James Woods Scouting Locations For Movie With Kristen Stewart

According to Buffalo station WGRZ, to actor/director James Woods is scouting locations in the Buffalo, NY area to film a movie called American Girl starring Kristen Stewart.

“I was searching for the heartland of America, and I couldn’t think of a better place than Buffalo,” said Woods in an interview with 2 On Your Side’s Stu Boyar. Woods plans to step away from the silver screen and take on the roles of director and producer. The film, entitled An American Girl, is set to star Kristen Stewart, the actress most commonly known for her leading role in the Twilight films. Stewart will play a woman who enlists in the Marines in hopes of finding herself, only to be wounded in the line of duty…”This movie honors all people who stand in harms way for others,” said Woods. “It is a message not told often enough in this industry, and I’m proud to be a part of it.”

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  1. Yay I love this news. I’m a huge Kristen fan sorry Rob.

    • Why do you say ‘sorry Rob’? Why would it concern Rob if you’re a huge Kristen fan?

      • I’m not a very big Rob fan don’t kill me people ok. He’s a very nice guy but he’s not my cup of tea. And I haven’t seen anything where I actually like him in. I love Edward but I just feel bad that I’m not a fan I tried and the sorry is because I feel bad. I wish I was a big fan like I am with Kristen Stewart’s maybe it will change but I just hate that I don’t like him as much as other people.

        • That’s not what I meant. I meant to ask why do you feel it’s necessary to mention Rob when this post has nothing to do with him? And don’t worry, Rob has enough fans without you.

  2. Adrienne says:

    that’s awesome I’m 2 hours from Buffalo

  3. I thought Kansas was the heartland of America? hmm… The movies sound pretty cool and her character seems very interesting. I’m looking forward to it.

    • Jenn, I agree, when they said they were looking for ‘the heartland’ I never,(and I mean never) would have thought Buffalo, NY. I have asked everyone i know the same question, what state or town do you think of when I say ‘the heartland’? Without fail they all picked a southern, midwestern, or well, anything except NY state. When I mentioned it, they laughed at me.

      • Actually, I live and grew up in Buffalo and the city is legitimately one of the best examples of “heartland.” It’s a former industrial metropolis that is no longer the center of commerce it once was; however, it is an incredible cultural center while simultaneously being seriously tight-knit. And if you want farms and cows to be heartland, go 20 minutes outside of the city and you’ve got it.

        I really don’t think it’s fair whatsoever to say that “heartland” needs to be in the south or midwest – that’s just a literal interpretation of the word. Chicago, for example, is midwest and doesn’t exactly bring to mind “heartland.”

        Now, keep in mind I’m not necessarily biased because the LAST THING I want is Kristen Stewart and a bunch of screaming groupies in my city (I honestly think the girl’s an awful actress). I just don’t think you all make fair assumptions.

  4. I get so proud when I see the actors from this series getting such great roles. I know it sounds silly, but when Twilight came out a lot of ppl were downing the actors. Saying they were horrible. Well, I think the roles they have done since Twilight proves they are really talented people.
    I just get all “mama proud” now when they do something great, and make a point of seeing/buying the movies they are in.

  5. Kristen is unstoppable! Does the girl ever come up for air? This sounds like a great movie. Looking forward to it. I’ve always liked James Woods.

  6. Uh oh…what are the odds that she is going to shave her head for the role and have to wear a wig for Breaking Dawn?

  7. Kristen as a Marine. Ok I can’t see this so I’m more excited about it. If Kristen wants to go GI Jane more power to her. I can just see the cast rubbing her head on BD. hahaha! Although most female marines do not shave their head but the hair does have to be in regs so wonder what she shall do?

  8. Hi i live near buffalo, New York and i LOVE the Twilight Saga im like the twilight sagas biggest fan, my mom said they might be filming part of Breaking Dawn in buffalo,new york or in niagra falls is this trueI

  9. omg is this really happening?!? Kristen Stewart coming to Buffalo New York? But i live in Buffalo, a city that nothing remotely exciting happens. Pinch me im dreaming.


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