Convention on a Budget

creation entOver the last several weeks, we’ve had a bunch of people write in and ask, “Is it possible to do a convention on a budget?” The answer is yes. We’ll show you how below. You can always upgrade (or for that matter downgrade) from our suggestion below. For the sake of our example, we are using the Creation Entertainment Official Twilight Convention, but most other convention companies have very similar plans, just read the fine print.

So figuring that a trip to the movies costs roughly $10.00 for the ticket and another $5.00 or so for your popcorn and soda combo. There is actually a way to get a day’s entertainment for about $10.00 more than your standard trip to the movies.

If you go to the convention on a Saturday or Sunday, you usually end up seeing three stars minimum do a Q & A, you get a Lexicon panel (sorry shameless self promotion), a Hillywood panel, chance to win trivia/costume contest prizes, and the ability to take as many pictures as you want of the celebrities onstage with your own camera, and you have access to the vendor room where you can drop more cash if you so choose.  All of this will run you $25.00, roughly $10.00 more than a trip to the movies.

Now let’s say you’re still on a budget but you want to upgrade a little. You can get an autograph with one of the actors in say your already purchased Twilight/New Moon Companion book so add $25. That brings you to $50.00 total.

Maybe you’re not into autographs, but you want a professional photo with you and an actor. That’s $40 to bring your total to $65.

Now let’s say you don’t care about professional photo ops or autographs, you just want to be able to take your own pictures and hear the actors talk, and you have all weekend. You can get the general admission weekend pass for $69. So you’ll get everything we described in our third paragraph plus more actors, panels, and trivia. And if you are dying for an autograph from your favorite actor, it brings you to $84.00.

So, there you have a couple of options all under $100 dollars, which granted is not cheap, but it does hopefully provide info to the folks asking. Like we said you can always upgrade from there if you want more like dances, personal meet and greets, preferential seating, etc.

Also one last item of note. Frequently on Twitter, because of the 140 character limit, people shorten the name of any Twilight convention to “twicon”.  Not a big deal, but it does and has caused some confusion because there was also a company that did a convention last year in Dallas that just went out of business called “twicon”. Creation Entertainment, HUB Productions, Twilight FanTrips, Eternal Twilight, etc. all have events that people sometimes shorten to “twicon” but these companies have never had any association with the shortly defunct TwiCon Partners LLC that did a convention last year in Dallas and was supposed to do two this year in Vegas and Toronto/Ottowa.


  1. Great post! Just one correction though, the unofficial convention, TwiCon, was to be held in Vegas and Toronto, not Ottawa. Not a big deal but I just thought I would mention it 🙂 I’ve had better experience with Creation Entertainment anyway 🙂

    • Twilight_News says:

      Actually about 3 weeks before it folded they had moved it to Ottowa because of the G-8 summit, but good point I’ll amend it for clarity

  2. i would give up everything i had to meet rob, i live in sc. what can i do?

  3. I think it is nice that they have several conventions and I know the actors are busy so it is nice to have a variety of actors at the conventions. But is there a convention where Rob, Kristen, and Taylor will be at?

  4. I actually went to a Creation Twilight show just a few weeks ago and had a blast. -The Lexicon panel was really, really good! I was shocked just how much fun it was and how much I learned!- For that show I practically had to sell a kidney (but I bought almost every extra and the gold seats) and it was worth every penny! I am going to take my daughter to the next SF show thought and we will not be selling kidneys! LOL!
    What I found is even in the very front my pictures came out bad due to the lighting, and for half the price you can sit just a few rows farther back. So, next time I will buy the perferred seats. Those are $149 but you get all 3 days and all the autographs for free! (The autographs for my show alone would have been $190 if I had to pay for them all separately.) So, this is more expensive then the options above, but if you really want to stretch your dollar and get the most for your money I would save up and do this!

    • Lisa- That is great to know about the ‘gold seating’ and how the pics came out. I’m looking to go to a convention later this year in Orlando and was debating on whether to spend the extra money and get the gold or to get the stepped down version and have to sit a few rows back. Thanks for the info. Really helped me to know a little more of what to expect as I have never been to any sort of convention-Twilight. Sounds like you had a great time. I’m saving my dollars! YAY!

      • Lisa Ann says:

        OK, so this is the trade off the gold tickets also give you the ball and concert on Friday and Sat. nights if you are at all interested in going then you might as well go for the gold seats. The ball I went to was a blast because we met a lot of people there and had a great time with them.The karakoe was fun for those who really got into it. Ours was hosted by Tinsel and Justin and they were great!
        BUT here is my honest advice, buy the cheeper tickets but splurge on the breakfast with the guest (Chaske and Alex for your show I think and they were both super cool and I’m sure would be fun to have 5 minutes with) or photos and the jpegs. I got to sit right next to Kellen and Peter for my breakfast and got my pictures with them too and it was heaven!!! Let’s just say ALL my friends have had to relive every single one of those moments with me again and again…
        Hope you go and have a blast!

  5. sexyflirt4twilight says:

    Good post, very informative but in NYC there is no way to get a popcorn and a drink for $5! Try $10, which makes the Creation Conventions a fantastic comparative bargain and you see everything in 3-D without the glasses!

    I went to the Creation Twilight Convention in New Jersey last year and I already have (2nd row!) seats for this year and I can’t wait.

    Anyone complaining about prices of tickets: check out what Lady GaGa’s concerts go for and you can be a mile away!

  6. I’m going to show this to my husband right now. 😉

  7. any advice on the Chicago show? i’m tentatively planning on going 300+ miles from St. Louis for that one!

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