The Lexicon Turns Four!!


The date was March 6, 2006.  Very few people had heard of Twilight at the time.  In fact,  only had about 35 stories posted under the Twilight heading.  When you looked up the name Stephenie Meyer it was probably spelled with an “a” and if you said the name to someone they most likely replied, “Who?”  The number of Twilight related websites on the Internet could be counted on two hands.  There was no Twitter.  There was no Facebook.  There was just the hope of someone finding your web address.  And so it was with little expectation that the Twilight Lexicon went live.

When we opened the site we honestly thought that maybe 100 people would ever visit us.  We celebrated and cheered when the hit counter reached 500.  We were amazed when people actually recognized us at book signings.  And we never ever thought that we’d end up on a convention stage telling our stories or going on set visits or even on the red carpet.  We have always been a couple of fans of a really fun series who feel so fortunate that we have been able to ride this wild ride.

In honor of our birthday, we – Pel and Alphie (Laura and Lori) – have gone and done something that we haven’t done since before Eclipse was published: we have recorded a podcast!  If you were around “back in the day” you might remember that we called them Forkscasts.  We stopped doing them because, frankly, other people were doing it better than us!  But we figured we’d record one for this occasion and fill it full of stories of things we’ve done over the last few years.  Hopefully you will all be entertained and laugh along with us as we prove just how silly we can be.

Now, a birthday wouldn’t be a birthday without gifts!  As a thank you to our readers who have kept us on-line and come back every day for their daily Twilight fix, we will be giving away special prizes every Wednesday for the rest of this month.  We promise you that these are prizes that you will want!  All you have to do to win the prizes is answer the trivia questions that we will post on the next few Wednesdays.  All the trivia questions will come from the stories we tell in the birthday podcast, so even if you haven’t been around since the beginning, you can still have a chance to win.  Keep checking back for more info on how to enter.  And watch our facebook and twitter pages because we might give away a few things over there, too!

But for now, leave a post to this entry about how you found the Lexicon or your first memory of visiting the site.  And if you know what we mean when we say “red leaves” then let us know!  No prize this time, but we’re just curious if anyone remembers them.  They were sorta pretty!

Again, many thanks to all of you for visiting us!  Here’s to another great year!


  1. happy bday to u, happy bday to u, happyyyyy bbbdayyyy Lex happpyyyyyyy bbbbbddddaaaayyyy toooooo uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu (8) xD

    Happy 4Th Aniversary Lex!!! u rock!!! thank u so much for all the hard work!!!

  2. Twilight Lexicon does a great job! Seriously, I think I would go crazy without my daily visit. I saw the website link on Stephenie Meyers page and my first impression was “WOW these people love Twilight as much as me!” It really keeps me up to date with all Twilight news and I feel like it enhances the entire experience of Twilight.

  3. Happy Birthday Twilight Lexicon! Thank you for all you guys have done for us Twilight fans and you’ve become a great example for the rest of us Twilight Fansites! Keep on doing the GREAT JOB!!!

  4. i love the stories it is so great hearing your voice i was laughing so hard and my mom is sleeping in the next room


    Well done guys! 4 years… WOW! 😀 Well I came across the site while I was on a desperate search for anything Twilight. The books were finished and I needed to fill the gap. I can’t remember exactly how I came across your site (it might have been through, but I know that once I did, I kept coming back! 😀

    You guys have given us fans the best news and twi-info available!! Thank you for making us all so HAPPY! You are FANTASTIC!!! 😀

  6. Happy Birthday! Hope you keep providing my daily need for Twilight news.Even if I don’t live where all this events happens, you still make me feel part of the experience.thank you.

  7. I googled twilight 3 years ago and your site came up. I have been vistong religiously twice a day since. Happy birthday lexicon!!!

  8. Allyson says:

    Happy Bday Lexicon! I found the lexicon in August of 2007. I had just started college, saw all these bumper stickers on face book about Bella and Edward…and I’m like who are these people? So on a trip to buy things for school I guilted my mom into buying twilight, read it in like a day, and randomly searched it on the internet for fan sites. It happened to be around the time when they had just announced Twilight was to be made into a movie on the Lexicon…I started obsessively following the regular updates…and have been following the lexicon faithfully ever since!

  9. Happy Happy 4th Birthday!!!!! I’ve been visiting ur site on a daily bases since 2008 and I THANK U! I thank U for keeping us FANS up to date everyday. KUDOS to u all!!!

    Keep up the good work. Luv u guys!

  10. I first found out about the lexicon by a link on Stephenie’s site! That was the only twilight site I looked at for a while when I first started the series and I wanted something that updated everyday! So I saw the link, clicked on it, and just read all the up to date news and immediatley bookmarked it! I have checked everyday since then and that was march 2007 when I was a junior in high school! I am now 19 and a freshmen in college! I am still a twilighter and so happy I have somewhere to check everyday to get my twilight-fix!!! Thanks and happy birthday!!!

  11. Adrielle says:

    Happy Birthday Lex! Happy 4th Anniversary!

    Think might have found the the Lex when I was desperately searching anything Twilight related online back in around late 2006 – early 2007. I had just started reading Twilight then. Still fondly remembered the forums of old as was a constant lurker.

    The lex is still my choice to go to for my twilight fix because I can trust the website.

    Great job to those maintaining this website! Cheers to many years to come!

  12. Heart-felt congratulations to the mighty Twilight Lexicon! I think I learned about your site from Stephenie, saying it was the “brightest star…” (w-o-w, 3 syllables). I Googled later for Twilight news, and ta da, when I saw the quote, I knew this is the place.

    Just want to put in a plug: The Lexicon has awesome ads, from really good companies. I know you probably only get like $0.02 worth when I click on them, but I am grateful for what you offer and even if it’s just a little thing, every time I visit, I make sure to click on a few of the best ads I see (open them in other tabs on my browser), and check out the sites later after I’ve read & enjoyed your fun-yet-authoritative view on all things Twilight.

    Without exception, the sites the ads point to are always well-designed and offer something compelling. Obviously, lots of hard work involved.

    So I just want to encourage everyone:

    If you want to thank the Lexicon for their daily awesome-ness:


    And thank you, thank you, thank you. I notice how much work and thought goes into what you post, and really, truly appreciate it.

    (Even though I’m a guy, with the worst possible name for a Twilight fan. Ever.)

    <3 <3 …<4!

    • michelle says:

      nah, i think the worst possible name would be caius…maybe aro…..they are much more diabolical!

      • LOL, that’s true, Michelle. At least the Volutri are kind of cool in an evil way; I have the ugly tracker vampire’s name.

        However, I do “one up” the Volturi’s names in ease of spelling and pronunciation. Yea.

  13. Camilla says:

    I found this website two years ago, and yes, it was by googling ‘twilight’, as far as I can remember. I joined the boards a few weeks after that, and since then I have made some of the best friends I’ve ever made. I left after the boards were shut down for the release of Breaking Dawn, and sadly never came back. But I still check the blog daily and thank you for everything – you are truly the best Twilight fansite around!

  14. Happy Birthday Lexicon!!! So glad their was people to turn to once I got bitten by the Twilight bug!!! Love your site!

  15. Happy Birthday, Lex! I’ve been a Twi-Obsessed for the last year and you are my daily fix from the very beggining! Thank you for the great worrk with the updates and the forum 🙂

  16. Happy Birthday Twilight Lexicon! I found you just after “Twilight” the movie came out. I hadn’t seen it yet but read my daughter’s book that was lying around. After that, I was obsessed! I found your site by visiting Stephenie’s site, the name just jumped out at me. Now, I check the Lex a few times every day to get my fix! Thank you for being there, for putting together this great site & for keeping me informed minus all the gossip (that’s the part I appreciate the most). I love commenting like this; blogging is something I’ve never done & this is the only site I do it on.

    Again, Happy Birthday & thank you, from the bottom of my heart!

  17. happy birthday Twilight lexicon iam a newbie only found you a few months ago but love it i check it every day keep up the good work

  18. I found you guys a LOOONG time ago-probably about 2 or 3ish years ago-on stephenie meyers website. I was instantly hooked. You guys are absolutely amazing and have really helped me with my Twilight fix every day since I first clicked. Not only do you deliver the news, but you deliver the accurate news. I never have to be afraid of seeing some stupid paparazzi pictures or reading a rumor when i come to your site. Thank you guys so much for continuing to be the best Twilight site out there. 🙂

  19. Jennifer says:

    Congrats & thank you so much for what you do!

  20. arazcal says:

    The Lex. raises the bar and holds the standard for
    what a Twilight site should be.

    It’s ya birthday…It’s ya birthday uh huh, uh huh!!

    Wishing you MANY MANY MORE! I love me some Lex. 😉

  21. sillygirl says:

    Once upon a time I had gotten obsessed with the Twilight series. But here I was impatiently waiting the arrival of the final book. It seemed like that last book was never going to be released and so I needed a fix. I googled Twilight and this was the first site I came across. before I knew it I was checking this site everyday for my daily dose, and have been doing so ever since. It was such a relief to find others with the same obsession! Thanks for everything you do guys, Happy B-day!!!

  22. shannonh08 says:

    Yeaha! Congratulations on 4 wonderful years!!!!! CHEERS!!!!!

  23. For my twilight fix, I subscribed to the myspace twilight fixation blog. Well, at the end of all the post, they would always put, “Thanks to the lexicon.” I always wondered what that was, so I checked you guys out. Now, I no longer log onto myspace, you are the only source I go to for all things twilight. You’re reliable, on top of it, and you truly love twilight! You bring us truth, and that’s what I as a fan of the books and the movies love about your site.

  24. gkn1ght says:

    I am extremely new to the site – found you through the SM site. I swore when Twilight came out that I wasn’t going to fall in with all the teeny boppers. My husband made we watch the movie about a month ago and I’ve been hooked ever since. Read through all four books in 7 days. I wanted more and went searching. Eventually found you guys and I have come everyday since then. Thanks for doing such an awesome job! Happy Birthday.

  25. HAPPY BIRTHDAY.. Thanks from the UK for bringing my daily fix of Twilight News. Love the site which I found from visiting Stephenie’s website. I only got into Twilight last year but I’m so addicted.

  26. Magiclily says:

    Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag from Germany, thank you for you hard work, your site is the best

  27. ChemicalGirl says:


    I first heard about twilight back in 07′ right when eclpise was released. After I finished all 3 books I wanted more, so I googled it and your website came up. I’ve been going to your website everyday checking for new updates since then. Thanks for all of the hard work y’all do to keep this website going.

  28. It was October 2007. 3 women had recommended that I read Twilight. I decided to “go for it”. After reading them I immediately went to Stephenie Meyers website. At the time, she had just a couple of fan sites and The Twilight Lexicon was the one she recommended the most. So I clicked on over. I loved all the extra information from personal correspondence and the timelines and character descriptions. I had never done a fan forum and decided to check it out to see if there were other people as obsessed as I was. I was thrilled to find that the answer was YES. Thank you for this terrific site. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  29. I am very new to the twilight world, and I found your sight thru Stephenie Meyer’s web site. I was hooked by your conversations with Stephenie posts. While I am a Twi-Nana-I adore the books, enjoy your posts with what is new in the Twilight world.

    My daughter in law who never reads anything longer than a magazine article insisted that I read Twilight, and I was hooked.

    I check in at least once a day, thank you!!


    Patsi, Twi-nana

  30. Larissa says:

    Happy Birthday!

    I had just read Twilight and couldn’t wait to get to a bookstore to get the next book, I had read it as a request from a friend. I went to her website and found the link here. I was absolutely amazed. I really love coming here everyday. Thank you so much!

  31. oleander says:

    Happy Birthday, LEXICON! You have been my saving grace when I had no one else to talk Twilight with. I used to live on the forums!!

    I was honoured when my chapter summaries were used here for Breaking Dawn, and I am hoping that at least one member of the LEX will be in Toronto in July so I can thank you properly for all that this site has done for me. I have made friendships that will last a lifetime.

    Cheers, ladies and a HUGE THANK YOU for all that you’ve done for us.

  32. Mostly Silent Fan says:

    Happy Birthday! I just wanted to THANK YOU! You are the most reliable source for Twilight-related info – not gossip – and that’s saying a lot. You have integrity, standards, quality & up-to-date info, and a passion for Stephenie Meyer’s work. You are my Twilight source. Good job!

  33. Happy B-Day Lexicon!!

    I stumbled upon your site about a year ago. Keep up the good work. Even when I am checking out other “Twi-sites,” you are my “go-to” source for doublechecking the facts on all things Twilight.


  34. Happy B-day!
    Great site!

  35. Happy birthday!!!! I very much appreciate you site and check on the news daily. I discovered you from being on SM website. I love the sagas and have read them several times. I am a Twi-grandma and my kids and grandkids say I’m obsessed and I guess I am.I loved the character bios and the correspondence with
    Stephanie. Thanks again for all you do for Twilight and the fans.

  36. Carmen C. says:

    Happy Birthday Lexicon! This is honestly my favorite Twilight website and I can’t help but visit daily to see what news you’ve gathered =). I’m also celebrating my son’s 2nd birthday today so what a great day! Again, Happy Birthday and thanks for all you do!

  37. Happy Birthday!
    I’ve been coming to the site for about a year and a half when my kids told me to read Twilight. And of course I fell in love with it. My friends sent me here and I come visit this site everyday. It is wonderful. Thank you for doing such a great job!

  38. I first found the Lexicon after I finished reading Twilight for the first time in July of 07. I think I found it through Stephenie Meyer’s site. I only visited a couple times, but as time went on and I got more obsessed with Twilight, I started visiting your site everyday, and multiple times a day, ever since! You guys have always been my number 1 Twilight fansite! I always come here first 😀
    Happy Birthday Twilight Lexicon!!!

  39. edwardsmylion says:

    Happy Birthday Lexicon! I am a relative newbie to Twilight (since early last year) and 54 yrs. old. I love Twilight big time and your site is the best! I even won a Twilight contest and became a guest blogger for a local news outlet. I’m thrilled to be involved with Twilight, in my small way, and hope to meet you guys someday. Thanks for keeping me inspired and up to date so that I can pass on the info to our local fans!

  40. I’ve been on here since March of 2006.


    So happy to get to hear a Forkscast again! You guys are great and so dedicated to the site and to all the fans. I’m honored to be your friend and I’m very grateful for this site and the boards. Through the Lexicon I have met some of my best friends and the last 3 years have been an amazing ride.

    Love ya all!


  42. NikkiBear says:

    HAPPY BDAY! omg i love this site! 🙂

  43. Happy Birthday LEXICON ! Thank you so much for being a good Twilight site we can depend on ! WE APPRECIATE YOU GUYS AND HERE’S TO FOUR MORE YEARS ! WE LOVE YOU GUYS !!

  44. Happy birthday Lexicon!
    Well I found out about you on the official web site of Stephenie Meyer.
    I read the books last march and I fell in love with this amazing world created by S. Meyer. I wanted to know more about it and I gave a look to the websites dedicated to it.I read the Lexicon’s pages a lot and I liked it very much so finally I registered on the site. You’re the best!!!

    p.s. I’m so happy that I’ll have the chance to meet Pel at the Twilight Convention in Roma in May…

  45. Cindyaly says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY TWILIGHT LEXICON! I first found the site through SM site after reading twilight in 2008. At first I would only come a few times a during the week but after reading Eclipse and reading the background information you guys had I became obssessed. I check the site about 3 times a day and enjoy everything you guys have posted. I hope there are more years to come and that the site keeps prospering as it has. Best wishes for you and your loved ones…you have well deserved 4 years…*throws confetti*.

  46. somethingblue says:

    Happy Birthday Lexicon! What can I say? The Twilight Lexicon has added so much to my life and changed it fundamentally. Thank you to both Pel and Alphie for creating a place that I have met 30 of my closest friends! I first came to the Lex in April of 2007, I believe it was. I joined the forums, stalked a bit and began chatting in the Adult Fan Roll Call thread, created by Pel. I met Pel, Alphie, SSVD, Simp, Variety, Teak, Bethg, Ouisa….oh and like 50 other women in Forks the following year. Then I began working for the Lex. I can’t imagine where my life would be had I not found the Twilight Lexicon!



  47. Happy Belated Bday Twilight Lexicon! I, to found you on Stephenie’s site and I check in daily!! Love the work you do! God Bless!!

  48. happy birthday!! my blog is 4 too 😉

  49. Happy Fourth Birthday Twilight Lexicon! I really truly appreciate the hard work that you do to keep us informed about everything related to The Twilight Saga. I first visited the site a short while after October 2007, and that’s when I got introduced to the world of Twilight all thanks to my friend. But I became more and more interested during Summer 2008. And now I check in everyday!

    Thanks for everything you do!

  50. ILoveEc says:

    Happy birthday! I remember when I found you guys… It was on SM’s website the summer before Breaking Dawn came out. I just remeber I loved looking at all the bios, news, forums… Just about everything! Thanks so much for all that you guys do!

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