Stephenie Meyer Talks About Bree Tanner on Her Website

jodelleBreeBurnAside from today’s press release ( see the entry below) announcing that there would be a novella covering the story of Bree (now Bree Tanner, she has a last name…who knew!) the newborn from Eclipse, Stephenie has provided a TON of extra details not covered in the press release on her website. Highlights below, but get over to to read the whole thing.

  • The novella started as a writing exercise back when Eclipse was being edited
  • Originally it was intended for the Official Guide, but it ended up as 200 pages and that just wasn’t going to work size-wise
  • There will be further word on the Official Guide by the end of the year
  • Melissa Rosenberg, David Slade, and Jodelle Ferland got to peek at Bree’s story so aspects of it could be included in the Eclipse movie.
  • Jodelle had to burn her copy after reading it for security (see picture).
  • The novel will be available in both a free form online at the website and as a hard cover book with$1.00 of the proceeds from each book going to the American Red Cross to assist aiding the earthquake victims of Chile and Haiti.

And speaking as fan who operate this fansite, Alphie and Pel think they can safely speak for the fandom when we say




  1. That was a really sweet message from Stephenie !! I can’t wait for this !!!

    • I also think it’s super nice that she is publishing it online. I’m sure her fans won’t disappoint her with book sales especially with the charity tie in.

      Thank you Stephenie!

  2. yay!

  3. So excited to be able to read more from Stephanie!

  4. I’d rather have Midnight Sun finished πŸ™

    • Why do people keep bringing this up ? She’s already said why and when it’s frustrating that people don’t get it.
      THIS IS BETTER THEN GETTING NOTHING ! And I love Edward but I love the other characters of this book a lot maybe even more.
      So I’m excited to here other perspectives.

      • Its easy to say that the author can make a fortune off anything she writes concerning Twilight. If I was her I’ld keep writing while the Twilight is hot.

        • I am personally eager for anything Stephenie puts out on the bookshelf for me to read. She is one of my favorite writers…”I cant blame any true fan for being eager to see MS be a finished product either”. Stephenie’s Fans are always ready to read her writings no matter what it is. So if we seem a little bit hasty about MS , then its only because her writings give us such a spark of anticipation that we just cant help This Novel is just a little icing on the cake and I cant wait for it. Thank you very much Stephenie and keep writing …we love it.

      • I understand that this is exciting, but it is unrealistic to expect people not to be disappointed that it isn’t Midnight Sun. You might love other characters more than Edward, but the majority of fans have chosen him as their favorite. Just look at sites that let you choose teams. On just one site team Edward has 14,000 while Jacob is in second with only 6,800. I understand that she is tired of people asking about that book, and I can understand her viewpoint on it as well. That still doesn’t change the fact that we are dying to have that book. It is impossible to suppress the initial disappointment that this newest release isn’t Midnight Sun…just saying. πŸ™‚

    • to hear other perspectives.


      Who cares about this minor character???

      • Obviously Stephenie cares about this character and wants to share that with us.

        BTW, I’ve seen your comments around the Lex lately, and they are always very negative. It’s kind of a downer to always see that.

      • Michelle Cullen says

        Any character that Stephenie wants to develope further for us to read about it fine with me…cant wait to see her work again. I would not mind it at all if she developed a little more info as far as the Wolves were concerned or Volturi too.

  5. Jeez, everyone would love Midnight Sun, why can’t some people be stoked about this too? I sure as heck am. SO FREAKING STOKED.

    • I know right. I’M SO EXCITED ABOUT this you have no idea. I was really interested and curious about Bree and the newborns when reading.

    • I am VERY VERY VERY VERY STOKED too because for one I love Eclipse and I think it will be intreasting to be in someone elses head to see what it was like and have a new perspective on the newborns and learn new things that we didn’t see with the Cullens, the Quiltlettes, and Bella. Plus, all of us should be truly grateful for anything that Ms. Meyer gives us.

    • I agree! Of course everybody loves midnight sun but I don’t know why people think Step had to choose this story or midnight sun and she just chose this one. It is either this story or nothing. I am very excited to read it, I loved eclipse and am excited to get a different perspective on it. Steph is being VERY generous letting us read it online. THANK YOU, STEPHENIE!

  6. Wow! I can’t wait to read this!

  7. I can’t wait!!!!!!! Woo Hoo!!!!!

  8. Tina Marques says

    I am soo Excited!! Thank you Stephenie! You are totally Awsome

  9. Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!! I’m running everywhere in the house, I’m soooo exited!!!! I can stop screaming like a little girl! O.k. I should calm myself… but… Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!! Thank you Stephenie! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

  10. This is very exciting! And the fact that it came out of nowhere makes it even greater! Thank you Stephenie!!!!

  11. What a kind thing to donate a part of sales to charity and offer it online for free! I was kind of resigned that we would never get anything new from the Twilight universe from Meyer so this is extremely exciting. It is obvious in Twilight that there is so much that the author has thought about and fully imagined that isn’t relevant to the character’s point of view so it isn’t included. I can’t wait for a further glimpse into this world.


  12. Who cares about Bree Tanner! Give the fans what they want: MIDNIGHT SUN!

    • ITA Donna! Midnight Sun looks so promising. We just have to hope that Stephenie can some day get over the fact that it got leaked and finish the book. I don’t know a single Twilight fan who wouldn’t want to buy it.

  13. Well it sounds good inmteresting …I honestly would rather have a backstory on the other members of the cullen clan.. Oh and Still waitin for the guide…

    • I would LOVE to hear Carlisle’s story from his persepective. I feel like we have a general understanding but would be better with his thoughts and feelings (especially his time with the Volturi).

  14. Go Stephenie! I’m so excited that she’s putting this out here for us! And here I thought we were pretty much through the book side of the Twilight fandom. So glad Steph got the inspiration!

  15. Iwould wait for Midnight Sun , than read this Novella.

  16. This is cool…nice tie-in with the movie and I can’t wait to read it, but like some others, I’d prefer to be buying Midnight Sun!

  17. Squee!

  18. This is so awesome! I LOVE Stephenie Meyer news! Just knowing that she’s still adding more to the story that we all love makes me so happy!

    Thank you Stephenie!!!

  19. I am looking forward to reading this, to get more insight, it’s still going to share observations of Bella and Edward too, and the whole fight scene. It’s given me hope that new Twilight stuff isn’t dead, and that one day Midnight Sun will be published. The fact that she is donating some on the profits and offering it for free, shows that Stephenie isn’t in it for the money and that she loves her fans and the story. I’m Team Stephenie!

    • I agree, it is a gift she said to us. She is a kind woman as you can tell. Plus I actually would love to see something new in the Saga on characters. Plus, that is very awesome that we can read it online and books that are bought, a dollar would go to the American Red Cross foundation for Hati and Chile.
      Way to Go Stephanie!!!

  20. NotExcited4It says

    It’s not that i don’t like Stephenie Meyer’s writing, I know I will read it, I just know I’m probably not buying it. Depends on the price of the book. Bree isn’t really a character I would like to even know about.

  21. The book can be pre-ordered through Barnes and Noble! At their “members price”, which they are currently offering everyone, it is less than $10 for the hardcover.

    And does anyone else appreciate the irony that the proceeds from a vampire book are going to the people who take our blood? πŸ™‚

  22. YouAreMythicalAfterAll says

    Does anybody know if it will come to Europe?

  23. For all you pessimists, its simply from Bree’s pov, but is meant to dish details of victoria’s rage, planning and attack plan. I’m so excited to read WHAT was really going on in Seattle! What a brilliant idea right before Eclipse so the die-hard fans understand what’s really happening in the movie with the newborns is really what she imagined and not something random Melissa Rosenberg put together!

  24. I am looking forward to this! It will be interesting to learn more about the contrasts from a more typical newborn vampire experience and Bella’s.

    And I think that Stephenie insisted allowing it to be available for free on the Web is really cool.

  25. AMEN! This is so generous of Stephenie. WOOHOO, indeed. πŸ™‚

  26. TwilightForLife says

    Can’t wait!!!
    When’s it coming out? Does anyone know?

  27. TwilightForLife says

    Oops stupid question sorry!

  28. So excited for this book now πŸ™‚
    Thank you so much, Stephenie!

    (and fingers crossed this’ll satisfy all the haters who claim MS is just hidden away out of spite.)

  29. lirael cullen says

    whoa that is cool… ^_^ can’t wait…

    Its actually made my day πŸ™‚ Bree was a tiny character but interesting, and im glad we’ll find out more about what happenned in Seattle. Also more about newborn life from a different perspective to Bella’s tame newborn life, so more like a raw and bloodthirsty newborn πŸ™‚

    I’ve seen so many negative comments today regarding MS, yes everyone would love to see MS released but jesus, Stephenie is bringing us a new book, which i think will be great and obviously she wanted us to see it, and all some people can do is complain!? Please show some appreciation and respect for Stephenie and the Saga.

  31. I just want to say that I’m genuinely excited and wholeheartly grateful about everything concerning this novella.
    I am looking foward to read something in Bree’s point of view and to gain new insight to the background of our beloved Newborn army. πŸ˜‰
    (And I really don’t see where all the negative response come from – it’s not that Stephenie is in any way obligated to her fans to write a specific book or not. It’s her decision what to write and what to publish. Some people just need to grasp that it’s not her duty or whatsoever to deliver a new book about Edward and Bella every year. Nobody has to read or to buy a book they don’t want. These reactions are – in my opinion – simply ungrateful and rude.)


    • amen! steph shouldn’t be expected to be some sort of slave to her fans’ wishes. she has a life too! and you can’t force creativity, unless you want it to come out rubbish. of course the majority of twilight fans would love to see midnight sun finished asap, but get off her back about it, will ya? honesty and objectivity are fine in posting comments, but overwhelming negativity just plain sucks. it seems like to me, if you are a true fan, that anything would be better than nothing.
      and it’s so awesome that she chose to make it available for free online, and then in addition to donate part of the process from the actual sales is awesome ms meyer, awesome.

  32. This is cool news! I’ll probably buy it since its for charity and all πŸ™‚ (that, and reading stuff on the computer is annoying haha!)

    But I do wonder, how can a dead vampire tell her story? XD Will she only tell it to a certain point? Interestiiiing I want to see how this works.

  33. This is wonderful news. Stephenie Meyer is unique, a gifted and generous writer, and all her success has not alienated her from us, her devoted fans. I will wait patiently for whenever she decides is the right time to release the Official Guide and Midnight Sun. I don’t think either one will be released until after Breaking Dawn is made into the movie and released. I’m hoping that they make 2 movies of Breaking Dawn – there are definitely 2 stories – I would say Breaking Dawn, Part I “Birth” and Breaking Dawn, Part II “Reneesme”. Just my thoughts.

  34. Does anyone know when BD will be out in paperback in the states. It’s been a looong time.

    I think BD movie would be best split this way:
    part one ends w/ Bella’s eyes flying open and they are red. That’d be an even better cliff hanger than the proposal in New Moon.

  35. Twilibrarian says

    As a high school librarian, this is wonderful news! The Twilight fan in me is ecstatic that Stephenie has gotten back to writing about her characters. What a great character study this will be, taking a minor character from Eclipse, and giving us a glimpse of the newborn vampire world. I, for one, cannot wait to sink my teeth into Stephenie’s latest work. πŸ™‚ All this talk about her finishing Midnight Sun might allow for a screenplay that will remake Twilight, from Edward’s point of view. Perhaps it can add some depth to it, by telling the Twilight story to Renesmee?!

  36. honestly, id rather be reading midnight sun!! that would be amazing! but i will for sure read this book. any true fan of twilight will read anything twilight related. but i say we all push for midnight sun!

  37. I’m super excited to have something new from her…its funny too, so far I’ve seen so much disappointment from people because we aren’t getting MS..yet I’m a little disappointed because I want more from the host Also, I want something truly new..which is why I’m not freaking out about MS..I mean we already know what happened…just from a different perspective, and its cool and interesting to see it that way. I have to say what I’m truly anticipating from her is a new book, that either takes an existing story forward or starts a new story completely. I’ll totally devour this one though and love it. Just my thoughts on it

    • I didn’t even read your comment before i put mine, but i totally agree with you! As much as I love Edward, Bella, Jake, and everybody, we have the movies going on right now. I want something new.

  38. i’m excited, just because it’s more writing from her. but i dunno…if i was stephenie i think i would focus more on romantic writing, her adventure/fantasy writing is…ehh…

    i really wish should would step away from the twilight universe a bit. the host sequel, anyone?

  39. I would rather read MIDNIGHT SUN please and thank you. That story had a lot of the Cullens in it… the family dynamics

  40. YEAH! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I have been dancing around work (I teach Middle School Social Studies and Language Arts and I have a shrine to Edward on my wall that my students add to every time a new pic comes out). Okay, so it’s not Midnight Sun but in all honesty, when I finished reading Breaking Dawn the first time I was so deflated that my depression was truly huge. I thought…it’s over. Especially when I saw “The End,” because Stephenie had never written that in any of her books. I couldn’t read another book for almost a year so instead I found myself stalking the fan websites looking to devour anything Stephenie Meyer may have written or conveyed. So today, when I read this WONDERFUL news on Twilight Lexicon, I thought, well this is just freaking awesome! I really wish everyone would just understand how hard it is to write. You don’t just sit in front of a laptop and start pounding away unless you have the “itch.” I realize she wrote Bree’s story years ago but even the editing process takes a while. Also, timing is EVERYTHING! I too cannot wait for Midnight Sun to come out, IF it ever does… but in the meantime, Stephenie can develop each character as she so desires in her good time. I’ll soak up each and every word just as I have the other 4 books! I am a loyal fan to the end and I have got just about my whole middle school student body totally addicted to the Twilight Saga. πŸ™‚ Thanks Stephenie and as I am sure you are aware, we love you and love your work!

    • Twilibrarian says

      From one teacher to another, it’s just terrific that the educational community has embraced these novels as integral parts of our curriculum. There are so many good messages, and it is great to see another work from Stephenie. I have my Twilibrary groupies who will be at my desk first thing tomorrow morning…..”Ms Rodgers, have you heard? I can’t wait to read this, will you order it for us?”

  41. switzy4ever14 says

    I can never express how grateful I am for Mrs. Stephenie Meyer. Yet another beautiful gift. Thank you so much, Stephenie. I am overjoyed to have another side of the story to read, especially as a neutral team member!!!!! I am so excited to hear Bree’s story.

    Stephenie- we will never, ever love you more than you deserve. Do not doubt that.

    <3 SWITZY LOVE <3

  42. Sweeeeeeet she has my last name!!!! Haha that fact alone makes me so excited xD

  43. Sweeeeet that’s my last name!!!! Haha that fact alone makes me so excited xD

  44. Let’s look at it this way….Perhaps the polishing and publishing of this story will get her back into the Twilight-writing mood. This could be our stepping stone to that elusive Twilight companion whose name she doesn’t want to hear. πŸ™‚

  45. Skydancer says

    I thought she had abandoned the idea of writing from Bree’s perspective, it should be fascinating!

  46. Amanda Dubs says

    Yeah you definitely arn’t speaking for the whole fandom and it’s not safe to do so. All over facebook groups and twitter yesterday and today people are thoroughly upset.

  47. twilightfanalltheway says

    Personally I love the twilight everything. My aunt is obsessed so i decided to give them a chance 2 weeks ago. I have watched both movies and read all the books twice in 2 weeks. I became instantly obsessed, but seriously give me more twilight, I want bella, edward, the cullens, the wolves…..I don’t want pointless background on a character that was alive for a whole 10 mins. I hope this book doesn’t ruin her career, because she is an excellent writer and inspiration to a person trying to become a writer (i.e. me) I hope the new movie coming out will save her career so she can finish MS before the twilight phase is over.

  48. I am so excited that there is a fifth book coming out to the twlight series. I cannot wait to read it.

    I’m hoping one day there will be a book about Jacob and Nessie.

  49. my mum has allready orded it for me and it sounds so amazing i am really exsited πŸ™‚

  50. i love bree tanner . so cute. why did she have to die????????????????????I love pretending i’m Bree. please reply.i can’t wait to read the BOOK

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