New Novella By Stephenie Meyer: Bree’s Story


Here is the press release direct from Little Brown:




NEW YORK, NY (March 30, 2010) – Little, Brown Books for Young Readers, a division of Hachette Book Group, has announced today that it will release the first new title from Stephenie Meyer in nearly two years. The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner is a novella told from the point of view of Bree, a character originally featured in Eclipse. The novella (at 192 pages) will be released at 12:01 a.m. on Saturday, June 5, 2010 in hardcover for $13.99 with a first printing of 1.5 million copies. One dollar for each book sold in the US from the first printing will be donated to the American Red Cross International Response Fund, which supports disaster relief efforts such as those in Haiti and Chile.*

“I’m as surprised as anyone about this novella,” said Stephenie Meyer. “When I began working on it in 2005, it was simply an exercise to help me examine the other side of Eclipse, which I was editing at the time. I thought it might end up as a short story that I could include on my website. Then, when work started on The Twilight Saga: The Official Guide, I thought the Guide would be a good fit for my Bree story. However, the story grew longer than I anticipated, until it was too long to fit into the Guide.”

As a special thank you to fans, Meyer is giving them exclusive access to the novel on a dedicated website,, from June 7 to July 5, 2010 where fans from around the world will be able to read the book online in English. “I’d always considered The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner as something for the fans,” said Meyer. “They have been so supportive of all things Twilight.”

Visitors to the dedicated site will also find a link to the American Red Cross website (, where they can make a donation and learn more about their relief efforts worldwide. “I have been moved by the generous outpouring of support for the recent crises in Haiti and Chile,” said Meyer. “I am glad that sales of this book will support the American Red Cross with their amazing efforts abroad.”

“Fans have been waiting with bated breath for a new book from Stephenie,” said Megan Tingley, Senior Vice President and Publisher of Little, Brown Books for Young Readers. “We are doubly thrilled to be giving them the opportunity to read this exciting new work as well as contribute to an important cause at the same time.”

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner is the riveting story of Bree Tanner, a newborn vampire first introduced in Eclipse, and the darker side of the world she inhabits. The novella chronicles the newborn vampire army’s journey as they prepare to close in on Bella Swan and the Cullens, following their encounter to its unforgettable conclusion.
The character Bree not only features prominently in the book Eclipse, but in the upcoming movie from Summit Entertainment. “Stephenie was gracious enough to let me read a draft of the novella while we were prepping the movie The Twilight Saga: Eclipse,” said Director David Slade. “I thoroughly enjoyed the story and it gave us great insight and inspired location choices and the tailoring of scenes. I think fans are going to love the fascinating details involved in the loves, fears and actions of an emerging vampire.”

The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner will also be available as an ebook beginning at 6:00 a.m. EST on June 5, 2010. Additionally, more information about the previously announced The Twilight Saga: The Official Guide, including publication date, will be released by the end of the year.

In less than five years, Stephenie Meyer has become a worldwide publishing phenomenon. The Twilight Saga’s translation rights have been sold in nearly 50 countries and 100 million copies have been sold worldwide.
*Donations to the American Red Cross from the US sales of The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner will continue until all first printing copies have been sold or at the end of a two-year period from the initial publication date, whichever is the first to occur.

The American Red Cross name is used with its permission, which in no way constitutes an endorsement, express or implied, of any product, service, company, opinion or political position.


  1. Amy Darlene says

    OMG OMG OMG Can not supress Fangirl Squeeeeeeeee Wowzers… I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!

  2. Wow I’m really excited about this and that Stephenie has been working on or has finished the Guide which we need !
    I wasn’t expecting this and it’s weird how these things just spring out of nowhere.
    Yea I want Midnight Sun but I’ll take anything Twilight or Stephenie related.

  3. the official guide? info by the end of the year? I prepaid mine on Ebay over a year ago, I am sure i will be paying for it again.

    On a better note, what a great surprise this new book is!

  4. Olympic Coven says

    Wow, it will interesting to see this part of Eclipse come to fruition from Bree’s point of view.

  5. And I thought she would never write of vampires again… go Stephenie! *They should probably make a short film of this, too* Buying this book will give us an idea of how Bree came to be, and help the American Red Cross. 😀

  6. Well this is just a little bit of awesomeness to start the morning. I have been waiting for Stephanie to publish more. Glad she is expanding on the Twilight story characters. I hope she continues this with other characters as there are so many interesting ones. Glad the Red Cross is included as I know Twilight fans will gobble up this Novella and now help a good cause.
    Way to go Stephanie!
    Can’t wait to see Eclipse even more now since there will be this new info from Bree’s perspective that may come into play.

  7. Anne Winch says

    I am excited about this. It will give some insight before the movie. Gives me hope on that other unfinished shall be nameless book that I NEED her to finish.

  8. ILoveAliceCullen says

    This is so cool!
    I mean, she finished it. Does that mean she’s “into” the vampires again?
    That would be great, maybe Midnight Sun will be released too.

    I don’t care when MS will be released, I would be happy with it if it’s in twenty years and I will be grateful when it does!

    The Bree story seems very nice to me too. Can’t wait!

  9. Amy Darlene says

    It’s nice that Bree can do some good in the world even past her 2nd death(don’t we all wish that)…if only Jane had let her

  10. I’M SO EXCITED!!!!!!

  11. bored by the sea says

    OOOOOHHHHHH MYYYYYY GOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!sorry literally could not surpress my fan girl sqeueeeeee when i heard this earlier its awesome something new from Stephenie!!!!!!!!!!! she really is my favourite author i freaking love her writing style+by the sounds of this its going2allow us a further insight in2 Eclipse!!!

  12. juliette729 says

    this is cool and all, but what about the Guidebook!! (ahem or midnight sun?)

    • She’ll eventually get there but I’M HAPPY WITH THIS story because I like Bree and the newborns so this is really cool !!!

      • Stephenie will get there when she gets there, its hard to write with pressure. not to much pressure stephenie, but I CAN’T WAIT

  13. It is great that Stephanie is creating more vampire stories. Bree would be interesting to read. I think it would be great if she could do short stories on some of the Cullen family like Alice, Carlile and Emmett. Also, if she could finish Midnight Sun that would be great too.

  14. As something new to read, this is very exciting. However I would have preferred her to finish Midnight Sun. BUT considering she wrote this while in preparation for the movie Eclipse it makes me VERY NERVOUS!!!! The book Eclipse if FULL of information to put on the screen without adding more details than or giving about the “newborn side”. I really don’t care to see any more interaction with Victoria, Riley, and Bree then what was given in the book. To me it sounds like they have added a lot of things in the movie that were not in the book regarding the newborns. In my opinion, she is releasing this just days before the film so that fans can’t “freak out” over things that are in the movie that are not in the book because those things will be in this “short novel”. So in I am excited to read something new, but I do NOT like what this implies for the movie.

  15. we can read it online first? niceness!

  16. HOLY SECRET KEEPING, BATMAN!! How did she keep a new book under wraps that long???? WOW! Excited to read it!!! Probably explains why the Guide was taking so long to come out. This gets my hopes up that she might go back and finish Midnight Sun in the future. LITERALLY BOUNCING UP AND DOWN IN MY CHAIR RIGHT NOW!!!

  17. mrsedwardcullen912 says

    @JJ-she didn’t write it in preparation for the movie. She said she wrote it as an exercise while she was editing Eclipse in 2005. She simply let the director see the rough draft to help him.

  18. Oh my word! Is it my birthday?

  19. Oh my word! Is it my birthday?

  20. Emilypruitt says

    Wow this was totally out of the blue In the most amazing way!!

    Just when you think you have her pegged the throws a curve ball; and delightfully so. Normally I think I’d see this as a bit of a publicity stunt to keep Eclipse in everyone’s mind & ensure people pay to see it. However, with Stephenie’s great note and clarification this seems much more like a true gift to her fandom. Which is amazing. It doesn’t worry me about the movie because Slade only mentioned it as a basis for scene selections and the tenor of the newborn scenes. We knew this would be a larger factor based on not only Slade’s style, and the universality of movies’ point of view but also to give the movie more mass appeal. I think this novella will really charge the fandom for the eclipse release and I’m personally excited to be privy to what a “normal” newborn transformation is really like since Bella’s was so a-typical. If that provides more insight and appropriate measures to the newborn army then that can only be a good thing especially since it’s coming directly from the source. Maybe this novella will also provide us insight as to why we saw those scenes in the lumber yard and other imaginative sets from the preview.

  21. The American Red Cross would make a lot more money with even a tiny smidgeon of the residuals from MIDNIGHT SUN!!!

    MIDNIGHT SUN, STEPHENIE! Please give your fans what they’ve been begging for since Twilight hit the shelves…


    • ITA Donna. I don’t care about Bree, so this news doesn’t excite me that much. I would love her to finish Midnight Sun, the chapters that are on her website are so good…

      • Thank God there’s ONE person on here who agrees with me. I’m being criticized for not being POSITIVE about this!

        I wasn’t aware this was a “positive comments only” site. 🙁

        • Yeah, I saw that comment too, just ignore it. I know lots of fans who agree with us. Even though we’re Twilight fans, that doesn’t mean we have to like everything Stephenie writes. I know this book will probably add interesting details to Eclipse, but for me this series has always been about Bella and Edward, so I’m not that into reading about Bree.

          • Agree with Donna and Maelina here. YOu are not alone. It’s totally up to Ms. Meyer and whatever she chooses to do is her business, but I am not interested in Bree. I will keep my fingers crossed for Midnight Sun.

          • I completely agree. Although (of course!) I will read the Bree book, the reason why I LOVE twilight is Bella and Edward. I love anything and everything related to them, and they are the reason why I liked Catherine Hardwick’s “Twilight” so much. Because she did such a great job capturing their love and chemistry. I even got (slightly) annoyed in B.D. when she switched to Jacob’s point of view. I was like “NO! Why not Edward??” And that’s why I can’t wait for Midnight Sun. I like the other characters and all, but they are all supporting roles. It’s the love story I care about.

        • Amanda Dubs says

          No excited. Where are the other Host books she promised? She’s been a hermit for way more than a year and this is what she does to placate us?

    • blueyedbella says

      I’m with you…I don’t care at all about Bree. I was actually disappointed when I first read about this new book in USA Today this morning. I wish she would be working on midnight sun. I definetely won’t be buying it…

    • I also dont really care about Bree story dont get me I’m all cheers for Stephanie writing about our fav Vamps again .When I read the news I thought she was writing maybe about Alice,well I just hope she finishes writing Midnight Sun and this new Bree back story does not take the movie in a whole nother direction

  22. MrsLautner09 says

    Can we buy it in stores , or do we have to buy it online?

  23. OMG!!! So excited! (ll)

  24. i dont understand , im from argentina ! and ! ammm amm this book iss …. ??? what ?? the twilight saga ? 😐 @mathii_ ( twitter)

  25. this better be better than twilight

  26. Bring on the novellas. I’d love some background stories on any and all characters!

  27. Wow, I am seriously happy that Stephaine wrote a new book… or a short story.Stephanie is in my top 5 favorite writers. But, we all should be truly grateful that we have a new opportunity to read more into Eclipse. I have a feeling that this Novella is going to open the Eclipse doors up so we can see more and know more to the story, instead of being in Bella’s head. Yeah, I want to see Midnight Sun but, I can wait if she does decide to go with it. But, I am really hoping that Stephanie writes a sequel to The Host and other projects. So yeah, but I am very phyched for the movie because Eclipse is my favorite book out of the series and for the new Novella. Hope all is going to be amazing! Oh! And I can agree today is a great day because well for me is 1. the book and 2. I have spacers taken out today…
    Happy Early Easter to everyone.

  28. is it just me or is anyone else kind of peeved about this? i mean, don’t get me wrong, whenever a successful writer publishes anything, it is a privlege to the fans, but i feel like i was hoping for a bit more.
    I really thought she was taking a break from the whole Twilight Saga which i completely understood. After creating 4 massive books (that i am completely in love with by the way), the woman def deserved a vacay from the land of vamps and werewolves.
    But now this is coming out and i can’t help but wish it was a fifth book in the saga or maybe even midnight sun.
    When she was on Oprah a few months ago she even said she knows what happens next in the saga and just doesn’t feel like writing it (even though her mom is begging her to).
    Sorry if this is harsh but i sort of wish she would just suck it up and write the next book!!
    Sorry to bring down the celebration but seriously, this annoys me.


    • You can join me. LOL I’ve already voiced my displeasure. I won’t buy it. I’ll wait and read it on the Internet.

    • You know, I do wish for a fifth book b.c it seems that there are some things that need to be tied up…

      • Really?? I kinda thought 99% of the story was wrapped up with a big red bow on it by the end of BD. You don’t usually get that from a book series, and I loved that about the ending.

        • I mean by, I want to see a fifth book but, maybe not in Bella’s Perspective but in maybe Nessie’s, Jake’s, or Edward’s that is years later. It would be nice to see if Nessie and Jake survive their relationship and also, things with the Voultori…

    • Yep, count me in as someone who is disappointed, but it’s cool. I will keep waiting….

    • blueyedbella says

      I’m with you! I’m actually kind of fed up with Stephenie now…her excuse has been that she doesn’t want to write about vampires, and that’s understandable I guess (though I can’t for the life of me figure out why…I’ve read the series about 6 times since discovering it last year and haven’t got tired of it a bit 😉 ) it’s like she knows exactly what the fans want and she it purposefully not giving it to them…

  29. Sigh...... says


    Another horrible book from a horrible writer….

    I have lost what little hope I had left in Mrs. Meyer.

    Please, God save us all.

    • Twilight_News says

      Pats the little troll on the head. Feeds it a cookie. Does the ickle little angsty troll feel better now that someone paid it attention?

      Obvious people here like the books. It may have escaped your notice that it’s a fansite. People love everything from collecting bottle caps to worshiping Henry James.

      And some people’s obsession is even to be wrapped up in something they hate so strongly that they are are on a mission to tell people on a fansite about their anonymous angst…go figure. But if you tell us your address, we’ll send you some Alka Seltzer and Pepto for your upset stomach.

      • So are people with negative comments being asked to either not voice them or leave because we’re somehow not a good enough “fan”?

        Or worse yet, are we being put down because we…OMG…say something bad about the franchise on here???

        I LOVE the Twilight Saga. I write numerous fanfiction stories about the characters. I have Twilight memorabilia, Twilight walls in my office, etc. I AM A TWILIGHT FAN who just so happens to disagree with the general “everything SM does is wonderful” idea that a lot of people have.

        Her writing is not sublime. She’s an adequate writer who had a wonderful idea that struck a chord with a lot of people. That’s it. There are a horde of amateur fanfiction writers out there who can write circles around her!

        • Your patronizing comment is insulting, btw…

        • Twilight_News says

          No Donna,

          If you would read this person is not a fan. She is a troll “stupid writer, stupid series, etc”. Certainly there are fans who are happy or not about the book. This person however just doesn’t like Stephenie Meyer period and came here to whine, there’s a difference.

          you made your feelings clear on this and other threads, did we comment on you? No. Please take the CONTEXT into account.

          • My apologies…I didn’t realize we had a troll in our midst. 🙁

            I, however, am a true fan who just sometimes disagrees with the crowd.

          • Twilight_News says

            And there’s certainly nothing wrong with that!

      • Literature says

        Agh, doesn’t anyone understand that Miss Meyer’s book series has greatly hurt my health? Also, just a question for you “twi-hards” out there, how did a little fan-fiction like this get published?



        Lexicon mod edit:
        Why hello there “literature”, who has the same IP address as “sigh”. In other words you are THE SAME PERSON who is (forgive me Billy Idol) who is talkin to herself, talkin to herself -elf woa oh uh oh. We get it, you don’t like Twilight, you want us all to realize the error of our ways, and you according to your other post seem to think we are stalking you, yet we haven’t gone any where. You keep coming here. You might want to look up the definition of stalking. Between trying to strengthen your point by making up other user names and accusing us of stalking when you are the one coming here, you’re not really doing yourself any favors in teh credibility department.

      • Sigh...... says

        Well, well, well, I see someone is being very immature.
        If this is you, Pel, listen up, I can say whatever I want about your precious overated piece of what you call “literature.”
        What is this, a nazi regime?
        Yes, I am calling you “twlighters” nazis.
        You have no right to shut me up or put me down. I have the right to say whatever I want about the Twilight Series and Mrs. Meyer.
        Now, do me a favor and leave me alone. I am not telling you anything. You have no absolute right to poke into my personal information. If you threaten me to give you any personal information again. I will and I can call the authorities.

        • Twilight_News says

          Oh looky! The little troll is back! And it has a persecution complex! Wow! They come to our site, without us stalking THEM, and think that we are fixated on them. Hon, I don’t care whatcha do! I don’t care if you run naked through town with I HATE EDWARD AND JACOB IS A PANSY tattooed on your chest. You came to my site, and I responded. I didn’t go looking for you.

          And the fact that you have to express your angst on a Twilight blog is hilarious! ATTENTION FANDOM! The troll wants to make sure we all know how she feels and wants to cure us of our delusions of Twilight love. Cue violin music and golf claps!

          Let me know how that works for ya!

          • AMEN!! The Lex Ladies are made of class and awesomeness – you are the champions!!

          • Twilibrarian says

            Did I miss something???? Were’nt the trolls in Lord of the Rings? No, wait! They were hobbits. Maybe Doby stopped by. No, wait! That was Harry Potter. No, wait! Wasn’t that Cedric Diggory? Didn’t he become a vampire? No, wait!!! I am one super-confused librarian! Oh, REMEMBER ME?? It was the Three Billy Goats Gruff! The troll was under the bridge! Wink, wink! 😉

  30. After reading all of these comments , I just wanted to say “Thank You” to Twilight Lexicon for bringing us Fans ALL of the latest news. I always know that I can rely on you guys anytime. I never have to look anywhere else for what I need to know. You guys are the best. I said this because you guys dont seem to get told enough. I know that I am only one voice but still yet I WANTED to let you guys know that “You are appreciated by the fans”…Thanks again.

  31. Trolls ever here the expression, if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say it at all…

    Anyways, I’m super excited about this and am now going to Borders this weekend to A. Reserve and B. Talk to the Manager about maybe hosting a party for it if Borders hasn’t already decided to… I’m in pretty good with my Borders Manager! Well, I’ve have a mission to do!

  32. Girl didn’t even mention me. Boooooo.

  33. Meh, I’ll check it outta the library or read it online if I can to see if it’s worth even buying.

  34. This has made my day, thank you for just a little bit more of this beloved series. Thank you Stephenie for once again sharing this world with us. I cannot wait to read it!

  35. Thank you Stephenie – your fans thank you.
    This news is so exciting. She’s been so quiet lately – had a feeling she had something coming our way. She must have been hard at work. Guess she didn’t need so much of a break from the vamps.

    Oh happy day!

  36. Chelsa nielsen says

    I’m so excited!! I can’t wait for this book to come out! I have always wondered what was going on with the newborns in Eclipse.

  37. I cant wait to read this but think Stephenie should REALLY finish Midnight Sun =/

  38. Some back story on the Volturi would make me happy but this is cool too 🙂

  39. Callie Yana says

    I love this idea! Like all of her other fans, I would really like her to finish the “Midnight Sun”! I am super excited about it and cannot wait until it gets published! I think this book about Bree is a very good idea and I am most definitely going to buy it and help the unfortunate in Haiti. I wonder if Stephenie is ever going to write more to the series? She is such a talented writer and the more that she writes and publishes….the more her fans will read. I personally hope she continues this escape from reality and writes about Renesmee and her journey through life. =D

  40. Two things…

    First: I’m anticipating this book simply because I’ve always been curious about the newborns, victoria’s planning, and THE fight (since BD didn’t really have a fight). Not necessarily that it’s about Bree, but everything that goes along with Bree. Really?! “die-hard fans” you’re not curious to read a view of the fight or the planning by Victoria?

    Second: I find it pretty hilarious that a complete Twilight hater finds it thrilling to post their feelings on a fan site. Fans who dislike the topic is one thing, but someone who obviously despises Twilight is another. Find a friend already and tell then how you feel!!

  41. awesome definatley will order one for me and my nice she love one too…

  42. OMC!! (Oh My Carlisle) I can’t wait! =D=D I’´m sooo exicted! =D=D=D

  43. It look’s good.

  44. Love that SM is writing about anything related to Twilight!! I kinda thought I would have to be happy with just the four books forever…Although when I was first told that she wrote another “Twilight” only one book came to mind….But this will work for now 🙂 Mine is already pre-ordered!

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