The Lexicon’s Birthday Giveaway #3!

This month we celebrate four years of being on line with the Twilight fandom. We posted a podcast three weeks ago talking about all kinds of funny moments and lessons learned over our time online.  Every Wednesday for the rest of the month we will be giving away birthday gifts to you, our dedicated readers, as a way of saying thank you for sticking with us and supporting us. Each week we will ask a question that can be answered by listening to the podcast.  All you have to do is listen to the podcast for the answer and then post your answer here on the blog.

This week’s questions is: The Lexicon was on the set of Twilight on the worst day of filming EVER.  According to Alphie, which actor always says something to her about it when they meet up at a convention?

This week’s prize: A canvas tote bag with the “What I Learned From the Twilight Saga” listed and autographed by Mike Welch, Justin Chon, Peter Facinelli, Kiowa Gordon, Chris Heyerdahl, and Charlie Bewley.

If you want to win the autographed tote bag, reply to this post with the correct answer. We will choose a winner at noon on Thurs. March 25th.  Good luck!


  1. It’s Justin Chon!!
    The umbrella chick rocks 😉

  2. Noy Rosenzweig says

    It was Justin Chon! 😛
    poor Eric yorkie 😛

  3. Justin Chon

  4. wild guess…….Justin Chon.

  5. Justin Chon!

  6. Justin Chon!

  7. Julie Anna says

    Justin Chon

  8. Justin Chon 😀

  9. egregiousgirl says

    justin chon!

  10. Justin Chon – “That’s my girl! She was there all day!” 🙂


  12. Justin Chon!!!!! 🙂

  13. The one and only Justin Chon!!

  14. Lavinia Cullen says

    Justin Chon ! now give me that AWESOME bag :X:X:X:X:X *Excited*

  15. laura resnick says

    Justin Chon. (:
    I want the bag pleasssssssse !

  16. Justin Chon! Oooh i wanna win that bag!!! Charlie and Kiowa signed it! ahh!

  17. I want to say Catherine Hardwiske, but since you said actor I’m going with Kristen Stewart.

  18. Justin Chon. It was the rain on the beach!

  19. Justin Chon

  20. Christina Deavers says

    Justin Chon

  21. shannonh08 says

    Justin Chon

  22. Adilia Megara says

    Justin chow…btw I watched “Forks” u guys looked great!;D

  23. What if it wasn’t Justin Chon and all you were copying the wrong answer.

    Alas, it IS Justin Chon ha ha!

    =) Thanks ladies!

  24. It was Justin Chon!

  25. Justin Chon… gotta love him 😀

  26. Justin Chon!! I think you also mentioned that Mike Welch and Catherine Hardwick always bring it up too. You guys get total Twilight cred for that! 😉

  27. Justin Chon.
    I’ll be honest..I’ve never listened to a podcast until now. You ladies are hilarious! =]

    ps; happy birthday!!


  28. Brittanylovestwilight says

    hahahaha Justin Chon!

  29. Justin Chon! ha ha

  30. Justin Chon! WooHoo!

  31. Justin Chon!!!

  32. Sarah Powers says

    Justin Chon! that was great thanks

  33. Angela Veach says

    Justin Chon.

  34. Justin Chon….

  35. Amanda Sanchez says

    Justin Chon aka Eric Yorkie =D

  36. dimple091378 says

    My guess would be Justin Chon.

  37. Justin Chon!!!

  38. Emma aka most likely to steal Alice’s Porsche. says

    It was the always amazing, fun, hot Justin Chon.

  39. It’s my fave human Eric! AKA…Justin

  40. Justin Chon! 🙂

  41. Justin Chon

  42. Justin Chon! Would love to win the bag! So glad to have found your site! Happy birthday! March 6th is my birthday, too – great day! 🙂

  43. Hahaha it’s Justin Chon.

  44. justin chon

  45. Justin Chon!!!

  46. Justin Chon =)

  47. i think you said it was Justin!

    (meet you guys at nash conv in Jan)

  48. Definitely Justin.
    Oh I hope you are coming to Chicago Twitour????

    • Twilight_News says

      Katie –

      Chicago is one of 3 Twi-Tours that we can’t make! It’s too close to the premier and movie release for us to commit to it. There is a very slim possibility, but at this point we have no plans to be in Chicago. Sorry!

  49. Justin!

  50. Ariesangel491 says

    Justin Chon!!!