Jackson Rathbone Weighs in on 3-D and Breaking Dawn

Jackson Rathbone gives our personal favorite answer to date on who should direct Breaking Dawn!


  1. yeah Stanley Kubrick would be funny but think about what kind of weirdo movie BD would be?! :O *shudder* worse than the book im sure

  2. Sure, sure. The guy is really, really dead. Jackson is a hoot.

  3. It might be a good idea…if the guy were alive. LOL!

  4. shannonh08 says

    What a cutie! I agree with Jay….I don’t think BD should be in 3D. Really don’t see the need.

    • I agree, don’t see the need for it be 3D. JR is a cutie 🙂

    • i would LOVE the movie in 3d. i don’t see how it could destroy it. have you guys SEEN avatar or coraline? you can always watch it 2d. it doesn’t hurt anything but would make action sequences look unreal.

  5. Kate Canfield says

    They would only distroy the movie if done in 3D.. Please don’t do it!!!!!

  6. I agree……its not really a 3D movie


    I agree….not really a movie for 3D is would cheapin the experience that is twilight. Love Jackson!