Lexicon Birthday Giveaway #2

This month we celebrate four years of being on line with the Twilight fandom. We posted a podcast two weeks ago talking about all kinds of funny moments and lessons learned over our time online.  Every Wednesday for the rest of the month we will be giving away birthday gifts to you, our dedicated readers, as a way of saying thank you for sticking with us and supporting us. Each week we will ask a question that can be answered by listening to the podcast.  All you have to do is listen to the podcast for the answer and then post your answer here on the blog. We will pick one winner at random at midnight eastern on March 18.

This week’s questions is: Which member of the Volturi did Alphie say she most wanted to meet?

This week’s prize: A Volturi canvas tote bag signed by Dan Cudmore, Charlie Bewley, and Chris Heyerdahl!

If you want to win the autographed tote bag, reply to this post with the correct answer! Good luck!


  1. Marcus

  2. Silly_Twilight says:

    I believe it was Marcus.

  3. Jane

  4. I think it was Marcus…

  5. Aro

  6. Andrea D says:


  7. Elizabeth says:


  8. Aro-Michael Sheen

  9. Michael Sheen – Aro

  10. Chloe Cullen says:


  11. Michael Sheen!

  12. Stephanie Martinez says:

    She Would Like To Meet Michael Sheen Aka Aro From The Volturi

  13. Rosmelie says:

    Michael Sheen i.e. The White Rabbit…i.e. Aro in The Twilight Saga.

  14. Michael Sheen, Aro!

  15. Aro 🙂

  16. she wanted to meet Michael Sheen or Aro 🙂

  17. Michelle says:

    Michael Sheen/Aro

  18. Aro

  19. Michael Sheen – Aro

  20. it was definatly aro

  21. shannonh08 says:

    Aro – Michael Sheen

  22. ARO

  23. Aro (Michael Sheen). (:

  24. Michael Sheen AKA Aro

  25. I already answer, I wanted to know if you still have the Rob video of his lovely butt?

  26. The answer is Aro (Michael Sheen)

  27. Aro

  28. Aro- Michael Sheen

  29. Aro

  30. Lorraine says:

    Aro-Michael Sheen. “Why go with a goody two-shoe Cullen when you can have the Darkness King Himself.”

  31. The white rabbit!

    I mean… Michael Sheen, Aro himself ^_^

  32. Aro. Aka Micheal Sheen!

  33. Michael Sheen – Aro.

  34. Michael Sheen – Aro.
    haha I love the imitation of his voice!!!!

  35. sillygirl says:

    Aro, Michael Sheen. I’m with you on that!!!

  36. nasra badran says:

    Michael Sheen – Aro. “Why go with a goody two-shoe Cullen when you can have the Darkness King Himself.”

  37. sausan b says:

    Michael Sheen – Aro.

  38. Aro

  39. Aro!!!!

  40. That would be Aro aka Michael Sheen!!!!

  41. Bridgette W says:

    Aro – Michael Sheen

  42. RedPrincess says:


  43. Aro 🙂

  44. Aro – Michael Sheen

  45. Aro

  46. Aro!

  47. Michelle says:

    Aro(Michael Sheen)

  48. Aro

  49. Adrienne says:

    Aro -Michael Sheen

  50. Aro (a.k.a. Michael Sheen)

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