Kellen Lutz Pops in at the Ellen Show

Ellen is also giving away New Moon DVDs. See this link for details.


  1. Brittanylovestwilight says:

    Love Kellan! That’s awesome!

  2. I want THAT free gift with MY DVD!!! hahaha Love him!

  3. Kellan is gorgeous, humble and all round good guy may remain this type of person all his life. so nice look at and to hear speak keep it up Kellan we love you

  4. coolness!

  5. demelza12 says:

    where is the rest of it…?

  6. Glad I DVR’d Ellen today! Gotta go watch it! My only comment is, she’s had on Robert, Kellan, and Ashley this year already….I wish she’d have Kristen on!!!

  7. yeeeeeeeeeeeppppppp!!!!!!! :DDDDDDDDDD

  8. Wow, it must’ve been a HUGE surprise for those girls. Just look at their expressions!

  9. Watching him walk out reminds me of the podcast story you guys had about being mesmerized meeting him. God, he’s cute…..

  10. Hahaha, “yeah, you get abs like that.” LOL.

  11. WOW!!!

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