The Runaways: NYC Red Carpet

Look for more coverage during the days as various entertainment outlets file their stories.


  1. Kristen looks soo pretty! Gorgeous

  2. To actually watch what they go through. That was just emotional for me to watch. No wonder actors and actresses hate the paparazzi.

    My heart goes out to them. I understand that this is the job they choose but geez!

  3. KSmithGray says:

    I’m so sorry that they have to endure that and still look like they’re having fun. That’s not fun.

    Way off topic, but was that Britney Spears?

  4. Thanks to Kristen & Dakota for enduring THAT to bring us the entertainment we love to see.

  5. OMG how is it possible that they dont end up blind????

    Kristen looks AWESOME i just love her style.

  6. Kristen to the left, over here to your left.

    No Kristen, to your right.

    Hey one more for me right here Kristen, don’t move.

    -that would drive me crazy!

  7. kehacakes says:

    Wow that was just disturbing. I’m actually emotional it seemed so uncomfortable. Almost like seeing something helpless be tortured. I know I know, some say it’s the price of fame. Wow. That was just some real uncomfortable energy.

  8. I’d lose it. I feel bad for them. Kristen looked like she wanted to puke. At one point she took a deep breath and looked like she wanted to disappear. It should be more controlled than that. Like 10 cameras at a time or something. That is ridiculous for everyone involved.

  9. That is such a beating….they all look gorgeous, but really with the 100’s of cameras and people yelling. I just wanted to rescue them…

  10. Actually, this is what ALL photocalls are like. Not just with Twilight. All of the photographers are trying to get the person to turn towards them. So they all yell at once. She should be used to it by now.

  11. Twilibrarian says:

    Both Kristen and Dakota looked fantastic. I do not know who she hired, but Kristen’s age appropriate makeover is stunning.

    No wonder actors hate the paparazzi! That rude man with the deep voice, ordering them around. Seems like these folks will do anything to sell their publications. Extremely intrusive and incredibly rude. I am so proud of these young women for making such wonderful movies, while having to endure this abuse from these people. These photographers all deserve a smack upside the head.

  12. Kristen looks so gorgeous! I agree with all the comments as to how they are treated – to the left, to the right, smile, to the center…this was very uncomfortable to watch. There should be a better way to get the photos. This was for a premiere – can you imagine how this would be when you’re just trying to live your normal life and they are stalking you?

  13. This is a photocall for Robert in Cannes. Listen to it. This is what ALL photocalls are like. Kristen needs to learn to deal with the realities of her chosen vocation. Yes I feel sorry for them both, but they earn big bucks. A little discomfort exists in ALL jobs!

    • I think Kristen is dealing with the “realities of her chosen career” just fine. That doesn’t mean she has to enjoy this part of it. Jeesh!!!!!

      • Plus the fact that she knows that each and every millisecond that she is being photographed winds up in print. So during the one half second when she’s taking a deep breath or switching positions some idiot will print the pic with the caption, “Stewart looked bored and refused to smile…” Yeah, not for all the money in the world could I handle that. Well, okay, maybe for ALL the money, but still, that’s gotta be stressful. Looked abso gorgeous though!

  14. And these are NOT paparazzi. These are legitimate photographers from magazines and news outlets. The paps are the pond scum who ambush them out in the streets, after they leave restaurants, while they’re trying to vacation alone, etc. There’s a big difference.

    • Donna, I completely agree with you. This is how all the photocalls are. The actors know in advance that it’s going to happen. They get paid millions of dollars to act in movies, do interviews and, yes, TAKE PICTURES. Yes, it sucks having a million cameras going off in your face and people yelling at you to look at them, but it’s part of the job. I am a nurse I have to clean up poop, blood, vomit and respiratory mucous. I believe that’s MUCH WORSE and I don’t get paid nearly a 1\4 of what the actors are getting paid. So, boo-hoo to someone else. If they were paying me millions I would gladly stand in front of a bunch of cameras for them to take pictures of me. It beats cleaning up bodily fluids.

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