep that opinion to yourself, please

    • Finally I find someone who thinks the same I do – it just hurts to think about how beautiful the Twilight movies would be with the right Bella. I don´t say, she´s a bad actress but she just doesn´t convince me in Twilight…

  6. of course she knows the paparazzis’ cars. she’s the one always calling them!!!

  7. I Love Ashley~~~~~~~~~> <

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