Salt Lake City: New Moon DVD Release Party Video

Here are a full set of  videos (the first one is below, several more at the link for the complete set) of the New Moon DVD release party featuring Mike welch, Christian Serratos, and Justin Chon.

TY to Katie!


  1. I saw myself in the crowd! What a great night. 🙂

  2. SethisMine says:

    Stich-n-Snitch: That is sooo cool!

    And I do agree, that was a fantastic night, even if I didn’t get anything signed. I love it how Justin Chon was jumping up and down, so that us in back waiting in lines could get a clear view of him. 😀

  3. mizzlizzbeck says:

    Glad you guys got to see something. I was pretty far back in the line and never so much as got a glimpse of the actors, which was very upsetting considering I drove over an hour to there from Layton and kept my 2 young kids out way past their bedtime. My 4 year old son is a huge fan of the movies and he started crying when they left cuz he wanted to meet the people from New Moon. 🙁 I was pretty disappointed in the whole experience, to say the least. At least some people had a good time though.

    • SethisMine says:

      Yeah, I was really disappointed about not being able to actually get a very clear view of them. Though, I did get a ton of free stuff thanks to the TwilightMoms. 😀

      Oh! And I also saw Justin coming out of the bathroom… but I didn’t have my camera ready, and the security guy was rushing him along…

    • I feel the same way. I’m sorry you drove from so far away–I at least live only 15 minutes from there. Too bad they couldn’t have held it outside or something so there was room for all of us to see. I didn’t know they were limiting the meet/signing so I spent all night in line and never got to see or hear them (because of being so far away and all the screaming).

      I’m glad that it was recorded so I can see all that I missed. I think if anyone comes again that I’ll just enjoy the party and forget the autographs.

  4. That is my Auntie Erin up there with the long hair and the red jacket!!! She and my uncle are radio DJs in SLC and she got to do this. I am so jealous!

  5. Summit rushed them out. I think the crowd was unexpected.


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