Twilight: The Humans Point of View, Utah Signing

utahsigningThe Utah blog In This Week had the chance to interview Justin Chon, Mike Welch, and Christian Serratos before the Salt Lake City DVD release and signing.

“The priority for me was to first and foremost please the fanbase. How do you do that? You capture what Stephenie created to the best of your ability. So having Stephenie on set was an enormous help. Her approval meant more to me than anything. If she likes what you are doing with the character she created, you are on the right track. I respect film critics in what they do, but with what that said, and particularly in this case, I think that this franchise is accomplishing what it set out to do, which is to please the fans, ” Welch says.

See more on In Utah This Week. Via TwiMoms


  1. Well put. These guys will never get an Oscar nod for the franchise, but they are doing a good job at bringing the books to life. Hats off to them. Bold moves for their career in accepting this fact and sticking with the franchise.

    • You just said what I was thinking….As far as I am concerned they all deserve to win any award for the hard work they do to try and bring these characters to life and also make us fans happy. Thats why we love to be their fans.

    • Amen!!

  2. Lavinia Cullen says

    I agree with stacey 😀

  3. Christian!