Jackson Rathbone Compares Twilight and Dread

jacksonrathbonedreadJackson Rathbone is a pretty busy guy he has Eclipse, The Last Airbender coming out this year. Dread hitting DVD. He filmed the indie feature The Girlfriend which also features 100 Monkeys music, and then there’s the 100 City Tour he’s on with the band 100 Monkeys. He also is rumored to just have landed a role in Truckstop, and then there’s Breaking Dawn which, given his schedule, is probably good that it’s not a Jasper heavy book!

MTV caught up with Jackson (although we aren’t sure how given his busy schedule) and talked to him about Dread and Twilight.

“Despite the fact that “Twilight” isn’t really a scary movie, Rathbone said there are similarities between “Twilight” and “Dread.” “One of the things I like is when different worlds collide. With the ‘Twilight’ films, you have the horror element of the vampire, but it becomes more of a romantic action film with the vampire falling in love with the girl. With ‘Dread’ it’s kind of the same thing. Clive Barker’s world is usually more of a mythical gothic world, but ‘Dread’ is more of a personalized psychological thriller instead of a horror. It has the horror elements, but it’s much more of a person-to-person drama.”

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  1. Lavinia Cullen says:

    hmmm interesting 😀

  2. We already put it on the netflix list lol….

  3. Ugh! he’s so gorgeous!

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