New Last Airbender Trailer

Via TwiFans


  1. Is it just me, or does Jackson look SO much better as Saka than he does as Jasper?

    • No, I agree with you and I am going to go out on a limb and say it all revolves around the hair. His “hair” in NM is terrible! Looked much better in Twilight & I think it will again in Eclipse.

      • I thought the wigs of NM were horrible. Ashley’s was better in Twi and they bleached Jackson and Nikki’s hair for Twi. Then Switched to wigs. From what I can tell the hair is much better in Eclipse. Given Kristen had to wear one because of what she did for the Runaways. Why didn’t they put a wig on her for Runaways and leave her hair natural? Personal Choice?

      • i couldn’t agree more. jasper’s hair totally ruins the perfect-ness of new moon. i can’t keep from bursting into laughter when he delivers his lines because his hair is atrocious, poor guy! i’m SO relieved that jasper’s hair will look better in eclipse! THANK YOU!

  2. AliceKikiCullen says

    …I think he looks good as both Sokka and Jasper. 🙂 I CANNOT WAIT FOR SUMMER!!! YAY!!!! I just got a thought, are we getting any eclipse footage at the Kid’s choice awards? I know we’re getting Last airbender footage but what about Twilight?

  3. So i love twilight. But, before twilight, there was avatar. So when i heard that jackson was going to be one of the main characters in avatar, i was thrilled. i can hardly wait for the movie to come out.

  4. katesinlove says

    I think Jackson Rathbone is pretty great but to me Sokka is one of the people who will make or break the movie because he is like the comedic glue that keeps the team together in all their trials. I hope he can do it.

    • I hope so too. Though I can’t really imagine Jackson as Sokka…

      • After seeing him goofing off with his band mates during some interviews with them and listening to some of his music. (Keep Awake for instance) 😉

        I can *totally* see him as the adorkable Sokka!

        I am looking forward to the Last Airbender almost as much as Eclipse!

        • TanaBlack says

          I think Jackson will do great. I loved avatar before i even heard of twilight (confession) and Sokka is my favorite character. (Some cartoons are good!) I absolutely can’t wait! The only thing I’m afraid of, is as some other people said, there won’t be enough comic relief. We’ll just have to wait till the movie!

  5. Pretty Cool!I’ve watched the animated one on Nick,but this is not the same,Its more about the war..I hope Jackson is like funny like Saka!:)

  6. *bounces up and down and up and down…*
    GAK! FIREBENDING! DUDE! It looks awesome. Poor Zuzu, though, he’s been ruined.
    Still looking forward to actually seeikng Jackson with a sense of humor.

  7. CANT WAIT!!!
    See the cartoon if you haven’t yet. THe animated version is awesome, even with the slapstick comedy. I will miss it with this new film!

  8. Wow Jackson with his hair back!!! I’ve wanted to see this since I first heard about the project.

  9. i was extremely confused last winter because of avatar. For somereason I always tought they were talking about this movie cuz the nick show was called avatar the last air bender.. so im a little excited to see this now…….


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