Jackson Rathbone Headed to Kids Choice Awards

The annual Nickelodeon Kids Choice awards are coming up this weekend(vote below). Last year Twilight won as best book and Taylor Lautner was there to pick up the award on behalf of Stephenie Meyer.  Somehow Taylor managed not to get slimed. This year, according to some well spotted commercials and a press release, it looks like Jackson Rathbone is going to be there promoting The Last Airbender, which started out as a Nickelodeon series.

There are commercials starring Jackson and Nicola Peltz(his co-star). Somehow we are thinking that Jackson, unlike Taylor, is not going to be able to avoid the green goo!  via the Racebending LiveJournal Community

According to the press release:

“The 23rd annual “Kids Choice Awards” are set to air live on Saturday, March 27th and its packed with more stars than some of the recent high-profile Hollywood award shows. Among the stars announced as presenters for the awards are Tina Fey, Katy Perry, and Robert Downey Jr.

Fey will appear with Steve Carell, who both star in the upcoming comedy “Date Night.” Also on hand to promote their upcoming summer movies to the tween set are Robert Downey Jr. of “Iron Man 2,” Dev Patel and Jackson Rathbone of the upcoming “The Last Airbender,” and Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan of “The Karate Kid,” among others.”

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