Eclipse Soundtrack Release Date

eclipsecropThe Eclipse Soundtrack will be released on June 8, 2010. is currently taking preorders, but there is no track listing or preview image for the cover of the CD.  Given the success of the two previous soundtracks, I’m sure everyone is on edge to see which bands will make the cut for the third installment of the saga.  You can preorder the soundtrack by visiting our shop.


  1. I’m kind of nervous but excited at the same time to find out.

  2. Mimi Cullen says:

    Does anyone know what groups/songs will be on the CD?

  3. AAAAAAAAAAAAHHH tenho as duas 1º trilha, mau posso esspera para a terceira. AMO AMO AMO. dia 30 de junho chega logo

  4. Jazz Girl says:

    Can’t say it enough. There’d better be some Muse!!! And, a little Robert Pattinson would be so lovely as well.

  5. I am so excited! I still listen to the first two soundtracks so the third one I hope is just as great!

  6. Maybe it is just me, but it seems strange to release the soundtrack before the movie. Maybe if it were a musical that would be different, but just weird.

  7. Noah Brighten says:

    As a huge movie score/soundtrack buff, MOST Album versions come out a few weeks before the movie. Typically I love it when the score is released this way, that way I can focus on the music aspect with out the images of the film in my head. It helps me better judge the quality of the score.

    I’m not overtly too jazzed by another “album” as much as I am for Howard Shore’s take on the Twilight Saga. In truth, I’m a little disappointed that Summit isn’t drumming up the hype for this.

    • I see what you mean by listening to the music, for the music instead of visualizing the scenes. I guess I am always used to visualizing the scenes, but you have a good idea.

    • I love the scores for both Twilight and New Moon. I really liked both soundtracks too. I don’t think alot of people take the time to really listen to the scores. They were both beautiful pieces of music.

      • Noah Brighten says:

        Well I’m a screenwriter, so I use a ton of movie scores to help me visualize a specific scene that I’m writing. It is for inspiration. Needless to say Itunes ownes my soul. 😛 I have right now 4525 tracks on my Iphone.

        The grandness of a movie score is how enjoyable it is away from the context of the movie. Scores like the ones for Star Wars are enjoyable even if you don’t know what scene it is from. Lord of the Rings is much the same way, as well as almost any Danny Elfman score.

        I wasn’t too impressed with the first Twilight score. It “works” in the movie, but I felt it was a bit jerky, but then again, I was expecting something more Edward Scissorhands, but that was just me.

        New Moon made well up for it. Alexandre Desplat did a fantastic job.

        I’m really looking forward to Howard Shore’s take on it as well. 😀

      • Katie-I have both soundtracks and scores. I LOVE listening to the scores because they take you right back to that part of the movie. I did like Carter Burwell’s score. I thought it had that great mysterious feel that Twilight needed. And Alexader Desplat was so hauntingly beautiful and sad at the same time. I can’t wait to hear Howard Shore’s score. I loved what he did with LOTR!

        • The only thing I didn’t like about the Twilight score was that Bella Lullaby wasn’t just piano. I did find a verion done by Stan Whitmire that is absolutely FANTASIC. It’s the same music, only just 1 piano. It really is beautiful. When I listen to it, the music really feels like it did when I read the book-if that makes any sense 🙂

  8. No fair…. no cover art… no track listing…. and we gotta wait…..

  9. Victoria says:

    Yes!!! I can’t wait!! I hope it’s really good. Man, that is going to be an epic week and month. June 5 – Bree’s story and June 8 – Soundtrack, then the premiere and then Eclipse! <3

  10. I think the music will really give us a good feel for what the movie will be like. I agree with the other TWIHARDs…more Rob would be amazing but not likely. I have thoroughly enjoyed the last two soundtracks and look forward to owning this one 🙂

  11. I love the soundtracks, too. My daughter and I played a game when the New Moon soundtrack came out. We listened to the soundtrack and then tried to figure out where they would be placed in the movie. Then wrote them down. We tied, with each of us only getting one song right(which were a part of the end credits). We both thought Satellite Heart would be when the months were going by. Possibility fit better, though. It was really hard because you don’t know all the scenes. Still fun.

    • I’ve enjoyed the soundtracks and scores for both Twilight an Eclipse. I have to admit, I didn’t get the Twilight CD’s till after the movie. I got the New Moon Soundtrack prior to the movie. I has pictured “Friends” as a Wolfpack song, so was a bit surprised by it’s placement.

      While I’m hoping for Muse (and Paramore… Please!) anything lacking on the soundtrack CD will hopefully be more than made up for by the beauty of Howard Shore’s score!

  12. I’ve been excited to hear Howard Shore’s score too! He did such a fabulous job on LOTR, I know Eclipse will be phenomenal. As for the various artist soundtrack, I’ve learned to just trust Alex Patsavas. She hasn’t disappointed yet, and has definitely expanded my taste in music. Whether Muse is on it or not, it will be amazing, and one worth owning!!! Oh, and I’ve learned my lesson on where to buy – always buy from iTunes. Why? Because just because a soundtrack at the store says “deluxe”, it doesn’t guarantee that all the songs will be on it. I made the mistake of buying the deluxe version from Borders, and now am having to decide whether to buy the whole album AGAIN just so I can get Rob Pattinson’s “Let Me Sign”. Lesson learned. I bought both the score and soundtrack of New Moon from iTunes, and plan to buy Eclipse there as well.

  13. I sure that the eclipse soundtrack will sound great and fit the mood (even without Muse) because Alexandre Petsvas (Music Supervisor for Twilight and new Moon) has delivered two brilliant soundtracks already. Also, SO FREAKING EXCITED TO HEAR HOWARD SHORE’S SCORE!

  14. sillygirl says:

    Even if it is Twilight, I won’t be buying it till we know what’s on it. Just because it’s the soundtrack doesn’t mean it has good music on it. And I agree with all the Muse people!!

  15. I have to say that I liked the Twilight soundtrack better than New Moon. Maybe I’m just not much of an indie fan. I DID like it, but I still find myself listening to Twilight more. On a side-note…I’ve been reading that Adam Lambert wants to be on the soundtrack. I can say with 100% certainty that is he is on the soundtrack, I am not buying it out of sheer principle.


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