Kristen Stewart Trifecta: EW, Vogue, and Flaunt

kstewrunKristen Stewart is going to be rocking the pages of a bunch of magazines in the near future.

First up is EW. They previewed a bit of what is to come in their summer issues.  They teased a bit of a Kristen interview:

“For Kristen Stewart, who reprises her role as Bella in Twilight: Eclipse, locking lips with costar Taylor Lautner (who plays her pal Jacob) felt odd—not just because she thinks of Lautner as a kid brother, but because Bella’s heart truly belongs to vampire hottie Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson). “It felt really weird kissing someone else as Bella,” says Stewart. “I was like, ‘What the hell are you doing?’ It was a really strange experience—as it should have been.”

Next, Kristen landed on Teen Vogue’s best dressed list for March. Good thing she was still 19 in March.

And lastly there is a 14 page interview of Kristen coming out in Flaunt Magazine


  1. I read somewhere that she may have a spot in Vogue (adult versus teen) any word on that happening? That would be just amazing I’m sure

  2. whats interesting here is that actors have to kiss others for roles all the time. If it felt wierd kissing Taylor and not Rob…well make your own assumptions 🙂

    • Danielle says:

      She meant as “Bella”, but yeah I see what you are saying!!

    • What is also interesting is that she said that it felt odd for her to kiss Taylor, but in another interview she said it felt natural (don’t quote me) for her to kiss Dakota Fanning?? It’s just a thought though.

      • She was talking about kissing someone else as Bella because of how Bella was so deeply in love with Edward, they belonged together. In the Runaways, she played Joan Jett who had a connection with Cherie. Therefore it would feel natural. They are roles, she is an actor. “Just a thought”…to imply what? I am sure Rob has plenty of thoughts about Kristen and has no doubt when they are alone.

    • Its just that even Kristen knows (feels) that Bella is suppose to be with Edward! lol

    • That’s called acting. She is in the role, the headspace, of her character. Bella would feel strange kissing Jacob.

  3. See? Even Kstew ‘gets it’… Bella just shouldn’t EVER be suckin’ face with Jacob… EVER!

  4. Ok why is kissing Taylor weird for her? Maybe because he was underaged when they film Eclipse. I am not looking forward to seeing that part in the movies because Taylor was only 17 at the time. I don’t think it will be that steamy. It is going to take some kind of acting to pull that scene off. I will probably leave the theather when it gets close to that part but then again if RPatz does not step up his game and do a better acting job, i may have to stay and wtach jake and bella swap spit.

    • She said it was weird as Bella…because Bella is completely in love with Edward, so she was like, what is she doing kissing someone else? And I don’t think it’s actually Rob’s acting that is lacking, it is how they are making him portray Edward. They are trying to make him pull off this troubled, cool guy act…and it doesn’t work so well. Rob’s acting is actually pretty amazing. His character in Remember Me was so complex, and he did an amazing job in the movie. It’s just a human actor trying to pull off what Edward is supposed to be….not so easily done. At all. 🙂

      • i totally agree with you mariah!!! Robert pattinson’s acting in Remember Me was phenomenal!! and afterall…Edward is perfection playing him has to be tough but Rpatz has done qutie a good job throughout the twilight movies.

  5. Oh for the love, people! We’ve all got the books memorized so we all know what’s going to happen & what the actors had to do to portray that on-screen. All I’m gonna say is that whether you like Kristen’s take on Bella or not, there’s no denying that this girl knows exactly what it means to be hot! Her ever-growing-confidence + fasion-sense makes her a sexy force to be reckoned with! You go girl!

  6. Rob’s acting ability? Has anyone seen Little Ashes? GLAAD Awards Movie of the year…

  7. I agree with everyone! It’s NOT Rob’s acting that is at fault. Every single script has pretty much sucked. (Melissa Rosenberg’s fault, NOT Stephenie Meyer). And Edward’s character is so controlled. Part of it is Rob’s fault though, cause he’s playing Edward as much more brooding than in the books. Stephenie even had to specifically point out to him that Edward LAUGHS…yes…that’s right…LAUGHS quite a lot in Twilight! LOL (And I LOVE Rob and cannot believe I just said something bad about him!)

  8. I’m sorry but kristen and bella are like the same person. Kristen is bella, they are just alike. when she talks about bella she says “I’m totally in love with my best friend but not as much as my true love which is Edward” so she is Bella.

  9. I think Rob is an amazing actor as are Kristen and Taylor. The problem, as I see it, are stupid scripts. I’m sorry, I have to say it, I do not like Melissa Rosenberg’s screenplay adaptations. In the books, Edward is kind, generous, loving, tender, funny and protective, but it seems like the only emotions he gets to portray are brooding and cautious. There is so much more to Edward’s character than ever goes into the movies. I think Rob is purposely seeking other scripts that will allow his abilities to be showcased, so far it’s not happening in the Twilight movies. Now, having said all that, I have watched both Twilight and New Moon so many times I can’t count them anymore, and will almost assuredly go home and watch one or both of them again tonight. I do wish that they were better and that Edward’s depth would be portrayed.

    • Oh my goodness EdenC! I AGREE WITH YOU 100%! Forget a new director, we need a NEW screenplay writer!!!!! I’ve been saying that from the beginning!

    • I agree as well. As well as Edward, Jacob’s character is meant to be quite a smart-ass in the books, he’s meant to be a little cocky, and they haven’t given Taylor a single funny/witty line to say in twilight OR New moon. It’s ridiculous- and unfaithful.

  10. She looks really cheap in that photo…

    And I fully agree with OTB and EDEN C WE NEED A NEW SCRIPT WRITER! Get a new one thats actually desent, and then REDO all the movies back to back with the same actors… yeah I know it won’t happen… but it’s great to think about.

  11. Kristen is hot… all I want for Christmas, or my birthday or even a surprise gift for being me.. is her in my arms.

  12. im not liking the top of the dress its kinda gross looking the leather mini looked so cute but this dress does not

  13. She’s look so GORGEOUS!!!
    She’s AMAZING and HOT in cover Flaunt mag!!!

  14. If she has the body to carry off something like that then why shouldnt she wear it? i think kristen stewart being one of the best dressed teens (though not applicable any more) is quite deserved!

    • Her stylists have been doing an excelent work, but on some pics I´ve got the impression she feeels quite uncomfortable in her nice dresses – her pose could be a little bit more elegant. And why can´t anybody tell her to keep her legs together when she is beeing photographed? That ruins the most beautiful dress!

      • I think she’s beautiful and can rock just about any outfit. But…that being said…I DO agree with the comment about keeping her legs together. Her poses are kind of not appropriate for the beautiful clothes she has on.

  15. Mhm, I didn’t like her kissing anyone but edward either….

  16. Man people you are alittle harsh on the girl, don’t you think. She’s a beautiful young woman, has great style and she is a wonderful actress. Sounds like a few of you might just be alittle green with envy?

    • Everybody calm down. If anyone tells she should keep her legs together it´s a question of style and class and not envy. This is a constructive criticism. Because she looks great. But could look even greater.

  17. Please Please new screenwriter! That’s all I can say.

  18. Veronica says:

    For people to be on Teen Vogue’s best dressed you don’t have to be a ‘teen’, they allow I think until age 23 or something.

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